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Sonic Models announces new liveries and numbers for 56xx line-up

Sonic Models is offering additional liveries and new numbers to the forthcoming Sonic Models 56xx GWR/BR(W) 0-6-2 tank locomotive in N.

The new versions – and models already announced and previously available to order from Revolution Trains – will all be available only from well known Yorkshire retailer Rails of Sheffield. All existing orders with Revolution will be fulfilled by Revolution and Rails will handle processing and fulfilment of models of all orders from today forward. Production has started and it is anticipated that the models will arrive in the UK during the summer.

The six new variants include three new identities for existing liveries and three all- new versions. The new liveries include GW unlined green with “shirt-button” logo, as used from the mid 1930s until WW2, GWR unlined green with GWR “austerity” block style lettering as applied in wartime and BR unlined black with “BRITISH RAILWAYS” lettering from the early years of nationalisation. Additional numbers are being offered in BR lined green with late crest, BR unlined black with early emblem and GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering, as these have proved the most popular variants so far.

New versions

S2101-01A: 5643 BR lined green, late crest
S2101-04A: 5619 BR unlined black, early emblem
S2101-06A: 6671 GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering
S2101-07: 5609 GW unlined green with shirtbutton logo
S2101-08: 6602 BR unlined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering
S2101-09: 5644 GW Unlined green with plain GWR block lettering

Two of the new versions are of locomotives in preservation, and it is anticipated that proceeds will be used to make a donation to their owners to enable this valuable work to continue.

From here on both new and existing 56xx models will only be available to order from Rails of Sheffield. The price of all versions is £109.95.

The complete list of 12 models is as follows:
S2101-01 – 5637. BR lined green, late crest.
S2101-01A – 5643. BR lined green, late crest. New.
S2101-02 – 6681. BR lined green late crest (small) weathered.
S2101-03 – 5633. BR unlined green, late crest.
S2101-04 – 6639. BR unlined black, early emblem.
S2101-04A – 5619. BR unlined black, early emblem. New.
S2101-05 – 5616. GW unlined green with GWR shaded lettering.
S2101-06 – 6623. GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering.
S2101-06A – 6671. GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering. New.
S2101-07 – 5609. GW unlined green with shirtbutton logo. New.
S2101-08 – 6602. BR unlined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS letting. New.
S2101-09 – 5644. GW Unlined green with plain GWR block lettering. New.

Revolution – Covid-19 update

We at Revolution Trains take the safety of our customers, suppliers, colleagues and, of course, ourselves very seriously.

We are also aware of the concerns of the Chief Medical Officer for the mental health of all of us in up to 12 weeks of isolation, and we know that model railways can provide relaxation, enjoyment and stimulation.

At the time of writing, Government guidelines are that postal deliveries could, and should continue.

Subject to any change in such guidance we will continue to send out our pre-ordered HOA wagons, and limited stocks of Sonic Models VEA vans and Revolution JNA box wagons that are in stock at our home addresses.

The models have all been in untouched in their shipping cartons for several weeks, having been sent from China before Christmas, and only one person, using hygiene precaution, is doing the checking, picking and packing.

These measures taken during dispatch should ensure that your package arrives containing your models – and nothing else!

Revolution going live!

The unprecedented measures being taken to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have impacted significantly on all areas of our lives.

Revolution Trains had been due to attend the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace, however this show was cancelled with the result that we were unable to display our latest models and meet our supporters and customers.

For this reason we have decided to host a Facebook Live event next Tuesday March 31st at 1800 BST lasting 20 minutes.

This will give us an opportunity to show off the decorated samples of the KUA nuclear flask carriers, update everyone on the latest news on our other projects, offer our best estimates of the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and answer any questions from our customers and supporters in real time.

If you wish to join us simply follow this link to the Revolution Trains Facebook page at the allotted time.

See you next Tuesday!

RRP set for Sonic 56xx

The RRP of the forthcoming Sonic Models GWR 56xx 0-6-2T locomotive in GWR and BR liveries has been set at £109.95.

The new price will come into effect at midnight on Wednesday March 4th, though this is not an order deadline as the models will still be available after this date.

The 56xx is Sonic’s first powered model and follows the award-winning VEA vans, which debuted in 2019 to wide acclaim.

200 of these powerful and sturdy locomotives were built in the mid 1920s and while initially designed for the heavy trains and steep gradients of South Wales, they rapidly saw service across the GWR and subsequently the western region of British Railways.

Note: Pre-production model. Finished models will have painted black wheel faces.

This is the first 0-6-2 chassis to be offered RTR in N, with a smooth coreless motor driving the centre axle and 6-pin DCC socket and removable bunker weight to allow easy fitting of a speaker for those who wish to add DCC Sound.

The models also have electrical contacts on the sprung rear pony, so that pick-up is from all eight wheels.

Note pick-ups and springing of rear pony.

The models are available to pre-order in 6 liveries:

6623 in GWR green with Great Western lettering

5616 in GWR green with GWR lettering

6639 in BR unlined Black and early emblem

5633 in BR unlined green with late crest

6681 in BR lined green with small late crest and weathered finish.

6681 with weathered finish

5637 in BR lined green with late crest. This locomotive is modelled as preserved, and priced to allow Revolution to make a donation to support its owners, the 5637 Steam Locomotive Group.

Model of 5637 on the splasher of the real thing!

Production is scheduled to begin now with delivery expected in Q3 2020, though the ongoing public health issues in China are having an impact on all model train manufacturers.

HOAs are here!

Revolution Trains HOA stone hoppers in N are now being dispatched to customers.

Latest update: Customers who paid in full – orders despatched. Customers who paid a deposit – all balance invoices generated, please check your account for any outstanding balance invoices. We realise that it is a pain getting lots of balance invoices but the alternative would be that we could not offer a deposit system – see more here.

Revolution HOA hoppers in EWS, Cemex, DB, Ermewa/Tarmac and VTG/Mendip Rail liveries.

The first models have been dispatched to those customers who pre-paid in full; the remainder will be sent out over the coming days.

Customers who have payments outstanding will be invoiced shortly and once balance payments are made the models will be sent (the first balance invoices were sent out 11/03/2020 and will take some time to generate them all.

Revolution HOA hoppers in EWS and Cemex livery on Pete Latham’s “Wormhill” layout at Model Rail Scotland

“Wormhill” is based on Peak Forest in Derbyshire and will be instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with the location.

DB Class 66 with MMA box wagons at Peak Forest in September 2018.

The layout measures 8’ x 2’ and has been cleverly designed to brilliantly demonstrate the benefits of N-gauge when it comes to modelling real locations and scale-length trains.

We have become aware that on a small number of models the bogie retaining screws have been over-tightened during assembly. This results in the bogies being a little stiff and can result in issues when running.

This can easily be rectified by using a small Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the screw by a quarter or half turn.

Revolution in Scotland!

Once again Revolution Trains will be attending Model Rail Scotland at the SECC in Glasgow over the weekend Friday February 21st to Sunday February 23rd.

If you’re visiting the show please come and say hello – we are on stand B57, next to Accurascale (B52.)

There’ll be lots to see in our new, larger display stand including EP1 samples of the forthcoming Class 320/321 units, KUA nuclear flask wagon and PCV Cemflo cement wagons in N, plus painted samples of the 00 IZA Cargowaggon twin vans, available exclusively from Kernow Model Rail Centre.

We’ll also have the latest news on the Sonic Models 56XX, the Mk5 coaching stock in TPE and Caledonian Sleeper sets and other projects including the IWA holdall vans and timber carriers, the Class 128 parcels unit, Class 313 and 314 units and Ecofret container flats.

We will also have on sale some stocks of OO JNA wagons, Sonic Models VEAs and our new N gauge HOAs, as well as very limited numbers of some previously produced models (usually cancellations or returns) including in Class B tankers (N), TEA tankers (00), IZA twins (N) and some assorted containers. We’ll list any stock left over on our website after the weekend including some additional HOAs.

Revolution Trains Class 390 Pendolino on “Eglington” at Model Rail Scotland 2019.

Model Rail Scotland is well known for the friendly atmosphere and quality of the layouts attending, this year including Law Junction, by the East Neuk MRC, which will be running Revolution Trains Pendolinos and KFA container flats.

See you at the SECC!

New coronavirus derails model trains…

Revolution Trains, like nearly all other model railway manufacturers, sources its models from China, where production has been significantly disrupted by the outbreak of new coronavirus.

The impact has been exacerbated by its timing; taking hold during the Chinese New Year festivities when millions of factory workers return home to celebrate with their families.

Travel bans and curfews imposed by the authorities to combat the spread of the virus mean those workers have been unable to travel back to the factories.

The holidays should have ended on February 4th, but the Chinese government has ordered the factories to remain closed for at least another week, and this is likely to cause a slight delay to some projects.

At this time we do not know when production and development work will resume fully.

Radioactive arrivals…

Revolution Trains can reveal EP1 samples of its forthcoming KUA nuclear flask wagons.

These have been now been assessed and feedback sent to the designers in China.

Under test they were checked against R1 curves and despite their size the running is smooth and assured.

We have spotted some issues: the handrails were a little distorted on the samples but this may be down to damage during hand-fitting or in transit and experience shows that for the production run the factory will use jigs to assist with fitting. And the production models will be packed in protective vac-formed plastic blisters, and not sent in bubble wrap like the samples!

There are two of these huge wagons in service and they are used to transport spent fuel from Royal Navy nuclear submarines from Devonport and Rosyth to Sellafield. They have also been used to convey radioactive material from the former nuclear research centre at Dounreay.

When loaded they always run with support coaches crewed by elite protection squads.

KUA MODA95770 at Dawlish. Photo courtesy Anthony Christie.

Some adjustments will be made to the moulds and the final rivet and texture details added. Livery diagrams have been completed and this will enable decorated samples to be prepared for checking.

The wagons are being sold as a pair – MODA95770 and MODA95771 – so you can “own the complete fleet” for £139.95.

Due to the coronavirus the return after Chinese New Year has been delayed by the Chinese authorities, so there is likely to be a small delay before we need to close the order book, however we suggest you order soon to take advantage of our great pre-order price.

These models are being produced in a limited number and experience suggests the prices will rise for any models available after production.

Order your set here

IPA D-Day!

Deadline day for the N-Gauge Revolution IPA Car Carriers is less than a week away as we will be closing our order book on January 31st.

IPA flat, flat with stakes and covered twins in STVA red livery

This will ensure production can commence immediately after Chinese New Year.

All variants also available in VTG original grey livery.

The single deck IPA car carriers were introduced in the to Britain in the 1990s, having been converted from French twin deck wagons originally built in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

92010 at Northampton. Photo courtesy Trevor Plackett.

Operated at first by Railfreight Distribution, they were taken on by STVA on its formation in 1996.

Originally configured as flat twins, some were fitted with stakes to allow canvas sheeting to be stretched along the sides to protect the vehicles being transported. For high value cars, this was deemed inadequate and a large number were fitted with sides and roofs. Many of these were reconfigured into quad sets.

IPA quad set in STVA grey

Revolution is offering all types in both original pale grey and current red liveries.

For more details and information, including sample consists and a route map illustrating the operations of these wagons, see here.

We anticipate the N gauge models will be shipped in Q2. All versions can be ordered here.

Work is also proceeding on these same wagons in 4mm scale, with CADs almost ready for approval.

IPA covered twin in 4mm

The 00 order book is expected to be opening within the next four weeks.

Dreamy sleepers…

CAD work has been completed on the forthcoming N gauge Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 coaches being produced by Revolution Trains in association with Accurascale.

The Mk5s line up

The coaches are now in squadron service with Caledonian Sleeper, on both Lowlander trains from London to Glasgow and Edinburgh and Highlander trains from London to Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William.

92023 leads the Lowlander train. Photo courtesy Nigel Gibbs.

There are four different types of vehicle in the fleet, and our models will replicate each.

Mk5 standard sleeper

Each train leaving Euston comprises 16 vehicles, in two 8-car sets. Standard sleepers form the majority of the fleet, with 9 in each 16-car service.

Mk5 accessible sleeper

There are three accessible sleepers in the rake – two in one half-set and one in the other.

Mk5 club car
Mk5 seated car

There are also two club cars, with distinctive wi-if dome, and two seated cars in every train.

Undersides of the Mk5s

As ever, Revolution and Accurascale have not skimped on the underframes and these will feature numerous separate parts. We understand tooling has started and we are looking forward to reporting on progress following the Chinese New Year shutdown.

Caledonian Sleeper has registered its own tartan to reflect the proud heritage of these iconic trains. It includes the red and white colours of St George to acknowledge the importance of both Scotland and England.

Revolution is offering the Caledonian Sleeper Mk5s in multi-packs configured to allow complete, accurate formations to be recreated of the full train, or the “split” portions that run within Scotland to their final destinations.

The TPE Mk5 CADs are already approved, and will go to tooling at the same time.

You can order all versions here at our great early bird price.

Revolution Trains would like to thank Caledonian Sleeper, Serco, Scottish Ministers and Beacon Rail for their kind assistance in producing these models.

Pep talk!

313204 inside Brighton traincare depot

Revolution Trains travelled to Brighton recently at the kind invitation of Govia Thameslink Railway and Beacon Rail to carry out research for our forthcoming Class 313 unit in N gauge.

The trip enabled us to check measurements and details of those units still in service after more than 40 years. This information will then be sent to the factory designers and we anticipate that CAD drawings should be ready soon after Chinese New Year.

The units in operation now on Southern’s Coastway routes do have some detail differences to the class as-built – the pantographs have been removed, there are some modern additions to the underframe – but these were all clearly identified and explained to us by our host Glen, and we’d like to thank him for sharing his expertise.

Once the work was done we returned to Brighton’s magnificent train shed and decided to take a short ride to Lewes, one of the destinations still served by the venerable Class 313s.

313208 pulls away from Lewes beneath the characteristic chalk slopes of the South Downs.

Once CADs are received we will publish them for comment, and we are expecting to open the order book soon after to enable tooling to commence.

Hello cemflo!

Revolution Trains has received first samples of its forthcoming Cemflo PCV cement wagons, being produced by Accurascale.

Two variants are being offered – either with original Blue Circle placard (left) or in later unbranded form with BR TOPS code (right.)

The models feature our usual high levels of detailing around the catwalks, underside and ends with numerous separately fitted wire and plastic parts.

The Blue Circle side placard, though moulded, has been chamfered so as not to appear overscale.

The ends include very fine separate tank reinforcing brackets and, at one end, the vacuum brake cylinder and associated pipe work.

Once these samples have been checked and approved we will be ready to move to checking the decoration artwork. Since this artwork has already been produced for the 00 models we do not anticipate this process taking too long.

You can reserve these iconic, widely used and long-lived wagons and get our low pre-order price here

Revolution Cemflos – a 2020 vision…

Revolution Trains has received images of the first samples of its forthcoming N-gauge “Cemflo” PCV cement wagons.

They’re being produced for us by Dublin-based Accurascale; responsible for the same highly-regarded models in 4mm scale. Our smaller versions promise similar levels of detail and refinement, with photo-etched chassis reinforcing fillets and numerous separately fitted detail parts.

One end has the brake vacuum tanks, while the roof features a finely detailed walkway and separately fitted valves.

Underneath, the wire pipe runs and discharge equipment can be seen. In service, these wagons operated across Britain, being particularly associated with the flow from Cliffe in Kent to Uddingston, outside Glasgow.

They were introduced in 1961 – making them ideal for transition era modellers – and lasted until 1988.

The models are available to order now in either original blue circle livery – with the distinctive lozenge plaque – or the later version with the placard removed and TOPS numbering.

Once these samples have been checked over and approved we will be sent decorated samples, then the models will go into production.

As ever, we produce models to satisfy pre-orders only, so order here to avoid missing out and to qualify for our low EarlyBird prices.

Season’s Greetings from Revolution

Revolution Trains would like to wish all our customers, retailers, model railway press and fellow enthusiasts a very Merry Xmas and prosperous and happy New Year, and thank everyone for their support in the year gone by.

Revolution/Rapido Class 92 deco samples

Rapido Trains have sent us the first deco samples of our forthcoming Class 92 locomotives. These are nearing the end of production now, with just the sound files to be completed, and we are anticipating that these models will be completed before Chinese New Year.

Around three quarters of the our PFA/KFA container flats have been sent out; we will resume dispatch of these models after a short Christmas break. Apologies if you’re among those who have not received their models yet, but they will be with you soon!

Also, please note that models 22102/22402 (KFA Tiphook with VNH1 bogies) are supplied, correctly, with blue bogies, not the black as listed on our website.

The Sturgeons arrived a few days ago, and the first few of these were sent just before Christmas; work packing and posting the remainder will also resume soon.

Also en route from China are our HOA hoppers, and customers who have pre-ordered and paid for these can expect deliveries to begin in mid-January.

The IPA Car Carriers are now ready for production and this should commence immediately after the forthcoming Chinese New Year. This means we will be closing the order book towards the end of January, so if you are interested in acquiring these models at the pre-order price please make your selections now, or very soon.

STVA wagons available to order in current red livery or original pale grey

Meanwhile, we have not forgotten our 00 supporters, and the CAD designs for the IWA/Sfins2 hold-all van and Rfnoos timber carrier conversions were recently approved.

These models are in tooling now, and available to order now with our best Earlybird price.

Also for 00 modellers painted samples of our IZA twin wagons are undergoing assessment – these are exclusively available from Kernow Model Rail Centre.

Beyond that the Mk5 sleepers, KUA flask wagon and IWA wagons continue to progress and other announced and unannounced projects are underway in both N and 00.

We look forward to these coming to fruition in 2020.

Revolution goes top secret with KUA…

37688 with KUA MODA 95771 at Bristol in 2013. Photo courtesy Antony Christie.

Revolution Trains is offering the giant Ministry of Defence owned 150t KUA nuclear flask wagons as its next N gauge models.

Two of these behemoths are in service and they are used primarily to ferry spent nuclear fuel from submarines at Devonport and Rosyth to Sellafield for reprocessing or disposal. Revolution is proposing to offer both wagons so modellers can own “the complete fleet.”

Revolution KUA nuclear flask wagon CAD

Numbered MODA 95770 and 95771, they carry the UIC code Uaafis. They are among the heaviest wagons to operate on British mainlines.

Work on this model has been underway for some time, with CAD fully complete and the model now in tooling. First samples are expected in the next six weeks. This model is funded and we anticipate that production numbers will be limited.

Research visit earlier this year

Revolution was granted permission to produce the model – and given full access to drawings and other materials – following extensive negotiations with the MoD and we would like to thank them and DRS for their cooperation in producing the model.

37423 with both wagons on a positioning move in 2014. Photo courtesy Tom Walters.

The two wagons in service are often used together, and when loaded are operated with two locomotives (in case of failure) and accompanied by support coaches carrying security personnel, often from the SBS, SAS or Royal Marines.

20312 with MODA95771 and escort coach in 2012. Photo courtesy Antony Christie.

These coaches are available in N, as are many of the locomotives used, meaning that with our KUA models these fascinating and mysterious trains can be accurately depicted.

The wagons were built in the late 1990s by Bombardier, and originally operated by EWS for the Royal Navy. DRS took over operations in 2006.

Res Class 47 with both KUAs and two EWS inspection saloons in 1998. Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

They’re used primarily to carry submarine fuel from HMNB Devonport, in Plymouth, and HMNB Rosyth, in Fife, to Sellafield. They are also sent on occasion to Georgemas Junction on the far north line to collect radioactive material from the nuclear research station at Dounreay. As well as this, they can be seen on maintenance trips to and from Wabtec in Kilmarnock and Arlington at Eastleigh. They are also sent to the MoD depot at Bicester for training.

Although operations using these wagons are often clouded in secrecy, especially when they are loaded, sample consists can be observed in photographs.

KUA flask wagons – sample consists

The Revolution Trains model will feature highly detailed injection moulded body and covers, numerous separately fitted detail parts including ferry loops, wire handles, photo-etched and moulded brake parts and NEM coupler sockets.

Double-headed is the norm nowadays for these trains. Photo courtesy Paul J Berry.

The order book is open and we are offering both wagons as a twin pack with accurate differences in labelling.

Sonic Models dish the dirt on 56xx…

Sonic Models has unveiled the factory-decorated samples of its forthcoming weathered 56xx GWR/BR(W) 0-6-2T steam locomotive.

The model depicts locomotive 6681 in lined green with a small BR crest, as it would have appeared when based at Shed 84E Tyseley in the years leading up to its withdrawal in 1965.

Having studied the sample, and showed it to visitors to the Revolution Trains stand at the recent Warley National Model Railway exhibition at the NEC, we feel the weathering achieves good representation of the grime and patina evident from photographs of the period.

Production models will also have the wheels and coupler rods chemically blackened before painting to improve the appearance still further.

All versions are available to preorder online here from Revolution Trains but our order book will be closing soon ahead of production.

PFA-bulous flats from Revolution

Revolution is offering the PFA 4-wheel container flat to accompany the forthcoming KUA bogie flask wagon and further develop its successful relationship with Accurascale.

PFA DRSL92798 at Carlisle. Photo courtesy Ray Forster.

The wagons were built by Standard Wagon Co. in 1987 to carry containerised coal traffic for Cawoods Ltd from collieries across Britain to dockside terminals for onward shipping to Ireland.

56132 on Blyth-Ellesmere Port Cawoods containers in 1989. Photo courtesy Mick Page.

Open coal containers were also used by British Fuels and CPL, with the wagons, and some were also pressed into service on trains for British Gypsum, carrying their distinctive blue containers.

66208 and 56056 at Burton Salmon with British Fuels and CPL containers in 2002. Photo courtesy Neil Harvey.
60041 with gypsum containers at Hellifield in 2006. Photo courtesy Ian Tunstall.
PFA with blue gypsum container

In the early part of this century a batch were acquired by DRS who still use them as runner wagons and for the transportation of containerised nuclear waste, particularly in distinctive half-height 20′ containers.

68002 and 68004 on 6K73 Sellafield – Crewe in 2019. Photo courtesy Andy Parkinson.
DRS 37 605 & 37602 with waste containers Dungeness – Crewe 2018. Photo courtesy Train Photos.

The Revolution model will feature our usual refinements and we are expecting to open the order book in 2020.

We are also exploring the possibility of offering the wagons with coal, gypsum and nuclear containers and also offering these items as separate accessories.

Touax KFA among Revolution models for sale at the NEC…

Revolution Trains will have our newly arrived N-gauge KFA container flats – including a previously unannounced version – plus a small number of our previously supplied, and largely sold out, models in 00 and N available to buy at the NEC.

Revolution Trains is on stand C41 (for a map see further down the news page) but we should be easy to find – just look for Rapido’s full sized bus!

These are a combination of cancellations/returns we have had and stock found by Rapido in their warehouse.

Our long-awaited KFA container flats will be available for pre-order customers to collect – if you let us know by 12pm on 22/11 before the show – plus a limited number will be available to buy in the latest Touax-branded version of the livery.

These repaints only started after the project started, which is why they were not offered in the original selection.

Revolution Touax KFA

In N gauge we will have a small number of Pendolinos (nearly all DC but a couple with DCC Sound), IZA Cargowaggon vans, KFA container flats, Sonic VEA vans, 40′ hi-cubes in ONE pink and Hapag Lloyd orange, and our new 30′ bulk-tainers produced with C-Rail.

00 modellers who missed out on our award-winning TEA tankers may get lucky – we have a very small number of each livery available including EWS – as well as our recent MMA/JNA wagons in DB Red, Ermewa grey, Ermewa Tarmac grey and VTG steel blue.

Revolution has it large with Ecofrets

Revolution Trains is upscaling its proposed Ecofret intermodal wagon to 00 gauge, 1:76 scale.

Revolution 3-car Ecofret

These wagons are in service with GBRf, DB and Freightliner and can be seen in blue, red and green. There are also sets running around in VTGs own, darker blue livery.

3-unit Ecofret in service with GBRf at Huntingdon on the ECML

The vehicles are widely seen in intermodal trains across the network. In a break from tradition, each deck is only 40′ long. In a market dominated by 40′ sea containers, this maximises the load that any given train can carry as there is not the wasted 20′ that can be found on trains comprising older 60′ wagons.

Route map showing use of Ecofret intermodal wagons

For flexibility in use, the centre vehicle has rotating spigots in the centre allowing the wagons to carry 20′ containers if needed. The Revolution model will replicate this.

Rotating centre spigots on centre car

Revolution would like to thank VTG, GBRf, Freightliner and DB for their assistance in producing this model.

We expect the order book to open in late 2019 or early 2020.

Revolution at Warley

Once again Revolution Trains are delighted to be attending the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC this weekend, November 23rd and 24th.

We will be on stand C41, towards the far end of the hall but easy to find as – like last year – we are next to the full-size bus being brought in by Rapido Trains.

Our stand does get busy but if you’re unable to speak to us when you arrive please circle back later as it usually quietens down after lunch – and there’s lots to see besides!

New items

In the run up to the show we are offering three new items – two in N, one in 00 – and these will each be unveiled on our website at 2100 in turn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you’re a member of the N Gauge Forum, the N Gauge models will be revealed an hour earlier at 8pm tomorrow and Friday. You can view as a guest but if you’re an N Gauge enthusiast why not join? It’s a great way to share information and ideas and engage directly with traders, manufacturers and most importantly fellow modellers.

We will also have a new catalogue available to pick up free. This is our fourth, and lists all the models we are planning to deliver in the next 12 months, though as ever there are others under research that we cannot unveil just yet.

2019 Q4 will replace this version

Under development

We’ll have samples on display of upcoming items including the Class 321, Sturgeon production samples (the products are almost ready for shipping, but sadly won’t make the show) painted IPA car carriers in N and latest news on the 92, 313, Cemflo and Sfins wagons.

321 EP1
IPA car carriers

Collect or buy at the show

We will also have the KFA wagons available for collection by anyone who has pre-ordered and confirmed by 12pm on Friday 22/11/19 that they wish to collect their order.

On top of this and available to buy we will have:

In N-gauge: A limited number of N-gauge 9-car and 11-car Pendolinos (these were sent over by Rapido who found them in their warehouse!) plus light bars, IZA Cargowaggon twins, hicubes and bulk-tainers and Sonic Models VEA vans.

Revolution/Rapido Class 390 “Poppylino”
Sonic Models VEAs
Sonic VEAs in BR Maroon, Railfrreight red/grey and RfD grey/yellow.
revolution/C-Rail 30′ bulktainers

In 00 gauge: TEA tankers and MMA box wagons.

Revolution/Rapido TEAs in Greenergy livery. Others available.
Revolution MMA in DB red. Also available in VTG blue, Ermewa and Ermewa/Tarmac.

See you at the show!