Welcome to Revolution Trains

Highly detailed, accurate models in N, OO and now O available to pre-order direct from us or from selected retailers. Our aim is simple – to bring model railway enthusiasts together to crowd-fund projects they want but that are economically unviable for the major manufacturers.

With the N Gauge Pendolino and many subsequent projects we have shown that if enough people are prepared to pledge for a model then we make it happen.

Mark 5 coaches
We’re delighted to be producing N gauge models of the new Mk5 coaching stock. Our models will cover both the Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 coaches and the TPE Mk5A coaches and driving trailer.
IPA car carriers
We are producing IPA twin- and quad- set car carriers in N/2mm and OO/4mm. The N/2mm models are in production. The order book is open for the OO/4mm version.
Class 320/321
Our model of the widespread and versatile Class 320 and 321 units. CAD and tooling are complete, and we are ready to start production. Please follow the link for more information, or go to the shop page to order.
Class 92
Our N gauge Class 92 project has been in development for some time and the order book is closed (however you may still be able to place orders with some of our retailers). The 92 is in the final stages of production.
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