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Project Railway Honour: Patriot & York show

Revolution Trains have been delighted to support Project Railway Honour and we are pleased to report that Dapol have completed production of the models of 66418 Patriot. Below are a couple of photos of the completed production model.

If you have pre-ordered one of the models then we will send it out to you as soon as we receive the models after the Easter weekend, alternatively if you are coming along to York (and we have received the models before we leave!) then you will be able to collect your model at the show.

UPDATE: we had hoped to receive the models just prior to Easter but the shipment was delayed in transit and unfortunately Gareth has been posted away from his normal base.  As a result Revolution Trains will process the despatch of the models.  The models are now in the UK (3 May 2017) and we will post an update as soon as we are ready to start sending them out to people.  Please do not ask us to give you an update when you will receive your model – that will only slow down the despatch process! Alternatively you can collect your model at DEMU’s Showcase exhibition on 3/4 June 2017 at Burton.

Revolution and Project Railway Honour will be at the York Model Railway Show over the Easter weekend.  We will have news on our projects and hopefully the first sample of our 35T class B tank wagon.

You can see us on the mezzanine at Stand 97 – if you come to the show please come along and say hello.



See us on stand 34 at The International N Gauge Show (TINGS) 2016

Please come along to our stand 34 at the International N Gauge Show (TINGS) this weekend (10 and 11 September) to see and hear about our latest product developments (production samples of the TEA tank wagons and the final development sample of the Pendolino) along with a couple of new announcements.

We’ve focussed our energy recently on finishing development and production for our earlier projects so our announcements are not perhaps the major announcement that we have been holding back on until we had started to deliver products to our customers.  Nevertheless we continue to work on new ideas so that we have a rolling development cycle and we think that our two new announcements will have widespread appeal to modellers (and we will have an exciting announcement at Warley)!

Non EU overseas orders and maintenance

The first part of the maintenance work on our site is complete and it should now be possible for our non-European friends to place orders correctly and have VAT removed. The ordering process automatically removes VAT when you confirm your shipping destination.

For any customer if you notice any problem with the amount (particularly tax) that you are being charged please let us know ASAP.

Website maintenance and early bird deadline

We have to take the website offline to perform some essential maintenance and to add a bit of functionality. As a result the site will be unavailable from 8pm on 28 July 2016. If the upgrades go smoothly then the site may be unavailable for only a very short period, but we won’t know that until we take the site offline!

If it is not possible to complete all the work this evening then the site will be taken offline on Sunday evening (31 July 2016).

So that we don’t impact anyone hoping to place an order at our early bird prices for the KFA container flat, class 320/321 or 4mm/OO TEA tank wagon we will extend the early bird deadline by a week to 7 August 2016.

Pendolino set name/number choices v2!

There are three four potential groups you might fall into – the process will differ slightly depending on which applies to you:

– Paid in full (and not selected your set)
– Paid in full and selected your set (or picked the 5-car or Poppy set) – no further action required
– Paid deposit before 1 February 2015 (our Kickstarter/Earlybird period)
– Paid deposit after 1 February 2015

Please check carefully which group applies to you as if you pick the wrong one you will cause yourself more work (and us!) and it may delay your order. We know the process might appear complicated, but it is much simpler than it looks.

Paid in full but not selected a set
Please login to your account on our website – check your order and make a note of your order number.
If you have already placed an order and paid in full then you can make your set selection here.

We would be grateful if you could pick your set(s) as soon as possible (but no later than 8 July 2016). Does not apply to 5-car sets of the Poppy Pendolino.

Paid a deposit (in the EU)
Please login to your account on our website then:
1. check your order and make a note of your order number.
2. This is where it starts to get a little complicated – make a note of what you ordered (and paid).
3. Check whether you paid any Postage & Packing – if you did not P&P with your deposit then you will need to add it when you pay your balance (P&P is a separate part in the shop links below).
4. The next step depends on when you paid your deposit:
a.If you paid your deposit before 1 February 2015 then you were eligible for our Kickstarter/Earlybird price – please go to our webshop here and pick the right balance(s) to match your deposit.
b.If you paid your deposit after 1 February 2015 – please go to our webshop here and pick the right balance(s) to match your deposit.
The item and amount should be the same as your original order for your deposit.
5. When you select the correct balance to pay then you will be asked to select your name/number choice(s). This is not applicable if you ordered a 5-car set or the Poppy Pendolino.
6. Please include the order number for your deposit in the notes of your balance order so that we can match the two orders together.
7. If you want to place any upgrades (for lightbars, DCC sound, or to upgrade from 9 to 11 cars) or to add shipping you can do so at the same time.
8. Relax and have a cold drink!


(NB it may be possible for us to extend this deadline slightly but we will not know until we receive the final sample for approval – we do not want to have to delay production!).
(NB 2 if you are outside the EU but still in Europe we will be in touch if you need to pay a balance. If you are outside Europe then Rapido will be in touch!)

PS we know this is far from an ideal system (it isn’t for us either) but please remember that we do this in our very limited spare time, that this was our first project and that we have improved our systems.

Pendolino name/number choices

For people who have paid in full only – you can select your set name/number(s) here (it isn’t pretty!):

Please only use this form if you paid in full and please only select a 9-car name if you purchased a 9-car set or an 11-car name if you purchased an 11-car set. If you don’t then it causes you and me more admin and it may delay your order.

If you ordered a Poppy Pendolino you don’t have to do anything further as there is no choice of name/number!

If you paid a deposit then once we have set up the mechanism to pay off your balance you will be able to select your set name/number(s) as part of that process!

2016 deadline day results – class 320/321/456 and class 21/29 projects

As promised we have been totting up the results and initial results are as follows:

Class 320/321/456 project: the levels of interest in this project are very promising and we are 99% certain that the project can begin design.  The only area that we are still finalising is the cost for the units – until we have a confirmed price we will not open orders. As soon as we have a price we will open orders for the 320/321 with a deposit option and with incentives for people who back us early.

Ordering for the 320 and 321 will ask for livery choices.  There will definitely be 321/4s in NSE and London Midland livery (possibly two numbers for each livery).  After that livery choices become more complicated as there is no overwhelming favourites so we will narrow down some of the livery choices and ask people to specify a second choice if they pick one of the non-guaranteed liveries – we will include both an undecorated option and a white primed option. Where we have listed livery A or livery B we have to make a decision as to which livery to offer as none of the livery choices were clear winners so we will try to narrow things down slightly. We will almost certainly have to drop certain liveries (including the attractive One livery!) as there was insufficient interest.  The non-guaranteed liveries are not set in stone yet so please don’t send us lots of emails complaining that we haven’t included your personal favourite!

Guaranteed liveries: NSE and London Midland

Non-guaranteed liveries: Great Eastern; Silverlink County; WYPTE Metro or Northern; First; one of the 320 liveries: Strathclyde PTE orange, SPT Carmine/Cream or Scotrail

Liveries likely to be dropped (to be confirmed): One; Abellio, National Express

We haven’t forgotten the 456 – the news on this was more mixed. Whilst there was interest in a 456 there was insufficient interest (by a reasonably convincing margin) to justify tooling the differences between a 321 and 456 (most notably the window differences in the 456 driving car that had a toilet (later removed but no window put in)). Please leave that with us for the time being as we consider the options.  It may be that we come back to people who expressed interest in a 456 to ask their views on various options.

Class 21/29 project

Unfortunately the results of the 21/29 project were not so promising with neither the class 21 or class 29 getting sufficient support to justify production as things stand.  To be frank both locos were significantly below production minimums.  Even in the situation where we only produced one of the classes (and customers had agreed to swap their interest to that class (it would have been a class 29 as it was approximately 50% more popular than a 21) we would still have been significantly below the minimum production run.

We will continue discussions with Dapol to encourage them to produce this missing loco and we will let our supporters if there is any progress.

Closing for TEA – last chance and combining orders

Thank you to all of our customers who have placed orders for TEA bogie tank wagons. The response has been fantastic.  We are aware that at times some of you have struggled to place an order on our website – if you have already contacted us we will sort your order out early next week, if you haven’t contacted us but still wish to place an order please contact us immediately as we are working through the orders and finalising the production run early this week (1-7 February).

For those of you that have placed multiple orders we will dispatch the orders in the same package and refund you any excess post and packing charges that we can.  Please give us a few days to process P&P refunds as we have hundreds of orders to process and check!

First samples of the TEA tanks!

We are delighted to have received the first samples from the tooling.  There are a few minor tweaks that we need to make but we are pretty pleased and hope that people will like it!

Rapido have done a great job with all the detail variations and the finesse of the details (both etched and moulded – I am particularly impressed with the panel lines on the tank barrel).

Ben has put together a short video on the TEA samples and some of the work that has gone into getting us to this point. We hope you enjoy it.  Please don’t forget that you can still order your TEAs from our webshop here.

Non-EU orders – TEA fuel tank wagon

We have been looking for a solution to our e-shop’s inability to take non-EU orders, or more specifically so that it deducts VAT correctly for non-EU orders.

Despite the system in theory being capable of adding VAT only to EU orders at the moment we seem to have a choice of VAT or no VAT for all orders! So customers from the EU should continue to use our online shop, but customers from outside the EU should use this “manual” order form and follow the instructions for payment.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes!

More Pendolino CAD images

A couple more images from the CAD. The bogies are pretty much there now. The dampers are separate parts to allow the bogie frames to be correctly recessed…

The PTF and PTSRMB vehicles have now had the pantographs added. These are plastic mouldings, and poseable, rather than sprung, since we felt that more people operate their models without contact wires than with!! We’d like to thank Brecknell Willis who sent us excellent drawings of the real thing to help us get this right. There are still a couple of mods to the collector needed – the ends should be less angular – but we think we are definitely getting there.


TEA – first CAD!

We’ve received the first CAD files of our 2mm/N TEA wagons (please click on the images for larger images):


The complete wagon

Some details:

Etched walkways and lid covers

Etched walkways and lid covers

Underframe pipework

Underframe pipework

You can still express your interest in these tank wagons here.

Revolution Pendolino – first CAD drawings

Here are some preview images of the almost ready CAD drawings of the Pendolino. Very soon we are expecting the designers to have completed the first stage of the design, and once we are happy we will post some images of the complete model to allow our customers to offer their feedback.

DMSO roof and bodyside


653XX vehicle pantograph well. Note there is not actually a pantograph on these vehicles.


653XX under frame and skirts.

Once the CADs are approved we will move to the next stage of the project, converting the 3D images into steel tools that will mould the actual parts of the model.   We are very happy with the overall shape and look of the model – the hard work is in making sure all the smaller details are right!

Set number choices

We’d like to thank all those that voted for their preferred Pendolinos. The majority of our customers did register their votes, so the counting process has taken a little longer than we’d anticipated, but here are the results. However, there are a couple of caveats which are explained below.

390001 Virgin Pioneer
390005 City of Wolverhampton
390006 Tate Liverpool
390045 101 Squadron

390104 Alstom Pendolino (Alstom livery)

Pendolino - livery button - Alstom
390114 City of Manchester
390122 Penny the Pendolino
390138 City of London
390151 Virgin Ambassador (Business is Great Britain livery)

Pendolino - livery button - businessPlus, of course, 390103 Virgin Hero (Poppy Pendolino)

Pendolino - livery button - poppy

We had originally expected to offer 5 9-car and 5-11-car, however not only do we have more orders for 11-car trains, but also the 9-car selections are heavily skewed towards 390001 and 390045, while the 11-car voting was more evenly spread out. This means that the 5th choice 9-car set had far far fewer votes than the 6th choice 11-car set. The split is also complicated by the fact that the Poppy Pendolino could almost be considered a separate item on its own, meaning we could argue the split is more like a 5 for 11 and 4 for 9 car.

There were also a couple of almost-ties, in which case we have tried to select variety (eg offering City of London instead of City of Liverpool, as Tate Liverpool had already made the cut).

We are sure that the selections will not please everyone, but hopefully they offer a reasonable spread of interesting colour schemes, geographically diverse cities and notable identities. And, of course, they were selected by our customers, which as far as we are aware is a first for any mass market range of new models.

Over the next few weeks we will update the website to add set choices. If you voted for one of the selected sets and have paid in full then we will update your order.  If you voted for one of the selected sets but paid a deposit or if you didn’t vote for one of selected sets then we will ask you to make your order choice via our website.

TEA announcement

Revolution announces 21st century tankers as second model

Revolution Trains – the new company that uses crowd-funding principles to produce niche train models – is to produce an all-new model of the latest generation of petroleum tankers in N gauge.

Photo courtesy VTG

Photo courtesy VTG

The model to be produced by Revolution represents the TOPS-coded TEA wagons introduced from 2006, of which there are now several hundred running across the network.

The model will be produced by Rapido Trains of Canada, who are currently working on Revolution’s N-gauge Class 390 Pendolino model.

Ben Ando, of Revolution Trains, said: “These wagons have been in service for nearly a decade, are in a variety of attractive liveries and operate over large parts of the network. They’re an obvious choice.”

Mike Hale, of Revolution Trains, said: “We are hoping to appeal not just to those customers who ordered a Pendolino, but also modern image N Gauge enthusiasts who model other parts of the country. A high-quality model of such an important type of wagon is long overdue.”

The model will feature an injection moulded body with photo-etched catwalks and separately fitted brake gear and discharge chutes, allowing small but significant prototypical differences between wagons to be depicted.

The largest single operator of these wagons is the well-known leasing firm VTG, and the model is being produced with their full assistance and co-operation.

Paul Lugg, VTG’s Fleet Sales Manager, said: “We operate these wagons for several customers on the real railway, and they offer significant operational and environmental benefits over older designs. We are delighted that a high quality model of these important vehicles is going to be available.”

Courtesy Tom Smith/Revolution Trains

Courtesy Tom Smith/Revolution Trains

The models can be ordered via Revolution’s website singly or in packs of three, with different running numbers on each wagon. They will be available in three VTG liveries – red, blue and grey – along with EWS grey and Freightliner green, subject to company approval.

A triple pack will also be available in the stylish green-and-white and blue-and-white colours of Greenergy, the UK’s newest bulk fuel rail operator. The operating efficiencies of rail travel were a significant factor in Greenergy’s decision to operate its own fleet of wagons. We will be working with Greenergy’s designers to make sure the livery is as accurate as possible.

Photo courtesy Greenergy

Photo courtesy Greenergy

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, said: “We’ve recently regenerated rail infrastructure allowing us to transport over two million litres of fuel (the equivalent to over 50 road tankers) with each train load. Our branded wagons have really caught people’s attention, and I am looking forward to seeing them in miniature!”

In use, the wagons operate from Grangemouth refinery to destinations in Scotland and Northern England, from refineries or storage terminals on Teeside and Humberside to the Midlands and the South West, and from South Wales to central England. Furthermore, new flows are expected in the next 12 months.

TEA route map

TEA route map

Revolution Trains aims to produce models that are considered too niche – or risky – for the mainstream manufacturers. Revolution Trains offers an alternative – a crowd-funding community where members can support proposals, nominate new ones and watch as these pet projects reach the point of being funded and produced.

You can see further details of the proposed models on the project page and you can register your interest in models/liveries here.

Pendolino – preliminary CAD

We’ve just received the first draft CAD of the Pendolino driving car.  Purchasers can log in to their account and get a sneak preview of the CAD and some of the point cloud data images (on the Pendolino Developments page – only accessible by Pendolino purchasers).

There is still a lot of detail to be added, but the basic shape is starting to get there.

First Pendolino scan images

The first 3D scan images are now in – you can see a teaser below!


We’ve also received some more CAD from Virgin – again a sample here:


If you’ve placed an order for a Pendolino then you can view all the images (and latest updates) here (please note you must be logged in to your account – the user name / email and password are the ones you supplied when you placed your order).

Revolution Trains website launched

Revolution Trains Ltd launched to enable simple crowd-funding of model railway projects.