You can see a quick overview of current or previous projects on this page.  The dates are liable to change as development progresses and any unexpected problems crop up! If there is no delivery date it is because we will not publish an estimated delivery date until we are confident that it will be accurate – please note that these are best estimates and until a model physically arrives there are a whole host of possibilities for delays.

Please note the CAD will be completed before the order book is opened.

Last updated: 08/08/2022

ProjectScaleDate announcedCurrent statusOrder deadlineEstimated delivery to UKNotes
Class 320/321 EMUN/2mmMarch 2016Shipping to customers - all liveriesSeptember 2020Batch 1 arrived mid Feb 2022
Batch 2 arrived late April 2022
All balance invoices generated, 97% of models sent to customers. Batch 1 (London Midland, Scot-rail Saltire and Undecorated). Batch 2 (NSE, Silverlink, Strathclyde orange)
Class 128N/2mmSeptember 2018Assessing livery samples12 September 2022Order book open
Mk 5/5a coaches N/2mmFebruary 2019In production28 February 2022Q4 2022Order book closed
IPA car carriersOO/4mmJune 2019Shipping from factory to UKEarly September 2022
Class 313/314 EMUN/2mmSeptember 2019EP sample receivedOrder book open
35t Class A tank and MTV/ZKV Zander box wagonN/2mmSeptember 2019In production30 June 2022Q4 2022Order book closed
Ecofret 40' freightlinerOO/4mmNovember 2019Shipping from factory to UKSeptember 2022
PFA 4 wheel container flatN/2mmNovember 2019In productionQ4 2022Order book closed
PendolinoN/2mmNovember 2020In productionAugust/September 2022Second run in new liveries
975025 / Caroline inspection saloonOO/4mmMay 2020In production28 February 2022August-September 2022
HOA aggregates hopperOO/4mmMay 2020Awaiting livery samplesOrder book open
JNA/MMA EALNOS aggregates box wagonN/2mmMay 2020In production31 December 2021August-September 2022Order book closed (31/12/21)
975025 / Caroline inspection saloon in NN/2mmAugust 2020In tooling - awaiting samplesOrder book open
Class 89 electric locoN/2mmDiscussing project options.Expressions of interest closed
Drax IIA-D biomass hoppersN/2mmNovember 2020In productionSeptember 2022Available to pre-order exclusively through Rails of Sheffield
ROG/Stadler Class 93 tri-mode locoOO/4mmFebruary 2021CADOrder book will open once first real 93 has been completed
Cartic-4 car carrierN/2mmFebruary 2021First EP receivedOrder book open
TUA chemical tank wagonOO/4mmMay 2021In production Q3/4 2022Available to order exclusive for Rainbow Railways
Borail/Mullet/Parr/Super Tench 60' engineers wagonsN/2mmJuly 2021Livery samples being assessedOrder book open
Borail/Mullet/Parr/Super Tench 60' engineers wagonsOO/4mmJuly 20211st EP sampleOrder book open
Class 59 diesel locoN/2mmAugust 2021Awaiting livery samplesOrder book open
1938 underground stockN/2mmSeptember 2021Final CADOrder book planned to open June/July 2022
All steel K type PullmansN/2mmSeptember 2021CADOrder book to open once CAD complete
Cartic-4 car carrierOO/4mmOctober 2021CADOrder book expected to open when CAD complete
Class 18 / CBD 80/90OO/4mmNovember 2021In toolingExclusive to Rails of Sheffield
Class 175/180N/2mm (to be followed by OO/4mm)February 2022CADOrder book will open once CAD complete
FNA-D nuclear flask carrierOO/4mm (to be followed by N/2mm)February 2022CADOrder book will open once CAD complete
'Alcan' PCA alumina tanksOO/4mmJuly 2022In toolingOrder book open

Completed projects

TEA tank wagonN/2mmDelivered October 2016All models shipped. Second run postponed.
40ft hi cube containerN/2mmDispatched to customers (end Oct 2017)Joint project with C Rail. Third run arrived June 2021
Class 390 PendolinoN/2mmDelivered March - June 2018
Class B 35t tank wagonsN/2mmDelivered April - July 2018
IZA cargowaggon twinsN/2mmDelivered to UK early September 2018All models shipped to paid customers.
20ft tank containerN/2mmDelivered to UK late November 2018All models shipped. Second run arrived June 2021
TEA tank wagon (OO/4mm)OO/4mmDelivered to UK late November 2018. All models shipped.
VEA van (Sonic Models)N/2mmDelivered to UK September 2019In stock from our online shop or some of our retailers.
30' bulktainerN/2mmDelivered to UK September 2019In stock from our online shop
MMA/JNA EALNOS aggregates bogie box wagonOO/4mmDelivered to UK mid-September 2019All models shipped
KFA container flat wagonN/2mmDelivered to UK November 2019All models shipped
SturgeonN/2mmDelivered to UK late December 2019All models shipped
HOA hopper wagonN/2mmDelivered to UK January 2020All models shipped.
IPA car carriersN/2mmDelivered to UK mid-September 2020All models shipped (1 Dec 2020).
KUA bogie nuclear flask wagonN/2mmDelivered to UK mid-September 2020All pre-orders shipped. Limited stock available to order from Rails of Sheffield.
40' refrigerated "reefer" containerN/2mmDelivered to UK October 2020Available to order while stocks last.
Class 92N/2mmDelivered to UK late Dec 2020All paid orders shipped to customers.
IZA Cargowaggon twinsOO/4mmDelivered to Kernow MRC February 2021Exclusive to Kernow MRC
37405 in DRS Compass liveryO/7mmDelivered to UK 4/3/2021Limited edition - DRS Compass livery exclusive to Revolution to our artwork (produced by Heljan)
Cemflo PCVN/2mmDelivered to UK mid-April 2021All paid orders delivered to customers.
56xx GWR steam tank engine (Sonic Models)N/2mmDelivered to UK late July 2021All paid orders delivered to customers.
Ecofret 40' freightlinerN/2mmDelivered to UK late July 2021All paid orders delivered to customers.
IWA Sfins2 Holdall van and Rfnoos timber carriersOO/4mmDelivered to UK early Jan 2022All paid orders sent out
IWA holdall van / timber carriersN/2mmDelivered to UK late Jan 202295% orders sent out.