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Revolution goes top secret with KUA…

Purchase KUA nuclear flasks twin pack

37688 with KUA MODA 95771 at Bristol in 2013. Photo courtesy Antony Christie.

Revolution Trains is offering the giant Ministry of Defence owned 150t KUA nuclear flask wagons as its next N gauge models.

Two of these behemoths are in service and they are used primarily to ferry spent nuclear fuel from submarines at Devonport and Rosyth to Sellafield for reprocessing or disposal. Revolution is proposing to offer both wagons so modellers can own “the complete fleet.”

Revolution KUA nuclear flask wagon CAD

Numbered MODA 95770 and 95771, they carry the UIC code Uaafis. They are among the heaviest wagons to operate on British mainlines.

Work on this model has been underway for some time, with CAD fully complete and the model now in tooling. First samples are expected in the next six weeks. This model is funded and we anticipate that production numbers will be limited.

Research visit earlier this year

Revolution was granted permission to produce the model – and given full access to drawings and other materials – following extensive negotiations with the MoD and we would like to thank them and DRS for their cooperation in producing the model.

37423 with both wagons on a positioning move in 2014. Photo courtesy Tom Walters.

The two wagons in service are often used together, and when loaded are operated with two locomotives (in case of failure) and accompanied by support coaches carrying security personnel, often from the SBS, SAS or Royal Marines.

20312 with MODA95771 and escort coach in 2012. Photo courtesy Antony Christie.

These coaches are available in N, as are many of the locomotives used, meaning that with our KUA models these fascinating and mysterious trains can be accurately depicted.

The wagons were built in the late 1990s by Bombardier, and originally operated by EWS for the Royal Navy. DRS took over operations in 2006.

Res Class 47 with both KUAs and two EWS inspection saloons in 1998. Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

They’re used primarily to carry submarine fuel from HMNB Devonport, in Plymouth, and HMNB Rosyth, in Fife, to Sellafield. They are also sent on occasion to Georgemas Junction on the far north line to collect radioactive material from the nuclear research station at Dounreay. As well as this, they can be seen on maintenance trips to and from Wabtec in Kilmarnock and Arlington at Eastleigh. They are also sent to the MoD depot at Bicester for training.

Although operations using these wagons are often clouded in secrecy, especially when they are loaded, sample consists can be observed in photographs.

KUA flask wagons – sample consists

The Revolution Trains model will feature highly detailed injection moulded body and covers, numerous separately fitted detail parts including ferry loops, wire handles, photo-etched and moulded brake parts and NEM coupler sockets.

Double-headed is the norm nowadays for these trains. Photo courtesy Paul J Berry.

The order book is open and we are offering both wagons as a twin pack with accurate differences in labelling.

Purchase KUA nuclear flasks twin pack

Sonic Models dish the dirt on 56xx…

Sonic Models has unveiled the factory-decorated samples of its forthcoming weathered 56xx GWR/BR(W) 0-6-2T steam locomotive.

The model depicts locomotive 6681 in lined green with a small BR crest, as it would have appeared when based at Shed 84E Tyseley in the years leading up to its withdrawal in 1965.

Having studied the sample, and showed it to visitors to the Revolution Trains stand at the recent Warley National Model Railway exhibition at the NEC, we feel the weathering achieves good representation of the grime and patina evident from photographs of the period.

Production models will also have the wheels and coupler rods chemically blackened before painting to improve the appearance still further.

All versions are available to preorder online here from Revolution Trains but our order book will be closing soon ahead of production.

PFA-bulous flats from Revolution

Revolution is offering the PFA 4-wheel container flat to accompany the forthcoming KUA bogie flask wagon and further develop its successful relationship with Accurascale.

PFA DRSL92798 at Carlisle. Photo courtesy Ray Forster.

The wagons were built by Standard Wagon Co. in 1987 to carry containerised coal traffic for Cawoods Ltd from collieries across Britain to dockside terminals for onward shipping to Ireland.

56132 on Blyth-Ellesmere Port Cawoods containers in 1989. Photo courtesy Mick Page.

Open coal containers were also used by British Fuels and CPL, with the wagons, and some were also pressed into service on trains for British Gypsum, carrying their distinctive blue containers.

66208 and 56056 at Burton Salmon with British Fuels and CPL containers in 2002. Photo courtesy Neil Harvey.
60041 with gypsum containers at Hellifield in 2006. Photo courtesy Ian Tunstall.
PFA with blue gypsum container

In the early part of this century a batch were acquired by DRS who still use them as runner wagons and for the transportation of containerised nuclear waste, particularly in distinctive half-height 20′ containers.

68002 and 68004 on 6K73 Sellafield – Crewe in 2019. Photo courtesy Andy Parkinson.
DRS 37 605 & 37602 with waste containers Dungeness – Crewe 2018. Photo courtesy Train Photos.

The Revolution model will feature our usual refinements and we are expecting to open the order book in 2020.

We are also exploring the possibility of offering the wagons with coal, gypsum and nuclear containers and also offering these items as separate accessories.

Touax KFA among Revolution models for sale at the NEC…

Revolution Trains will have our newly arrived N-gauge KFA container flats – including a previously unannounced version – plus a small number of our previously supplied, and largely sold out, models in 00 and N available to buy at the NEC.

Revolution Trains is on stand C41 (for a map see further down the news page) but we should be easy to find – just look for Rapido’s full sized bus!

These are a combination of cancellations/returns we have had and stock found by Rapido in their warehouse.

Our long-awaited KFA container flats will be available for pre-order customers to collect – if you let us know by 12pm on 22/11 before the show – plus a limited number will be available to buy in the latest Touax-branded version of the livery.

These repaints only started after the project started, which is why they were not offered in the original selection.

Revolution Touax KFA

In N gauge we will have a small number of Pendolinos (nearly all DC but a couple with DCC Sound), IZA Cargowaggon vans, KFA container flats, Sonic VEA vans, 40′ hi-cubes in ONE pink and Hapag Lloyd orange, and our new 30′ bulk-tainers produced with C-Rail.

00 modellers who missed out on our award-winning TEA tankers may get lucky – we have a very small number of each livery available including EWS – as well as our recent MMA/JNA wagons in DB Red, Ermewa grey, Ermewa Tarmac grey and VTG steel blue.

Revolution has it large with Ecofrets

Revolution Trains is upscaling its proposed Ecofret intermodal wagon to 00 gauge, 1:76 scale.

Revolution 3-car Ecofret

These wagons are in service with GBRf, DB and Freightliner and can be seen in blue, red and green. There are also sets running around in VTGs own, darker blue livery.

3-unit Ecofret in service with GBRf at Huntingdon on the ECML

The vehicles are widely seen in intermodal trains across the network. In a break from tradition, each deck is only 40′ long. In a market dominated by 40′ sea containers, this maximises the load that any given train can carry as there is not the wasted 20′ that can be found on trains comprising older 60′ wagons.

Route map showing use of Ecofret intermodal wagons

For flexibility in use, the centre vehicle has rotating spigots in the centre allowing the wagons to carry 20′ containers if needed. The Revolution model will replicate this.

Rotating centre spigots on centre car

Revolution would like to thank VTG, GBRf, Freightliner and DB for their assistance in producing this model.

We expect the order book to open in late 2019 or early 2020.

Revolution at Warley

Once again Revolution Trains are delighted to be attending the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC this weekend, November 23rd and 24th.

We will be on stand C41, towards the far end of the hall but easy to find as – like last year – we are next to the full-size bus being brought in by Rapido Trains.

Our stand does get busy but if you’re unable to speak to us when you arrive please circle back later as it usually quietens down after lunch – and there’s lots to see besides!

New items

In the run up to the show we are offering three new items – two in N, one in 00 – and these will each be unveiled on our website at 2100 in turn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you’re a member of the N Gauge Forum, the N Gauge models will be revealed an hour earlier at 8pm tomorrow and Friday. You can view as a guest but if you’re an N Gauge enthusiast why not join? It’s a great way to share information and ideas and engage directly with traders, manufacturers and most importantly fellow modellers.

We will also have a new catalogue available to pick up free. This is our fourth, and lists all the models we are planning to deliver in the next 12 months, though as ever there are others under research that we cannot unveil just yet.

2019 Q4 will replace this version

Under development

We’ll have samples on display of upcoming items including the Class 321, Sturgeon production samples (the products are almost ready for shipping, but sadly won’t make the show) painted IPA car carriers in N and latest news on the 92, 313, Cemflo and Sfins wagons.

321 EP1
IPA car carriers

Collect or buy at the show

We will also have the KFA wagons available for collection by anyone who has pre-ordered and confirmed by 12pm on Friday 22/11/19 that they wish to collect their order.

On top of this and available to buy we will have:

In N-gauge: A limited number of N-gauge 9-car and 11-car Pendolinos (these were sent over by Rapido who found them in their warehouse!) plus light bars, IZA Cargowaggon twins, hicubes and bulk-tainers and Sonic Models VEA vans.

Revolution/Rapido Class 390 “Poppylino”
Sonic Models VEAs
Sonic VEAs in BR Maroon, Railfrreight red/grey and RfD grey/yellow.
revolution/C-Rail 30′ bulktainers

In 00 gauge: TEA tankers and MMA box wagons.

Revolution/Rapido TEAs in Greenergy livery. Others available.
Revolution MMA in DB red. Also available in VTG blue, Ermewa and Ermewa/Tarmac.

See you at the show!

Sonic 56xx meets mini-me!

Revolution Trains was recently invited by the 5637 Steam Loco Group to the East Somerset Railway so the forthcoming Sonic Models N-gauge 56xx could be introduced to one of the surviving prototypes.

5637 SLG Treasurer Duncan Thom with Revolution’s Ben Ando

5637 is 94-years-old, and keeping her going involves a combination of hard work, skill, and TLC. But members of the group were keen to see how well the Sonic Models 56xx captures the look of the real thing…

Can you spot the N-gauge model…?
Now maybe…?
1:148 scale – a miniature masterpiece!

Sonic Models’ 56xx captures every detail of the locomotive as she is now, even down to the tiny plate commemorating the life of Brian Hankins, one of the group’s founder members.

Driver Chris and fireman… Chris.

Once the model had passed muster, Revolution’s Ben was given the opportunity to fulfil a long held ambition and drive the locomotive… at times reaching the giddy speed of 15mph…

Partial steam ahead!

The Sonic Models 5637 includes a small premium on the price which will be donated to the 5637 SLG to help them fund a major overhaul of the locomotive which is due by 2021.

As well as 5637 in BR lined green with late crest, the models are available to pre-order in BR Black with early crest, BR plain green, GW green with GWR lettering and GW green with Great Western lettering. You can pre-order from Revolution here for an earlybird price saving approximately £20 on the sale price once the models are delivered.

KFAs inbound

As I write our KFAs are just leaving the factory to be shipped to the UK.

We didn’t take deposits on the KFAs so the good news is that everyone has paid in full! Please just make sure that your shipping address on your account is up to date (as we will check your order against your account shipping address).

The KFAs are being air-freighted in so we suspect that it will be mid-late next week by the time they’ve got to the UK and cleared customs.

If you’d like to collect your order at Warley then please drop us an email – the easiest way is to reply to your order confirmation – and we will confirm whether it will be possible (if you don’t get a confirmation then we can’t guarantee that we will have your order at Warley). Deadline 12pm on Friday 22/11/19 so that we know what stock to bring to the show!

We will keep this post updated with the latest information, so please don’t send us emails asking for delivery estimates – that just slows down the process for everyone.

EALNOS MMA/JNA wagon deliveries!

Our 4mm/OO EALNOS wagons are being sent out to our customers and retailers but please be patient as there are several thousand wagons to send out! Once we know that your order has been sent out we will mark your order as completed.

Update (24/10/2019): we’ve sent out all but 2 orders. We will process any postage refunds due as soon as we receive the information from Trains4U.

We’ve sent out all the balance invoices for customers who paid a deposit. If you paid a deposit and haven’t received an email with your balance invoice then please login to your account and check if the balance invoice has been generated – if you are missing any invoice please drop us an email. We will start chasing payments soon so that we can send out more orders.

Please make sure that your address is up to date as we will check your shipping address on your order against the current one on your account details.

Orders will be processed in date order of receipt and will be sent out by Trains4U on our behalf – please don’t ask Trains4U (or us) for an update on your order as that only slows down the process. We all want to send them out as quickly as possible but it will take us a few weeks to get everything sent out.

Super Sonic flies in to TINGS…!

Decorated samples of the forthcoming Sonic Models 56xx GWR/BR(W) 0-6-2 steam locomotive were on display and in action at the recent N Gauge International Show – the UK’s premier annual event for N gauge enthusiasts.

5633 in BR unlined green and 5616 in GWR livery. Photo: Phil Parker

And mingling with the crowds – as well as talking to modellers on the Revolution Trains display stand – was Mr Sonic himself – Sam Leung.

Sam Leung with pre-production sample of the 56xx on the Revolution Trains stand. Photo: Phil Parker.

Having launched the first Chinese model brand aiming to sell direct to the British market, Sam wanted to come to the UK to experience for himself the excitement of a big show and listen to what British enthusiasts want and expect.

5633 looks just as good from behind! The wheels and coupling rods wil be blackened on production models. Photo: Phil Parker.

Sam was also keen to see how the powered models performed, and Revolution and Sonic would like to say thanks to the owner and operators of the fabulous James Street layout for allowing us to test run the model, under Sam’s watchful gaze!

James Street’s sheer size gave the 56XX a good workout but despite its relatively mall stature the model was able to haul 42 loaded coal wagons on the flat – and managed 30 up a 1:100 incline.

The Sonic Models 56xx is the first 0-6-2 model offered to the British market, and features the usual refinements such as NEM couplers but also innovative features including pick up on all eight wheels, including the pony, and removable bunker weight to simplify the fitting of a speaker.

In total six liveries are being offered – BR lined green, BR lined green weathered, BR unlined green, BR black, GWR green and Great Western green.

Sonic Models expects to deliver the models in March 2020.

Batteries not included..?

Our MNA/JNA wagons are now being shipped and customers who have ordered the flashing tail lamp versions will need to fit the batteries.

International shipping regulations mean that we cannot ship models with batteries pre-fitted, however fitting them is straightforward.

Most models are being dispatched with the batteries and instructions included, however if yours are not then please contact the vendor. the batteries used in the model are CR927 3V button cells.

Class A and Zander cruise into view…

Revolution Trains has confirmed it will offer the much-requested Class A fuel tanker in 2020.

Class A tanker in original Esso silver

Like the prototype, when manufactured in the late 1950s, our model will share its chassis design with the well-received Class B tankers. It is anticipated that original and revised Esso liveries will be offered along with Mobil and Staveley Chemicals.

The model uses the same chassis as the class B but has a longer tank barrel as in service it was used for lighter fuels.

After some tankers were replaced by higher capacity versions in the 1970s, their chassis were used for mineral wagons. These were coded MTV under TOPS. These saw service across Britain and are as useful in stone trains as in departmental use – with the fishkind name Zander – alongside our Sturgeon wagons.

MTV “Zander” stone wagon

We are also planning a further run of Class B tankers in one new livery and the more popular existing liveries with new running numbers.

Revolution goes green with Eco-fret…

With delivery of our KFA intermodal wagons imminent Revolution is ready to offer our next container flat – the new and innovative VTG FWA “Ecofret” in twin and triple format.

Outer and centre vehicle

These wagons are shorter than traditional container flats, meaning that in a market dominated by 40’ containers they can carry a greater load per train length. 

VTG Ecofret in service with GBRf at Peterborough

This video produced by VTG explains the concept:

Currently in service with DB Cargo, Freightliner and GBRf the wagons can be seen in DB red, Freightliner green, GBRf blue and VTG dark blue. 

The models will feature a solid metal spine for weight with moulded deck and spigot details.   They are the ideal accompaniment to our existing 40’ hi-cube containers and will be designed to accommodate them.

CAD has been completed and we expect to open the order book soon.

Holdalls and timber carriers in N too…

IWA holdall van Cargowaggon livery
IWA holdall van Norsk Hydro livery
IWA timber carrier Touax livery

Revolution is also confirming that in response to demand it will be offering the IWA holdall van and timber carrier conversions in N. These will be to a similar specification as our other wagons.

We will open the order book for these models in due course.

PEP talk from Revolution!

Revolution Trains is planning to offer the Class 313 and 314 “Pep” units as our next N gauge electric multiple unit.

313201 was recently repainted by owners Beacon Rail into BR blue grey livery, albeit with all-grey doors to comply with modern impaired visibility legislation

With the delivery of the first sample of our long-awaited Class 321 unit (see separate news item) we feel ready to confirm plans to offer our third EMU in N.

The PEP (Prototype Electro Penumatic) units were based on designs developed in the early 1970s for a new type of commuter train.  Compared to existing Mk1 derived stock there was significantly fewer seats, leading to a Member of Parliament to describe them as “Pack ‘Em Perpendicular.” 

The main fleet built between 1976 and 1981 comprised Classes 313 (Great Northern), 314 (Scottish region), 315 (Great Eastern), 507 (Merseyside) and 508 (Southern, then Merseyside) units.

They introduced innovative features such as mulit-function Tightlock couplers (eliminating the need for untidy and laborious end air and power connections) and sliding doors, and were the first British units to incorporate both pantograph and third rail pick ups.

They are currently the oldest units in service on the mainland, with some now 43 years old. Many are currently owned by Beacon Rail, and we would like to thank them for their support and assistance with this project.

In recognition of the historic importance of the type, 313201 will, on withdrawal, join the national collection at the National Railway Museum.

Revolution is initially proposing both Classes 313 and 314.  The models will feature our usual refinements including directional lighting, power transfer couplers and a low profile drive so the motor is not visible.  DC and DCC sound versions will be offered.

Possible liveries include BR Blue Grey, Network South East, Silverlink, First and Southern and Network Rail yellow however following our experience with the 321 we know that offering too much choice will hamper, not help, the project.

After discussions with customers at TINGS this weekend, and among ourselves, we will select the initial livery options for we open the order book.

As ever, the sooner we receive orders, the sooner we can progress the models through CAD to tooling and then production.

Revolution 321 and 56XX at TINGS!

Revolution Trains will have its usual stand at the International N Gauge Show again this year, with exciting progress on forthcoming models and some new announcements too.

Revolution Trains Class 321 EMU

Pride of place goes to the EP1 sample of the long-awaited Class 321 EMU. This model has taken far longer than we would have liked but now tooling is complete we expect to move quickly through testing and be able to go into production within the next few months.

DTCO and DTSO cars

The image above illustrates the differences between the two outer cars. The DTCO (Driving Trailer Composite Open) on the left has one narrow and one standard window in the end compartment, while the DTSO (Driving Trailer Standard Open) has two mid sized windows.


The pantograph is a poseable plastic moulding with photo-etched head. The model will feature working head and tail lights, illuminated destination blinds and switchable interior lighting as standard. The couplers are designed to send both power and DCC signals through the train, meaning only a single DCC chip is required.

We are also offering the similar Class 320 3-car units models for Scotrail as these can be producing using the vehicles we have – a pair of DTSOs sandwiching a PMSO (Pantograph Motor Standard Open.)

After the show we will be finalising the livery choices and producing the painting diagrams for the factory so they can prepare decorated samples.

You can order a Revolution 320 or 321 here.

Sonic Models 56XX

Also on display will be painted samples of all six Sonic Models 56xx GWR/BR 0-6-2 steam locomotives.

As well as being beautifully detailed works of art they have undergone extensive testing to ensure their performance matches their looks. The models feature pick-ups on all three driving wheels plus the sprung trailing bogie – a first for British N.

Sonic Models has been founded by a former Graham Farish engineer who is looking to produce models under his own brand direct to the British market.

So far the BR Black version has proved to be the most popular, but versions are being offered in BR Green, lined and unlined, GWR green and Great Western green. For the full list of options and to order all Sonic models see here.

Revolution Q3 2019 list

At the show you’ll also be able to pick up a free, full colour A4 pamphlet detailing all our current projects. This also includes three new proposed N gauge models in the early stages of development being unveiled at the show, or check back here at around 10am on Saturday for news.

We will also have on sale our new Bulk containers, small numbers of older containers and a very limited supply of returned or cancelled Class B tankers and IZA Cargowaggon twins.

You’ll find us on Stand 16 – just turn right at the entrance and look for the crowd…

See you at the show!

The Incredible Bulk! 30′ containers from Revolution and C-Rail.

Revolution Trains has partnered up with C-Rail intermodal to produce the widely seen 30′ bulk container in a variety of liveries.

The new containers are available in UBC red, Interbulk red, IFF blue, Bulkhaul blue and Bertschi pale grey.

They are ideal for loading onto our KFA container flat which is in production now and should be here soon.

30’bulk containers on Revolution/Rapido KFA container flat.

The models will be available to buy in all liveries from our stand at The International N Gauge Show this weekend at £7.50 each.

This is our third collaboration with C-Rail, and follows our popular 40’hi-cube containers and 20’tank containers. Some of the latest hi-cubes – ONE pink and Hapag Lloyd orange – and four tank containers, are still available.

Come and find us on stand 16 at TINGS where, as well as our all new containers, we will have EP1 samples of our forthcoming Class 321 and decorated samples of the IPA Car carriers and HOA hopper wagon.

We will also be unveiling three new proposed models.

VEAs, HOAs, IPAs – happy days!

The Revolution Trains/Sonic Models VEAs have arrived, and are about to be shipped out to retailers.

VEA vans on parade!

There are three different liveries, with five different numbers available in BR maroon and BR Railfreight red/grey and three in BR Railfreight Distribution grey/yellow.

The prototypes were fitted with air-brakes in the late 1970s for use transporting MoD munitions; in an era of stock of ever increasing length their short wheelbase made them ideal for the restrictive trackwork in military bases. They lasted in mainline use into the 1990s though some can still be seen in depots and on preserved railways.

The VEAs have been produced for the British market by Sonic models, and are also the first models to be sold directly by a Chinese manufacturer using their own brand. Revolution Trains has provided support, livery artwork expertise and is assisting in distribution.

What you get…

They’re supplied in Sonic’s own packaging, and the models come with a selection of detailing parts including cosmetic coupler hooks and air pipes along with illustrated fitting instructions.

The models are highly detailed with separately fitted, photo-etched door handles, exceptional levels of detail on the underside, kinematic NEM couplers and separate metal buffers.

Close examination shows that apart from the different running numbers there are numerous accurately represented differences in painting and labelling including correct buffer shank and roof edge colours, lettering, position and style of data panels, and representation of hazard markings. Some even have a representation of the torn remnants of hazard stickers that have been ripped off.

Paul Bartlett’s superb photograph collection was enormously helpful in preparing the livery artwork and Revolution and Sonic would like to thank him for his kind assistance. If you’d like to compare the models to the prototypes Paul’s VEA gallery is here.

The Sonic/Revolution VEA vans in N are available from retailers, of from Revolution direct here.

Hopper deadline approaching

Please note that the clock is ticking if you wish to order HOA hoppers. These have now been approved for production, and we plan to close the order book at midnight on Monday September 16th, just after the International N Gauge Show.

This is intended to give those who have not yet ordered a chance to see the models on display before committing

Also on show will be the decorated samples of our IPA car carriers – although these are approved for production we will hold the order book open for another couple of months to allow our customers (and us!) a little breathing space.

Nearer the time we will, as usual, post a map showing our stand location (stand 16- along the right wall as you enter) and we look forward to showing supporters all our exciting new models.

The latest version of our catalogue will be available to pick up free and we will have one or two exciting announcements!

321 countdown on!

EP1 samples of our long-awaited Class 320/321 units are nearly ready!

The factory has sent us these shots of the first mouldings that are now being assembled, and we are hopeful that samples will be with us for the International N Gauge show in just over two weeks time.

The images show the four different bodyshells (DTSO, TSOL, PMSO and DTCO) that between them enable us to offer the 321/4 and 320 units.

Once we have received the working samples and assessed them we will be in a position to prepare livery diagrams ready for production.

321417 at Milton Keynes Central
Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery. Photo: Tom Smith

At the moment confirmed versions include Network South East 321 (2 different numbers), London Midland 321 (2 different numbers) and Scotrail 320.

Other liveries, including Silverlink and Strathclyde PTE, are close so if you wish to see these versions produced now is the time to order.

The Class 320/321 units have proved our most challenging models to date and have taken far longer than anticipated so we are delighted to be able to report progress.

But we have been determined to see this model into production because humdrum units like the 320 and 321, while not as glamorous as the Pendolino or Caledonian Sleeper trains, are a vital part of the “complete picture.”

Their arrival offers N gauge modellers the opportunity to accurately model important commuter routes from London to the Midlands, East of England and East Anglia as well as suburban services around Glasgow.

We’d like to thank all our suppportes for their patience – the wait is nearly over!

Vans ahoy! VEAs at the dock.

The VEA vans produced in conjunction with Sonic Models are due to be unloaded anytime now and we expect to receive them by the end of next week. We’ll get them shipped out to our retailers and customers as soon as possible – if you have ordered direct from us and would like to save a bit of postage by collecting at TINGS then please drop us an email by 31 August (so that we know not to send your order out!) and we will confirm if it is possible. If you place an order between now and TINGS and would like to collect at TINGS then please put a note in your order in the delivery notes and we’ll bring them along for collection and refund your P&P.

In the meantime we thought it would be helpful to show some sample consists for anyone yet to decide on which VEAs they would like. Loosely speaking the late 70s and early 80s the majority of VEAs would have been Maroon, then early 80s started to see the introduction of Railfreight red/grey with the Railfreight Distribution grey with yellow ends introduced in 1990.

If you would still like to purchase some VEAs they are available from some of our retailers or direct from our web shop here.

Car carriers dazzle!

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of its forthcoming IPA car carriers in N.

Produced with kind permission of operator STVA, we are offering flat, staked and covered twin sets in original and revised liveries covering their service from the early 1990s to the present day.

N-IPA-101A IPA flat twin in original livery
N-IPA-111A flat twin in revised livery
N-IPA-121A twin with stakes in original livery
N-IPA-131A twin with stakes in revised livery. (Model shown with Oxford Diecast Ford Transit vans available separately.)
N-IPA-141A covered twin in revised livery

As th image above shows these wagons can be loaded with appropriate models from Oxford Diecast or other manufacturers.

We are also offering the models in prototypical covered quad sets in both original and revised liveries.

N-IPA-251A covered quad set in original livery

The models are still available to order here in all versions.

Each type is available in two different numbers. As can be seen from this massively enlarged image virtually all the numbers and letters are legible.

The models feature our usual high levels of detail with NEM couplers, photo-etched footsteps, wire handrails, lots of separately fitted underframe details and a diecast deck to ensure the models are heavy enough to run well.

In what is becoming a tradition, Revolution will be attending the International N Gauge show at the Warwickshire Exhibition centre on September 14th and 15th and these samples will be on display.

On first inspection we are very happy with the look of these models, but of course we will check them carefully against the livery diagrams and photographs and notify the factory of any corrections.

These wagons can be seen running together in mixed formations, though the covered versions also operate on their own in block trains typically carrying high-value vehicles from car plants to ports.

66172 with a mixed rake featuring flats, flats with stakes and covered variants on a Dagenham-Mossend service. Photo Colin Brooks.
92010 on Garston-Dagenham train at Northampton. Photo: Trevor Plackett.
66118 on Halewood-Southampton train in 2012. Photo: Shaunnie0.

Immediately after the show we will be closing the order book for the HOA hoppers which are ready for production; we anticipate the car carriers will follow them around 6-8 weeks later in an effort to give our valued customers a little breathing space!