You can see a quick overview of current or previous projects on this page.  The dates are liable to change as development progresses and unexpected problems crop up! If there is no delivery date it is because we will not publish an estimated delivery date until we are confident that it will be accurate.

Last updated: 13/11/2018

ProjectScaleDate announcedCurrent statusOrder deadlineEstimated delivery to UKNotes
Class 390 PendolinoN/2mmNovember 2014, design started Feb 2015Delivered to customers31 January 2017Delivered March 201899% of orders sent out - less than 10 sets to be sent out (awaiting balance payments).
TEA tank wagon (OO/4mm)OO/4mmNovember 2015Production complete31 March 2017Nov 2018 Deliveries in progress
Class 320/321 EMUN/2mmMarch 2016CAD design complete - about to start toolingTo be announcedAwaiting tooling
KFA container flat wagonN/2mmMarch 2016In production14 October 2018Q1 2019Slight tooling modification to increase weight.
Class B 35t tank wagonsN/2mmSeptember 2016Delivered to customers31 October 2017Delivered May 2018Delivered to customers
Class 92N/2mmOctober 2016Awaiting production slotestimated October - November 2018Early 20191st sample received June 2017. 2nd sample approved Feb 2018
HOA hopper wagonN/2mmNovember 2016CAD design complete - order book to open mid-December 2018N/aMoved factory, ready to start tooling
IZA cargowaggon twinsN/2mmJune 2017Delivered to the UK (7/9/18)11 May 2018Delivered September 201890% of orders delivered - please pay outstanding balances
APT-EN/2mmSeptember 2017Expressions of interestApproximately 70% of expressions of interest needed to justify project start.
SturgeonN/2mmFebruary 2018In toolingOrder book open
20ft TanktainerN/2mmSeptember 2018Delivered to UKDecember 2018Deliveries in progress
VEA vanN/2mmSeptember 2018Production due to begin shortlyQ1 2019
Cemflo PCVN/2mmSeptember 2018R&D and CAD
Class 128N/2mmSeptember 2018. Order book due to open Q1 2019R&D
IPA car carriersN/2mmSeptember 2018. CAD - order book due to open late Q4 2018.

Completed projects

TEA tank wagonN/2mmDelivered October 2016All models shipped. Second run in 2019.
40ft hi cube containerN/2mmDispatched to customers (end Oct 2017)Joint project with C Rail


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