Class 92

Revolution offers Bart with Kernow…

With the Class 92 order book closed, and the models in production, Revolution can confirm that it has secured the licence required to produce Class 92 92017 “Bart the Engine” in the eye-catching Stobart blue livery.

92017 “Bart the Engine” – livery diagram

Detailed graphic artwork has been provided by Stobart Ltd, to enable us to ensure the model is as accurate as possible.

92017 – formerly named Shakespeare – was repainted into Stobart Rail colours in 2009 and renamed Bart the Engine to recognise DB’s association with Stobart Rail, and in particular the Tesco/Stobart “Less CO2” container trains running between Rugby and Mossend.

However, the locomotive has seen use on numerous other traffics including intermodal, china clay, steel, vans and automotive, making it an ideal locomotive to operate both with Revolution IZA Cargowaggon twin vans, and our forthcoming IPA car carriers.

The Stobart 92 with STVA car carriers will form a striking train!

The Stobart 92 can be pre-ordered now from Kernow Model Rail Centre here

Although Revolution’s order book is now closed, all our other Class 92 locomotives – in original RfD grey, EWS maroon, EWS branded grey, DB red, GBRf blue and Caledonian Sleeper teal, along with un-numbered RfD grey – can be pre-ordered from selected retailers including C&M of Carlisle, East Somerset Models, Kernow Model Rail Centre, Modellbahn Union, Osborns Models, Rails of Sheffield, Trains4U and Widnes Model Centre.

“Dyson” deadline delay…

Revolution Trains has decided to allow one more week for customers to pre-order our forthcoming Class 92 locomotive.

Handpainted preproduction sample.

This follows a number of emails we received after our original deadline to close the order book on Tuesday April 30th.

DCC/light test sample

If you had previously hesitated, but now wish to take advantage of the pre-order price before we go into production, you can order here:

Class 92

Liveries available are RfD grey, EWS maroon, DB red, GBRf orange/blue and Caledonian Sleeper teal.

Detail of DB red livery diagram

We are also offering the RfD grey variant with EWS “beasties” motif and an unnumbered but fully painted version in RfD grey to allow other running numbers to be more easily depicted.

Recording sounds for DCC Sound version at Polmadie depot, Glasgow, with kind assistance of Serco/Caledonian Sleeper.

The order book for this model will now close at midnight on Friday, May 10th with production commencing very soon after, and delivery expected Q3/4 2019.

Revolution Round-up 2018

Four models delivered, three new manufacturers identified and two new powered models offered has made for one amazing year!

As ever we should acknowledge that we could not do any of this without those who have supported us – with time, with expertise, with generosity but most of all with orders.  It is only because modellers are prepared to pre-order on trust that we can make all this happen.

And we’d like to say thanks to Rapido Trains for their amazing work, our new manufacturing partner Sonic Models, two other factories we have been using and those traders who’ve supported us including C&M, Cheltenham Model Centre, Collett’s Models, Kernow Model Rail Centre, Plus Daughters, Rails of Sheffield, Osborn’s and Trains4U.

In February our first model aimed at transition era enthusiasts – the Class B tanker – arrived.  The wagon had struggled to generate enough interest and came close to being cancelled, but when we saw the quality the factory had achieved we were delighted it had made it – and judging from the comments from so were those who’d supported the project!

Recently we were sent a photo by Ian at Mercig studios of a superb Esso class B he’d weathered. In the accompanying note he wrote:  “..this is the best N Gauge wagon I’ve ever worked on!”

Esso Class B weathered by Mercig Studio

Then, in March, the main event – the arrival of the Pendolinos.

This was the culmination of the dream that we and our supporters had bought into back in 2015 when we began the project – and boy did Rapido Trains deliver.  Everything about these models was stunning – from the trains themselves to the manual and the book-case packaging.

Pallets full of Pendos…

But we had little time to admire the models when there were hundreds of fellow modellers waiting for them – and we’d like to thank our friends Paul Churchill and Gareth Atkinson who came up that first weekend and helped pick, pack and post the first hundred and fifty or so.  We also owe a large debt of gratitude to Allen Pearson – inventor of the amazing Nelevation vertical fiddle yard – for kindly allowing us to use his storage unit to keep the Pendos safe.

At the York show some customers were able to collect their Pendolinos (thanks Abbie) but the majority were posted.  This was a massive task, especially as the majority of the work was done just by the two of us in our spare time.  They were dispatched as best we could in chronological order of purchase and we would like to thank all our supporters for their patience waiting for their models.

However, seeing an 11-car set tackling the graceful, sweeping curves of Heworth Sidings, by the Yorkshire Area Group of the N Gauge Society, made it all worthwhile!

Poppy Pendo on Heworth Sidings at the York show

Even as we celebrated the success of the Pendolinos the IZA Cargowaggon twins were en route and they arrived just in time for The International N Gauge Show at Leamington – arguably the premier show of the N Gauge year.

Revolution IZA Cargowaggons in single and triple packs


At just over a year from announcement to delivery these were our fastest model yet.  With the innovative factory-fitted flashing tail lamp option they have proved hugely popular and prompted Kernow to join us in offering a 4mm version which is currently under development.


It did mean that our planned TINGS display was slightly obscured by the piles of wagons being collected by customers, but we were able to show painted samples of another new model; the VEA munitions van, which is our first non-crowdfunded model and is being produced in association with Sonic models.

Sonic/Revolution VEA vans – painted samples.

The man behind Sonic is a former Kader engineer who designed some of Graham Farish’s best N gauge models, and this is the first time a Chinese manufacturer has sought to market their own brand British outline models directly in the UK.

We also offered three new models including a second powered model – the Class 128 Parcels diesel railcar in N.  The other two were both wagons: the IPA car carrying twin flats – in plain, side-staked and covered versions, and the Cemflo cement wagon in association with Accurascale, the Dublin based manufacturer making a big splash in 00.  Both of these are now at the CAD stage, but we have not yet opened the order books.

M55990 at Manchester Victoria. Photo courtesy Mark Carter.


IPA CAD image – this is the flat version with stakes.


Cemflo CAD courtesy Accurascale.

By the middle of November we were preparing for the arrival of our first 00 models, the TEA tankers by Rapido Trains, and once again we prevailed on our friend Allen as five large pallets were airfreighted in.

Their arrival just in time for the Warley National Model Railway show at the NEC meant that as well as supplying those ordered by Kernow models and Trains4U once again we had to enlist help once again from our friends Paul, Gareth and Abbie to hand out those that customers had arranged to collect.

Kernow Model Rail Centre’s Chris Trerise with a small fraction of his TEAs!

The remainder are being sent out by us but twice the scale means eight times the volume, and the sheer size of the 00 models in comparison to the N gauge products we are used to has meant new packaging solutions and dispatching all the models has taken much longer.

Those who visited us at Warley may remember that we were right next to a double decker bus brought in by our friends at Rapido Trains to publicise their latest new model – this gave us an excellent location for a meeting where we were able to examine the final version of the Class 92 locomotive ahead of production and confirm production of another run of Class 390 Pendolinos in Virgin’s latest “flowing silk” livery, as we as more TEAs in N.  These will be available to pre-order early in the new year.


Class 92 final test sample by Rapido Trains.

At Warley were were also able to unveil our first steam locomotive – the GWR 56XX in N produced with Sonic models – along with the latest CADs for the HOA hopper and an all-new 4mm model – the MMA/JNA box wagon.  These are again not crowdfunded but being produced after we were approached by an investor.  We are offering three variants in DB red and Ermewa and Tarmac grey liveries, while models in VTG/Mendip Rail silver and GBRf blue will be available exclusively from Kernow.

Handpainted sample of MMA wagon in DB red.

First CAD of 56XX steam locomotive.

We also took delivery of the 20′ Tank Containers in N that we produced in conjunction with C-Rail.  These, along with the 40′ hi-cube containers last year, have been very well received and we will be producing another new RTR container next year.  This came, coincidentally, shortly before we closed the order book for the KFA container flats accompanying them which are in production now.

Revolution/C-Rail tank containers in Stolt, Nichicon, Bulkhaul and Hoyer liveries

To conclude, here is a quick reference progress chart summarising 2018.  We anticipate that the next models to be delivered will be the 00 MMA/JNA, N KFA and N 92.

Amazingly, 2019 will mark Revolution’s 5th anniversary (we can’t believe it either!) and we are looking forward to next year being our biggest and best year yet!  But as ever, we couldn’t do any of this without our fellow enthusiasts, so once again we’d like to thank you for your support.


Revolution Warley Washdown Part 1: Pendolinos and Polo Mints

It was great to see so many of our friends and supporters at the Warley National Model Railway exhibtion at the NEC last weekend.

This was our stand on Friday – before the show opened – and the only time it was quiet until the show ended on Sunday evening!

Revolution Pendolino

The big news is that our stunning Class 390 Pendolino model – made by our friends (and show neighbours) Rapido Trains of Canada – should be leaving the factory within the next 7-10 days.  Allowing 4-6 weeks for shipping, and some extra time for customs clearance, the models should be here by Jan/Feb.

Rapido did bring three models to the show – airfreighted to Canada a few days beforehand – and two were loaned to the layouts Kinlet Wharf and Horseley Fields.

Pendolino gliding through Kinlet Wharf…


…and hurrying through Horseley Fields. Apologies for shaky camera!

The third – in Alstom livery – spent the weekend on our display layout and can be seen whizzing behind the packaging which was also on  show and follows the style we created with the TEA tankers last year.

The 9- and 11-car versions will be in book-case style packs with two trays with opening lids surrounded by a card sheath.  The top tray contains shaped apertures for the two power cars, the two pantograph cars and the named car, with the remaining four or six cars in the lower tray.

The 5-car pack will simply comprise the top tray in a thinner card sheath.

For those who missed out Rapido have advised us that a small number of surplus models are available and these will be put up for sale via our website once we have an indication of liveries and numbers.

Class B tankers

The Class B tankers are now in production with our alternate factory and are sheduled to be  leaving the factory before Chinese New Year in February, with delivery to customers likely in March/April depending on shipping and customs times.

For those who missed out several retailers have taken an allocation – the list can be found elsewhere on our website.

00 tankers

These are also in production by Rapido now, and timings are likely to be similar as the Class B tankers. As with the Class B tankers, some of our partner retailers have pre-ordered an allocation so those who missed the deadline can still obtain models.

Class 92 locomotive

This model is also being produced by Rapido and we are expecting the next sample with finalised motor/drivetrain, PCB and lighting.  Once this is approved we will be ready to check liveries and close the order book ready for production.  It’s likely this will be in late Spring 2018.

For the show we  assembled one of the earlier samples Rapido had sent, and this was put on Kinlet Wharf with their superb – and appropriate – Caledonian Sleeper rake.

92018 carries slumbering passengers south as a narrow boat passes below the line on Kinlet Wharf

Please note this model was handpainted and is not factory-finished.  It also lacks some of the metal parts such as the cab door handrails and photo-etched pantograph heads.

In our next post we will update the latest news on our other projects, including first samples of our exciting new IZA Cargowaggon twin vans, the KFA container flat, HOA hopper wagons and Class 321 EMU.

Class 92 installments glitch

It has come to our attention that some of you may have received invoices for the 3rd installment of the Class 92 project.

Pleas don’t worry too much about any invoices for 3rd installments I think there has been a glitch with a recent software update (but difficult to check from a small tablet on the other side of the world).

Obviously if you pay the 3rd invoice no harm will come to your order (though I can’t vouch for your bank account!).

Apologies for any inconvenience. We will let people know deadlines for paying various installments as we know that some of you have yet to receive invoices for second installments!


Symphony No. 92!

Revolution Trains was delighted to be invited to Polmadie depot in Glasgow to record the exclusive sounds for the DCC Sound version of our forthcoming Class 92 model.

Photo courtesy Tom Smith

We were hosted by Serco, Alstom and GBRf who very kindly put Caledonian Sleeper liveried 92014 at the disposal of our sound expert Legomanbiffo to record both inside and out, with sounds ranging from the loco being switched on to the sanders being actuated.

And, sad as we are, we couldn’t resist posing our test sample on the real thing:

Revolution would like to say a huge thank-you to Alstom’s team at Polmadie and to Serco and GBRf for supplying the locomotive and driver to make this possible.

You can still order a Revolution Trains Class 92 in Caledonian Sleeper and 5 other liveries in both DCC Sound and DC silent versions.  The sample is continuing testing and once it has passed we will be ready to move to production.

This video offers a low-res preview of one of the horn combinations…naturally the sound recording made today is of significantly higher quality!





Revolution Class 92 sample arrives with a roar!

Revolution Trains has received the first EP sample of the forthcoming Class 92 locomotive in N.  The model is being produced by Rapido Trains, who’ve done a sensational job in an amazingly short time.

Frustratingly the model could not get here in time for this weekend’s DEMU Showcase event that we attended, and did suffer some very slight damage in transit- hence the wonky buffer.

The next step is to assess the tooling and discuss with Gareth Bayer, the designer at Rapido, whether any modifications are required, though first impressions are very good.

The pantograph well is beautifully detailed, and the side enclosure panels are separate parts to create the accurate “undercut” of the prototype.

As well as the finished model, we received several sets of parts to allow us to assess them individually. This gives a good idea of the sophistication of the model.  For duplicate parts like the pantograph, windscreens and bogies we have shown one set only for simplicity.  From the top there are the pantograph components, the fine roof electrical conduits, separate ventilator pipes, pantograph well enclosure panels, front end air dam, detailing, buffers, main body. cab interior, cab glazing, etched windscreen wipers, front handrail, upper chassis + parts, chassis weight, lower chassis with underframe, driveshaft with universal joint to worm, coupler, NEM socket, bogie, brake parts and footsteps.

The bogies have separately fitted sandbox covers at each end and are supplied with mouldings representing the conductor shoes in both raised and lowered positions.

The next step is to test the motor and drive mechanism, and double check the fit of all the parts and the accuracy.  Rapido in Canada have their own sample too and will be carrying out similar tests using all their experience so we can pool notes and deliver the best model possible.

The model is still available to order though once we are happy and sign it off for production we will be closing the order book, and are hopeful that the models will be ready for delivery by early 2018.

Class 92 payment installments & Project Railway Honour 66s

Those of you who paid a deposit for our Class 92 models will start to receive an invoice for the second installments – NOT EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE THEIR INVOICE AT THE SAME TIME, so please do not worry if you have not received your invoice yet!  The second and third installments are timed to coincide with tooling and production but are triggered a number of months after you paid your original deposit (we will let the website process invoices automatically for a period and then manually trigger any more recent orders). This is completely irrelevant if you paid in full! To pay your invoice please log in to your account and there should be a link associated with the invoice giving you the payment options.

In other news the Project Railway Honour Class 66 Patriot models have arrived from Dapol.

Project Railway Honour class 66 pre-production sample

Pre-production sample, not the final model!

The shipment was delayed in transit and unfortunately Gareth has been posted away from his normal base.  As a result Revolution Trains will process the despatch of the models. The models will be packaged with their certificates and posted out as quickly as possible, given the constraint that this work will have to fit around “proper” jobs. Please do not email us asking us when your model will arrive – the answer will be as soon as possible (and slows down the despatch process).

Alternatively if you wish to collect your model from us at DEMU’s Showcase exhibition on 3/4 June 2017 then please let us know – just drop us an email.

There are still a limited number of limited edition models available for purchase – you can buy them through our website here or if we have any left they will be available for sale from the Revolution Trains stand at DEMU’s Showcase exhibition in Burton.

Class 92 tooling progress

Rapido Trains, who are producing the Revolution Trains Class 92 locomotive, have sent us images showing progress in making the metal moulds for this model.

This image shows the “top” of the bodyshell tool, with the impressions for the cab roofs at each end and the beginnings of the pantograph well in the centre.

Class 92 tooling progress - roof

Image courtesy Rapido Trains

This is the tool after the first stage where the larger areas have been ground out by heavy duty cutters.

This image shows the runners for various components including what appear to be the windscreen.  The hole in the centre of the right half of the tool is where the plastic is injected under high pressure.

Class 92 tooling progress

Image courtesy Rapido Trains

The next step will see copper electrodes incorporating all the fine details used with high-voltage current to gently spark erode the more subtle and nuanced forms such as frames, grilles, moulded pipe runs, rivets and so on.

We are hoping to receive the first moulded sample within the next two months.

A Revolution Review of 2016

2016 has been a landmark year for Revolution, and as it draws to a close it seemed appropriate to look back and thank everyone who has suppported us.

Quarter 1

In February, at Model Rail Scotland, we unveiled the first working sample of our Class 390 in N. The model had been handpainted – partly for marketing purposes, but mainly to confirm that the laser-scanned body-shape was correct as all the colours “sit” correctly.

However we did find that in their efforts to make them as unobtrusive as possible Rapido’s engineers had made the inter-car couplers too flimsy, and we asked for a redesign.

In March, to assist with our proposed Class 321 EMU, we were invited by Eversholt and Wabtec to their workshops at Doncaster where the prototypes are being rebuilt under Project Renatus.

This enabled us to compile a detailed collection of photographs and measurements of the many underframe components; though in turn this has created quite a headache for Rapido as it means the drawings of this model have proved to be significantly more complex than originally expected – and Rapido are renowned sticklers for underframe detailing!


Quarter 2

At Easter at the York Model Railway Show we announced plans for a KFA container flat in N. This wagon represents one of the “missing links” in N, and with a good quality model already available in OO from Hornby there seemed little prospect of it appearing from Farish or Dapol.

Like the well-received TEA tankers our model is being produced by Rapido and will feature a plastic deck with metal longitudinals to maximise weight and ensure good running, even when unloaded.

Going one further than the 4mm model, we are offering both build types – with the VNH-1 bogies and Gloucester GPS types. These wagons will be useful for anyone depicting the late 80s to the present day.

With months the CAD designs were approved, the model sent for tooling and we have just been sent images of the first moulded shots – see news item immediately preceding this one.


In June we heard from Rapido that the TEA tanker was going into production. However, the models took significantly longer to actually produce than expected – because the many markings on the tanker barrel could not be tampo printed in a single pass, due to the its curved shape.

In the end, and depending on the livery, each barrel took at least three passes per colour per side – for some model that made a total of more than a dozen separate applications. Add to that the many different detail parts – up to 70, for some configurations – and it is not surprising that the factory later informed us that these models were among the most intricate they had ever been tasked to produce.

Quarter 3

By the DEMU Showcase exhibition in July we had received a second Pendolino sample with modified couplers. This was immediately tested and while the robustness of the new couplers was immediately apparent, there were still some issues with the performance on tight “train set” curves. After a couple of weeks of ongoing testing to establish where corrections were needed, the another redesign began.

The first sample of the OO TEA – announced after many requests from 4mm modellers – were also on show for the first time.  These models are now being rest run and we are expecting production in the New Year.

Revolution 00 TEA tankers under test on Guy Molyneux’s “Whatley” layout

At TINGS in September we unveiled plans for another 1960s era model – the Class B tanker.  We had tried to offer a model previously to enthusiasts favouring this era but the Class 21/29 did not earn adequate support to proceed.  Following a well argued campaign from enthusiasts on the web we decided to offer the Class B tanker.

These distinctive wagons were seen across the network from the late 1950s to the 1990s in both block trains and cut into mixed freights in smaller numbers.  Many modellers will remember them with nostalgia as the subject of the popular Airfix 4mm kit.

We have already had CAD drawings produced in an effort to encourage interest, however so far the response has been disappointing.  We will give this model until February 2017 to gather enough support, otherwise it will be cancelled.

We also announced 40’hi-cube containers – the world’s most numerous type – in N in conjunction with C-Rail and first samples were unveiled before Christmas.  Six liveries will be available – Maersk, MSC, Hamburg Sud, Hanjin, Evergreen, and UASC.

Quarter 4

Shortly after TINGS – in October – we received word from Rapido that the production TEA tankers had landed, and so it was that we spent three weekend packing and dispatching Britain’s first ever crowdfunded RTR models – to universal acclaim.

One magazine wrote that the models were a “benchmark for quality, fidelity and value” while another reviewer felt that they were “exquisite, in terms of prototype fidelity, decoration and performance.”

Photo: Andy York

Included with the TEA tankers were a flyer announcing our next powered model in N – the Class 92 electric.

These much-requested locomotives fit in well with our West Coast theme, and we have secured the full co-operation of Brush Traction, enabling a research visit to be arranged shortly after.

The response to this model has been excellent, and with the assistance of Brush engineers and others progress has been rapid, with CADs now complete with tooling expected to begin in January.

Our last major date in 2016 was the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC in late November, where once again we were able to meet many of our supporters – and others – and announce another new model:  the HOA hopper.

Original EWS Construction is one of five liveries on offer

Response to this model has been exceptionally good and already the design work has begun, with 3D CADs expected early in 2017.

So as 2016 draws to a close we look back on a year in which we have delivered our first model, tooled two more, completed or continued design work on three more and announced a fourth and fifth.

Next year – with the continued help of all our supporters – we look forward to delivering more models and offering more choices.

To sum up, we would like to thank everyone who has ordered from us, the model railway press, RM Web and the N Gauge Forum and exhibition organisers for enabling us to communicate with and meet our supporters, and our Rapido Trains colleagues in Canada and China who have delivered such fabulous models.

Or, in the words of one respected magazine assessing our TEA tankers:  “Revolution has definitely delivered a quality product and there is much more to come…”

See you in 2017!


Latest CAD reveals Cyclops 92…

Rapido have sent a revised version of the CAD design for the Class 92 locomotive.

img_4831 img_4843

The most noticeable alteration is the single part glazing for the cab windscreens, with window frames and centre pillar moulded in as relief that will be painted on the model.

This “Cyclops” design solves two problems:  It minimises any prismatic effect in the large glazed windows, which are a very characteristic part of the prototype’s appearance, and it means the centre pillar can be scale thickness; if moulded it would need to be a little overscale to have structural integrity.


We feel the roof detail in the pantograph well is now largely complete, with just a little modification to the cab roof components.


The bogies are also largely complete, with the third rail collector shoes and brake parts as separate mouldings for added finesse.  This attention to detail is reminiscent of the separate dampers fitted to every bogie of the Pendolino.

We have decided to bogie mount the NEM coupler socket due to clearance issues.  The proximity of the outer axle to the air dam (pilot) means that any body mounted coupler would either have to be mounted further out than the location specified in the MOROP norms, or the outer axle would have to be an ungeared idler.  We felt this was an unnecessary compromise, as for us the most important single aim is a heavy, smooth and powerful chassis that gives the model similar haulage capabilities to the very powerful prototype.

There are a couple of tiny tweaks now to the front and some of the smaller details, and then we feel the CAD should be ready for approval.

If you are visiting us on stand C31 at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC this weekend please come and say hello and if it isn’t too busy we can show you the full CAD and you can move it around for yourself and check the model from every angle!

Revolution Brushes up on Class 92…

Revolution would like to thank Brush Traction/Wabtec for allowing us to visit their Falcon works at Loughborough to carry out some detail checks to ensure our Class 92 is as accurate as possible.


The famous frontage is all most of us get to see, but adjacent to this is a large area comprising many parts of the business.  Brush Traction is now a subsidiary of Wabtec, and the workshop where the Class 92s are being serviced for GBRf – Shop 25 – is well inside the complex.


Brush have asked us not to share online any images that show the interior of the workshop, and in particular not to show any of the other vehicles they were working on, however their staff were all extremely helpful and clearly passionate about the work they do, and happy to help us take all the key dimensions we wanted so we could double check our CADs against the works drawings and the real thing.



Anyone who has seen our tanker wagons and Pendolino models will know that Rapido Trains are sticklers for underframe details, and being able to get beneath the locomotive was not only very interesting but extremely useful.




They also gave us some interesting pointers about the proposed modifications to the buffer beam for the Caledonian Sleeper locomotives, though these will not be carried out until next year.


The works has an overhead gantry too, to enable work to be carried out on the electrical roof equipment.  This was very useful as getting the roof right is always important for a model – especially an N gauge one. The images below are a useful comparison; note that on the prototype more of the roof is visible as the side cowlings were removed.



Rapido’s Scottish contact – photographer Tom Smith – was also invited into Polmadie depot to get some additional material.  This is helpful as it enables us to compare the details of two different Caledonian Sleeper locomotives – at Loughborough was 92018 (the loco that ran the inaugural Caledonian sleeper train and the one we are planning to offer) while at Polmadie Tom caught 92010…


Also present at Polmadie was an additonal treat – 92043 “Debussy” in Europorte 2 livery.  These colours are defunct with the acquisition of owners GBRf by EQN – could this loco be the first to get the Hector Rail colours?


Rapido’s engineers will now take this information and use it to enhance and finalise the CAD drawings ready for the next step, which is tooling.

We are hoping to have the final CAD drawings to show people on at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC next weekend where we are on stand C31 with Rapido, along with news of our next modern wagon.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up for a Revolution/Rapido Class 92 in N, and our other projects, and we look forward to chatting at the show!

Class 92 first CADs

Rapido have sent through the first CAD drawings of the forthcoming Class 92 in N and we thought our supporters might like a preview.


There are some corrections to be made, and a fair amount of detail still to be added.  The bufferbeam drawgear has not yet been added, and the cosmetic valance is shown.


The pantographs are poseable and will feature a photo etched head, as seen on our Class 390 Pendolino.  There are a number of other separate and photo-etched detail parts.  The BR arrows will not be moulded into the bodyshell, nor will the Channel Tunnel roundels.

img_4492 img_4494

As further refinements are made we will show more images, but we felt those who have pledged to this project to make it happen deserve to see the progress we are making.

We are anticipating that the CAD drawings will be complete by the Warley National Model Railway Exbibition at the NEC, where we are sharing a stand with Rapido trains, and we look forward to seeing our supporters there and discussing this and other projects, including our new modern wagon.


Brush up on a Class 92 from Revolution!

92039 at Whifflet. Photo courtesy Tom Smith

92039 at Whifflet. Photo courtesy Tom Smith

Revolution Trains are offering the powerful Class 92 electric locomotive as our next model.

This project has been in development for some time and we have secured the cooperation of Brush Traction, who have already supplied us with complete drawings and other assistance. The Class 92 is a logical follow on from our Pendolino, class 321 and has even hauled our TEA tank wagons.


The model will be made by Rapido with DCC Sound and DC options. Features will include poseable pantographs, switchable lights and customer-fit bufferbeam details and valance.  We are also studying the possibility of adding a couple of other groundbreaking features to this model; these will be revealed in due course if they are achievable.

Brush have advised us there will be some very minor alterations made to those locomotives being used by Caledonian Sleeper variant, and where appropriate these will be incorporated into the model.

92018 in Caledonian Sleeper livery. Photo courtesy Tom Smith

92018 in Caledonian Sleeper livery. Photo courtesy Tom Smith

We have obtained all the necessary livery permissions and are working with DB Cargo, GBRf and Caledonian Sleeper to produce accurately painted and finished models.


Photo courtesy Tom Smith

92029 at Coatbridge. Photo courtesy Tom Smith

These are the liveries we are offering:

92003 “Beethoven” in original Railfreight grey. This locomotive hauled the very last train before British Rail was privatised, leaving Dollands Moor just before midnight on November 1st 1997.


92001 in EWS Maroon. This locomotive was the first to be repainted into EWS maroon in 1998 and carried small English, Welsh and Scottish flags on the cab side.


92036 “Bertolt Brecht” in EWS branded grey. This locomotive is still in service and recently upgraded to operate on HS1.


92009 “Marco Polo” in DB red. This locomotive was the first painted into DB red, in 2009, and was named in 2011.


92032 “IMechE Railway Division” in GBRf blue. GBRf repainted this locomotive into their striking livery in 2011.


92018 in Caledonian Sleeper teal. This locomotive hauled the inaugural train of the new Caledonian Sleeper service.


Working with Brush Traction, and having delivered our first products within 18 months of starting development, we believe we are in the best position to offer a high quality model in a realistic timeframe.

We will be opening this model for pre-ordering very soon.  We are also investigating a staggered payment system, following feedback from our supporters, and will give more details of this in due course.