In August 2014 we started the project to find a funding and production mechanism to bring an N gauge Pendolino to the market. We carried out market research and pre-publicity for the project in August/September 2014.


We launched a Kickstarter funding campaign in November 2014 which ran until mid-January 2015. We raised pledges of £194,000, unfortunately we narrowly missed our funding target of £210,000. The strong support for the Kickstarter campaign encouraged Rapido to press ahead with production of the Pendolino in partnership with Revolution Trains.


Our models will be manufactured in China to the highest specifications, with:

  • low friction drive
  • directional lighting
  • DCC socket with space for speaker (DCC sound factory fitted in both power cars for an additional £95 per set with sounds from Legomanbiffo – there will be two DCC decoders with two speakers (one in each driving car))
  • internal close coupling
  • removable valance for access to an NEM coupler pocket to allow drags
  • smoked but separate glazing
  • different number sets available for multiple purchases

We are offering various set options as follows:

  • 9-car class 390/0 set
  • 11-car class 390/1 set
  • 11-car Royal British Legion “Poppy” set 390103 Virgin Hero (special edition supporting donations to the RBL)
  • 5-car “short” set

Finally for those of you wanting to model the delivery trains when the sets were upgraded from 9 to 11-car sets, or to strengthen the short sets we offer a 2-car expansion pack for coaches U and F.

All purchasers who placed a pre-order before June 2015 were able to participate in the selection of the final running numbers of the sets.

Purchase options for outside Europe

If you are outside Europe and wish to purchase a Pendolino then please order direct with Rapido.


Shipping by courier is a flat rate of £10 per set.

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