Pendolino postings…and the tale of the missing screws!

We’ve sent out approximately 35-40% of the Pendolino orders to date (16 April 2018), so please do not worry if you have not received your order yet. We are working through them as quickly as we can but we probably have another 2 or 3 weekends worth of packing and sending out yet (we are 2 people with full time jobs!). We’re understandably getting quite a few follow up emails – so we’ve tried to be proactive in answering the most common questions:

Addresses: please make sure that the delivery address in your account is correct.  When we are ready to despatch your order we will update the delivery address to the one saved on your account.

Order completion emails: we are slowly working through Pendolino orders (tidying up our database as we go).  We are trying to mark as complete any order – please note that where you have multiple orders for the same Pendolino set (eg deposit, balance and any extras such as postage, sound, light bars etc) that you will receive an Order Complete email for each order – your order will only have been despatched once all the relevant orders relating to a set have been marked as complete.

P&P refunds for collections: now that the York show is over we will process refunds for P&P where appropriate – you should get £10/set over the next week.

Spares and repairs: if you spot a missing or broken part, or you have a problem with your Pendolino then please contact us using the details in the instruction manual – that helps us make sure that we get your email.  There will almost certainly be a delay while we send out all the Pendolino sets but we promise we will respond when we can!

DC controllers: the manual says that if you have an old DC controller please check with us first.  The best advice we can give is check the voltage output of the track supply – if it is less than 15V you should be fine! We haven’t tested the Pendolino with every possible controller out there but we have noticed that some controllers sold as suitable for N output more than 15V at maximum speed so please check!

DCC sound decoders: the DCC sound fitted sets should have stickers on warning you not to run your DCC sound decoder-fitted Pendolinos on controllers outputting more than 15V, if you do you may well blow the sound decoder!

Finally as the post title alludes to – we noticed that the light bars are missing the required screws to fit them.  Rapido’s factory realised that they still had a big bag of screws sat on the workbench, so they are sending them over to us.  We will send them out to customers who have already received their light bars and are currently wondering how to fit them – you don’t need to contact us!

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