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Class A-part.

Revolution Trains has completed CAD work on its forthcoming Class A tank wagon and the order book is open – just click on Shop to place an order. As ever the pre-order price will offer our supporters the best value.

Class A tanker with Esso plaque and original suspension.

This model is aimed at steam/diesel transition and BR blue era enthusiasts and shares a chassis with our award-winning Class B tanker. The main difference is the longer barrel, used because the Class A tank was used for lighter fraction petro-chemicals.

The first version will be the ever-popular original Esso version with original suspension, single top vent and top discharge.

Roof details L-R: grab handle, manlid, discharge nozzle, vent.

In addition, the tooling is designed to allow for the alternate arrangement fitted to later versions of revised suspension supports and slightly different top details.

Class A tank with revised suspension and bottom discharge taps.
Top details L-R: grab handle, four vents, manlid, sealed nozzle.

The line up of models being offered is as follows:

Original ESSO livery – silver barrel, red solebar.
Revised ESSO with pale grey barrel and red solebar.
Unbranded with grey barrel and red solebar
Staveley Chemicals with grey barrel and red solebar.

Please note that these graphic images are representative and are not the final artwork. The mock ups do not represent the exact detail variations.

In addition several Class A tanks were purchased by the Chipman chemical company and were used from the mid-60s to late-80s in their weedkiller train. We have yet to finalise the branding for the weedkiller tanks and which liveries will be offered.

Chipman’s red with black solebar.
Chipman’s with logo, green barrel and black solebar.
Chipman’s black.

More Class Bs

Revolution Class B tankers in Esso and unbranded liveries.

Revolution is also proposing another run of its Class B tankers, with new running numbers. The final line-up of possible liveries is yet to be confirmed, though we are sure Esso and Unbranded versions shown above will feature.

In response to customer feedback, we will also be reducing the weight of these wagons by about a third.

Tilt to another Pendolino…

Revolution Trains and Rapido Trains are seeking expressions of interest in another run of Class 390 Pendolino models.

390005 in Virgin ‘Flowing Silk’ livery. Photo courtesy John Whiting.

Since the launch of the original model – which became the UK’s first fully crowdfunded model train and won ‘Model of the Decade’ in the recent poll by Model Rail magazine – the fleet has undergone several livery changes.

When the fleet came up for repainting in 2018 the DfT – in case of franchise change – required that the trains received the now-standard predominantly pale grey livery.

To comply, but add their own flourish, Virgin created the ‘flowing silk’ livery, and one Pendolino, 390045, was given a rainbow version of the livery and named Virgin Pride.

390045 Virgin Pride. Photo courtesy Lewis Hurley.

When Virgin lost the franchise, the vinyls were removed, leaving the entire fleet in the DfT plain pale grey ‘ghost’ livery.

390119 “Unknown Soldier” in the Lune Gorge. Photo courtesy Cameron Walker.

The new franchisee, Avanti West Coast, unveiled two Pendolinos in its own stylish colours in December 2019, however since the advent of lockdown, and ongoing uncertainty about the future of the franchising system, full reprints have been deferred and only power cars are being revinyled, with intermediate cars unchanged.

390154 in part-Avanti livery at Rugely Trent Valley. Photo courtesy curly42.

Revolution and Rapido are both very keen to produce another run of Pendolino models, and Rapido have already test-printed the difficult flowing silk design, but because it is difficult to assess demand for the various different options we are beginning the process by seeking expressions of interest.

Test print of flowing silk markings. Please note the rest of the model is not fully painted.

If the models go into production the pre-order price is expected to be £330 for 9-car sets and £370 for 11-car sets, with the later MSRP significantly higher.

The deadline is September 30th 2020 but as we are not asking for any deposit or financial commitment please do not delay if you are interested.

The possible options are (liveries will only be produced if there is sufficient interest – if there is sufficient interest in particular liveries we will look at producing multiple numbers):

9-car 390010 ‘Cumbrian Spirit” flowing silk livery, no window stripe.
9-car 390013 “Blackpool Belle” flowing silk livery, window stripe.
11-car 390130 “City of Edinburgh” flowing silk livery, window stripe.
9-car 390045 “Virgin Pride” rainbow silk livery.
9-car 390001 “Bee Together” DfT ghost livery.
9-car 390050 “Virgin Invader” original Virgin livery with sriped doors.
11-car 390119 “Unknown Soldier” DfT ghost livery.
11-car 390156 “Pride and Prosperity” early Avanti livery*.
11-car 390153 revised Avanti livery*.
11-car 390152 “Virgin Knight” original Virgin livery with grey doors.

As ever the models will only reach production if there is adequate interest, and all versions will be packaged in attractive book sets of complete trains, with power couplers and working table lights in First Class as standard.

For those requiring them, aftermarket drop-in light bars will also be available to purchase.

We are not proposing any 5-car sets at this time, as there was very low demand for these in the first production run, possibly because the price differential between a shortened 5-car set and the full and accurate 9-car set is relatively small.

*Avanti livery subject to agreement.

The Badger and Caroline – the last chance saloon!

The opportunity to support our proposal to produce either the unique Brush Class 89 or the General Manger’s Saloon Caroline – or both! – ends in just over 24 hours.

89001 at Barrow Hill in 2011. Photo courtesy Les Chatfield under Creative Commons Licence.

We’d love to make these models but we can’t proceed unless we believe there is a realistic demand for them.

37421 with Caroline at Lichfield Trent Valley in July 2020. Photo courtesy Simon Cartlidge-Swain.

To help us decide whether the models are viable we are seeking expressions of interest only, with no financial commitment, and the deadline is midnight on Friday July 31st.

If at that point, we are not at the minimum threshold we need to launch the models, then they will not proceed.

The unique Class 89 89001 operated on test trains on both the WCML and ECML in the late 1980s and was also hired to GNER in the early 2000s.

89001 Doncaster 2003. Image courtesy Phillip Scott used under Creative Commons Licence.

Nicknamed “Badger” 89001 is now owned by the AC Locomotive Group and recently received a major refurbishment and repaint into Inter City Swallow livery, for a new lease of life operating charter trains.

Caroline remains in service and while usually associated with DRS liveried Class 37 locomotives has also recently been in use with Colas liveried 37421.

We are producing the model in 00, and converting to N would be relatively straightforward providing there is demand.

If it goes ahead the model will feature working directional lights, era-specific details and switchable saloon interior lighting.

Caroline 00 CAD – still under development

If there are enough votes to make Caroline viable then we will open the order book very quickly, and anyone ordering before 31st August 2020 will be entered into the draw to win a very rare chance to travel on board by joining our free “Sweet Caroline” railtour next year.

Class 92s in the home straight…

Class 92 line-up

Revolution Trains have received final production samples of our long-awaited Class 92 Co-Co electric locomotives from Rapido Trains Inc.

92001 “Victor Hugo” in EWS livery and 92036 “Bertolt Brecht” in EWS/RfD colours.

Barring some small detail issues the liveries of all versions have been approved, and we anticipate the models will be shipped soon.

92003 “Beethoven” and unnumbered model in RfD livery.

The models feature highly detailed roofs with poseable, photo-etched pantographs and windscreen wipers and are supplied with customer-fit stainless etched BR arrows, depot plaques and channel tunnel roundels where appropriate.

92017 “Bart the Engine” in Stobart livery and 92009 “Marco Polo” in DB red.

They feature two different headlight arrangements, depending on the prototype, and working cab interior lights, highly detailed and painted under frames and are supplied with a standard N gauge coupler at one end and a fully detailed buffer beam with pipes and cosmetic electrical connectors at the other, though these were incorrectly omitted from the samples.

92018 Caledonian Sleeper livery and 92032 “I Mech E” in GBRf.

Aside from a few last-minute adjustments (the windscreen frames on the DB and Stobart models should be red and white respectively) the models are expected to be ready to ship very soon, and are the ideal traction for our IZA Cargowaggon twins, IPA car carriers and forthcoming IWA Sfins2 vans.


Although no longer available from Revolution Trains, limited numbers will be in stock at selected retailers with an MSRP of £175 for the DC Silent version.

Facebook Live #4

News, views and 92s…. to watch our latest Facebook Live video see here:

Revolution Goes Live – again!

Revolution Trains is planning our fourth Facebook Live at 1900 BST on Tuesday July 28th.

We’ll have exciting news about our long-awaited Class 92 locomotives, plus we will be giving a first glimpse of the Group CAT blue IPA car carrier quad set. These – and the other STVA liveried versions – are just about to leave China.

Mmmm Dysons…

For those modelling the transition era we will have updates on the Class A tankers and MTV Zander wagons and for 00 modellers a chance to assess the livery samples of the 4mm FWA ‘Ecofret’ container wagons.

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery!

There’ll also be a chance to inspect the painted samples of the Class 320 and 321 units, and we’ll be explaining how the final selection process for these models is going to work.

390005 passes Dordon with 1A3 Manchester Piccadilly – London Euston in 2018. Photo courtesy John Whiting

We will have good news for those patiently waiting for the second run of our Revolution/Rapido Trains Pendolinos too.

And, as usual, we do our best to answer any questions you might have about our ongoing projects, future projects or Revolution Trains in general.

See you next Tuesday!

3…2…1… It’s the Final Countdown!

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of its forthcoming Class 320 and 321 electric multiple units in N.

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery – production models will have blackened wheels!

Some amendments are needed but these are relatively minor and we are now ready to set deadlines for ordering so the models can enter production.

The models feature high levels of detailing, full interiors, low profile motors that do not obscure the windows and switchable head and tail lights and interior saloon lighting as standard.

The pre-order price is just £195 for the 3-car Class 320 and £220 for the 4-car Class 321.

In addition, it is nearly time to finalise the totals, and this means some options that have not reached minimum order thresholds will be culled.

We are expecting production of the models to begin in October, with delivery expected in Q1 2021.

To manage this process we are setting TWO deadlines:

DEADLINE 1 – August 30th 2020. Last chance to order models on the ‘at risk’ list. After this we will assess order numbers and decide whether these models are proceeding or not. If not, anyone who has ordered will have the option of switching to another livery or receiving a full refund.

The models on the ‘at risk’ list are:

Class 320 Strathclyde PTE
Class 321 Silverlink

DEADLINE 2 – September 20th 2020. Final deadline for all model orders before production. Models already confirmed for production are:

Class 320 Scotrail Saltire – two running numbers available. By arrangement with the Scottish Ministers.
Class 321 Network SouthEast – two running numbers available
Class 321 London Midland – two running numbers available

IMPORTANT – CANCELLED LIVERIES: the following liveries have been cancelled due to lack of orders: First Capital Connect (FCC), Plain White and Northern.

If you ordered one of these and specified a second choice livery that’s already confirmed, or still in the running, you need DO NOTHING NOW.

If you did not specify a second choice livery (or ordered a First Capital Connect Class 321) then TELL US WHAT YOU WANT clicking on the livery change form button below. If we do not hear from you by 30th August 2020 you will receive a refund.

When completing the livery change form please include all the details requested and complete a separate form for each cancelled order.

Note there is no Class 320 livery choice form, since anyone ordering a Strathclyde PTE model has already registered a second choice.

Of course, if you ordered any of the confirmed liveries you don’t need to do anything other than relax and wait for your model to arrive!

Class 321 to 600? It’s a breeze!

Class 600 ‘Breeze’

Incidentally, as we near production Alstom and Eversholt have revealed that the Class 321 units are themselves about to enjoy a rebirth as hydrogen powered trains – the very first of the all new Class 600 series classification on TOPS.

For more information about this exciting development see here.

Class 128 and the NGS Journal

WR region 128 (as built)
WR 128 with corridor connection, split headcode boxes and sandboxes.

The latest NGS Journal (4/20) states that the order book for the 128s was now open – this is not quite correct.

When we submitted the information for inclusion before the print deadline that was our intention. However in evaluating the CADs we asked the designer to make some improvements which unfortunately took slightly longer than anticipated.

We now have the revised CAD and we’re checking the improvements. once the CAD is approved and finalised we will announce the opening of the order book through our normal channels (our website, newsletter and social media).

We apologise for any confusion, and would like to add that this is no fault of the NGS Journal editor.

Another Earlybird deadline day!

It’s another Revolution earlybird deadline day!

IPA covered twin/quad in 00
IWA Sfins in N

At midnight tonight the earlybird price for the 00 IPA open and coverered car carriers and the N IWA vans and timber carriers ends.

From tomorrow these models can still be preordered but the prices will be higher.

IPA car carriers in 00/4mm

As well as the covered version shown above available in twin and quad sets, the IPA wagons are available as open twins and open twins with stakes.

All types are available in original STVA pale grey, STVA “tomato red” and (quad set only) new Groupe CAT blue.

From midnight the twins will be £60 (£55 earlybird) and the quads £120 (£110 earlybird.)

IPA open twin
IPA twin with stakes

IWA vans and timber carriers in N/2mm

In N, the IWA Sfins vans (Norsk Hydro, unbranded and Cargowaggon liveries) and Rfnoos timber carriers (GERS/Touax blue) will go up from midnight to £70 for a double pack from the earlybird price of £65.

NOTE: The N gauge IWAs are all being sold in pairs, with two differently numbered models, and additional numbersets available for most versions.

IWA Rfnoos timber carrier in N

The next earlybird deadline is 31st July for the FWA Ecofrets in 00, when the prices will go up for green twin sets from £95 to £100 and for blue/red triples from £125 to £135.

For all upcoming deadlines and the latest information on other models in development please see our projects page.

Revolution flasks ready for production

Revolution Trains has closed the order book for its forthcoming KUA nuclear fuel carrier twin packs, in preparation for the models going into production.

Photo courtesy Tom Walters

These huge wagons are used to transport spent fuel from Royal Navy nuclear submarines from Devonport in south west England and Rosyth in Scotland to Sellafield.

Built in 1998, there are two in service numbered MODA95770 and MODA95771 and Revolution is offering both packaged together in a twin set.

The wagons don’t just have different numbers; almost every marking is either in a different style or location, and Revolution has done all it can to accurately replicate this.

Although the Revolution order book is now closed, those who missed out can pre-order their models from exclusive stockists Rails of Sheffield here.

The models are expected to be ready to ship by Q4 2020.

Deadline Day May 31st!

Midnight on Sunday May 31st is the earlybird deadline for the forthcoming Revolution Trains N gauge FWA “Ecofret” wagons twin and triple sets and KUA quad-bogie nuclear flask wagon twin packs, plus the IWA Sfins2 vans and Rfnoos timber carriers in 00.

You will still be able to order these models after the deadline, but the price will be higher.

To give N gauge customers a little extra time, we have extended the earlybird deadline for the IWA Sfins2 vans and Rfnoos timber carriers in N by a month to June 30th.

For all deadlines and information on other ongoing projects, see our Project Page

Upscale downscale from Revolution!

In response to customer demand, Revolution Trains has decided to upscale its popular HOA hoppers from N to 00, and simultaneously downsize its well-received MMA/JNA “Ealnos” hoppers from 00 to N.

Revolution HOAs – about to get blown up!
Revolution Ealnos – that shrinking feeling!

The CAD for the 00 HOA is almost done while shrinking the 4mm box wagon down to N is not quite completed yet.

Preliminary CAD for 00 HOA

The 00 HOA will be offered in the same liveries as those already produced in N, namely EWS Construction, Cemex, DB red, Ermewa/Tarmac grey and VTG/Mendip Rail silver.

Similarly, the N Ealnos model is likely to be offered in DB Red, Ermewa/Tarmac grey, VTG Blue, GBRf blue and VTG/Mendip Rail silver, however since the 00 model was produced more versions have appeared, including dark red Touax and mid-blue VTG and Cappagh branded versions; and it may be these are offered instead of some of the previous versions.

Touax JNA at Westbury. Photo courtesy Jo Alder.
VTG JNA at Westbury in new mid-blue livery. Some wagons in this colour carry large “Cappagh” branding. Photo courtesy Jo Alder.

Once CAD work is completed on both these models and we are ready to begin tooling we will be opening the order books. As ever there will be a “best value” earlybird price to encourage early orders and help us progress these projects speedily.

Ecofrets ahoy!

Revolution Trains has received EP1 samples of its forthcoming FWA “Ecofret” intermodal wagons in 00 and N.

Big fret little fret…

Coded FWA under TOPS, and Sfgkmmss under the international UIC system, they were developed by wagon leasing specialists VTG in 2012.  They are in service with Freightliner in twin sets and with GBRf and DB Cargo in triple sets. 

Ecofret triple set in GBRf blue on the ECML.

They are shorter than traditional flats – 40’ instead of 60’ – because in the modern world 40’ containers far outnumber smaller 20’ boxes so they can be loaded with significantly less wasted space.   There are currently 232 vehicles in service, split between double and triple sets, with a further 84 sets on order.

FWA Ecofret twin at Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal. Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

The FWA Ecofret is the first model that Revolution Trains have been able to crowdfund simultaneously in both 00 and N gauge, and we would like to thank all those who’ve already pre-ordered to help the project progress so quickly.

Research trip to GBRf Peterborough depot

We’d also like to thank GBRf and VTG UK for their assistance in helping us research and develop this model.

Components of a single N-gauge car

The prototypes have fixed spigots on each outer car, and can only carry 40’ boxes, however the centre car on the triple sets has additional rotating spigots in the centre to allow a pair of 20’ containers to be loaded.

The Revolution 00 model has been designed with similar spigots, allowing customers to load their models as they wish.

Centre car loaded with 2 x 20’ containers by C-Rail
Spigots in raised position.
Spigots flipped over to allow 40’ container to be loaded.

Bogies are to our usual high standards and in 00 separate dampers have been fitted.

These sets can be ordered now at the special early-bird prices of £70 (green twin) and £95 (blue, red triple) in N and £95 (green twin) and £125 (blue, red triple) in 00.

Order N gauge Ecofrets

The N-gauge earlybird price ends on May 31st, in just 5 days time, so you are strongly urged to order now to get the best price.

N gauge triple set

Delivery of all models is expected in Q4, though it is possible this will change due to coronavirus.

O-la-la! Class 37 in 0-gauge from Revolution!

Revolution Trains is teaming up with Heljan to offer its first 0 gauge/1:43 scale model – a limited run of 37405 in the stylish Direct Rail Services “Compass” livery.

Photo courtesy Neil Downing

The Heljan model is highly detailed, digital and sound-ready, and features a 5-pole motor on each bogie, rotating roof fan, directional head, tail and headcode lighting and detailed cab interiors.  The livery has been extensively researched and the model will be painted and printed to artwork generated by Revolution.

This release builds on the launch of Heljan’s successful and award-winning Class 37/4 locomotive and offers Revolution a chance to assess demand in the O-gauge market.  If successful, Revolution will examine options for upscaling other models to the “senior scale.”

This release is not crowdfunded but is being backed by an angel investor to offer DRS fans and 0-gauge enthusiasts a much sought-after livery.  The DRS “Compass” livery is being produced exclusively for Revolution by Heljan under licence from DRS and numbers are limited.

Originally numbered D6982, the locomotive was built at English Electric’s Vulcan Foundry and entered service in 1965.  Two decades later it became one of a number of Class 37s rebuilt and fitted with electric train heating at Crewe Works and was renumbered 37405.  Following privatisation it was sold by EWS to Direct Rail Services in 2011, overhauled at Barrow Hill and re-entered service in 2013. Today, 37405 remains in the DRS operational fleet (XHAC – Kingmoor 37/4), retaining its iconic ‘Compass’ livery. The locomotive has worked a variety of trains including passenger, charter, test trains, empty stock moves and nuclear flasks, across the UK.

Photo courtesy Rob Sandford

Revolution Trains would like to thank Direct Rail Services for their assistance in producing this model.

Artwork has been approved and the model is available to pre-order now for £599 including postage. Payment can be in full now or in two installments of 50% each.

Delivery is expected in December 2020/January 2021.

Revolution Trains Facebook Live #3

If you were unable to watch our Facebook Live live, or wish to watch again, you can do so via our Facebook Page or here:

Thanks to all who joined us live!

Badger us for a badger!

Revolution Trains is asking for expressions of interest in a new N gauge model of the pioneering Class 89 electric locomotive 89001.

Built by Brush Traction in 1986, the locomotive has had something of a chequered history – operating for periods on the ECML for both BR (when it was named Avocet) and GNER, but also laid up for extended intervals due to failures.

89001 at Barrow Hill in 2011. Image courtesy Les Chatfield used under Creative Commons Licence.

It is now owned by the AC Locomotive Group and the possibility of a return to mainline use has bot been ruled out.

89001 at Doncaster in 2003. Image courtesy Phillip Scott used under Creative Commons Licence.

In service, 89001 was primarily partnered with Mk3 coaches in BR blue-grey, Inter-City or GNER blue liveries, all of which have been released fairly recently.

If it goes ahead this model will be produced by Accurascale, using research generated for a similar 4mm model, and would be expected to retail at roughly £175.

An expression of interest does not mean a firm commitment to buy, but does give us an indication of whether there is sufficient demand for this model for us to proceed.

Sweet Caroline from Revolution

Photo courtesy Steve Poole

Revolution Trains is offering the historic celebrity inspection saloon 975025 Caroline as its next model in 00/4mm scale.

TDB975025 in “as built” condition with headcode box and jumper cables

During its long life Caroline has carried Princesses and Popes, seen vast areas of the network and is now earmarked for the National Collection once her working days are over.

Revolution would like to thank LORAM and Network Rail for their kind help and assistance in developing this model.

Revolution research trip to LORAM Derby

As an additional bonus, those who order before 31st August 2020 will be entered into a free draw to join us on a free and exclusive “Sweet Caroline” railtour. 

The Revolution Trains Sweet Caroline railtour will travel from Derby on a circular route taking in the WCML via Crewe and Stockport before heading across to the Peak Peak District and reaching the Midland Mainline before returning.  The exact route and date is yet to be finalised and will of course depend on the relaxing of social distancing rules.  Those on board will be able to enjoy the saloon facilities and food will be provided.  Traction is expected to be a DRS Class 37.*

The handful of guests will be chosen in a draw held during a Revolution Trains Facebook Live event in September.

TDB975025 carried Prince and Princess of Wales on the first leg of their honeymoon in 1981. Photo courtesy David Hills.

TDB975025 entered service as the Southern Region General Manger’s Inspection Saloon in 1969.  It was converted from buffet car S60755 taken from Class 203 “Hastings” unit 1031, built eleven years earlier. Originally fitted with SR 27-way jumper cables, 3rd rail shoegear and with two-character headcode boxes, it was outshopped in BR Blue Grey with yellow ends. 

Traction was usually provided by Class 33 or 73 locomotives but from time to time the saloon would also be coupled to the front of passenger units such as VEPs and CEPs and used as a driving car.

Photo courtesy Michael Hart

In 2006 ownership of Caroline passed to Network Rail, and the saloon was extensively rebuilt by RVEL in Derby and repainted into a bright turquoise “viridian” green, the non-standard colour attributed – probably apocryphally – to a mix-up when paint was bought from a local DIY shop!

During this rebuild the headcode box was plated over, the SR 27-way jumper cables were replaced with blue-star connections, LED tail lamps were fitted and 3rd rail pick up equipment removed.

Photo courtesy Tony Callaghan.

In January 2015 Caroline emerged again from the Derby paint-shop in yet another livery – BR Southern region Brunswick green – which it carries to this day.

Operationally 975025 Caroline has been used for BR General Manager meetings, track inspection and line testing far and wide, but is perhaps best known for its many celebrity and VIP duties.  These include:

  • July 1981 – formed part of Royal Wedding train and HRH Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales travelled in the saloon from London Waterloo to Romsey.  TDB975025 was at the rear of the train and carried a specially created crest.
  • May-June 1982 – carried Pope John Paul II from Gatwick airport to London Victoria on the first stage of his celebrated tour of the UK, the first ever by a reigning Pope.
  • May 1992 – formed part of the Class 50 farewell tour on the West of England line.
  • October 1992 – working with 73112 ‘University of Kent’ became the first train to travel from London Waterloo into the Channel Tunnel – being propelled roughly 150m into the bore.

Caroline was formally designated for the National Collection in December 2008, and once no longer required by Network Rail will be preserved for the nation alongside its Royal Wedding counterpart, Class 73 electro-diesel 73142 (73201) Broadlands.

CAD of “Caroline” in current form with revised light clusters and plated over headcode box.

The Revolution Trains model has been extensively researched and is designed to set a new benchmark in RTR rolling stock.  It will feature accurate headcode and light variations, fully sprung buffers, era-specific driver’s desk, a highly detailed interior with separately-fitted era-specific chairs and numerous underframe parts. Flicker-free directional lighting, interior lighting solebar lighting and DCC options are being offered.

Researching the interior
CAD cutaway showing interior details

The liveries on offer are:

Version 1 – BR Blue Grey with small totem as built 1969-1984
Version 2 – BR Network Southeast 1991-2003
Version 3 – Network Rail SR Brunswick Green 2015-present

Delivery is expected in early 2021.

Revolution Trains would like to thank Network Rail, LORAM and Serco for their assistance in producing this model and arranging the “Sweet Caroline” tour.

We are also exploring the possibility of offering this model in N gauge and to assess demand we are asking N gauge customers to register their interest.

*The exact route, date and traction for the Revolution Trains Sweet Caroline railtour may be subject to alteration depending on circumstances beyond the control of Network Rail/Revolution Trains.


1). Invitees will be selected from all customers who have registered on the Revolution Trains website and ordered a Revolution Trains model of Caroline, in any livery, before August 31st.

2). Invitees will be selected by Revolution Trains during September, and notified via email.  Invitations are entirely at Revolution Trains discretion, and their decision is final. Those receiving a notification email must confirm their attendance before the deadline given or their place will be reassigned.

3). Places on the tour are not transferable and have no cash equivalent value. Invitees who subsequently find they cannot attend should inform Revolution Trains via email, and we will reassign their place.

4). Invitees accept that Revolution Trains may retain some personal data for the purposes of administration of this railtour only.

5) ‘Caroline’ is not a vehicle in normal passenger use, and unfortunately does not offer wheelchair access.

6). Entering this competition confirms acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions. Invitees may be required to accept additional terms and conditions to attend the tour itself.

Revolution Trains Facebook Live #3

Revolution Trains is hosting its third Facebook Live tomorrow evening, Tuesday May 26th, at 1930BST.

We’ll have new announcements, a couple of EP1 samples to unveil in two scales, plus other news, a reminder about upcoming order deadlines, the chance to ask us questions in real-time and another special guest appearance – by popular demand – of Mr Mike Hale.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!!

Revolution – coronavirus update

As the UK begins to emerge from the lockdown necessitated by the onslaught of the coronavirus, we wanted to update everyone on its impact on Revolution’s scheduling and model delivery.

Progress on previously announced models such as the Class 128 parcels car, Class 313/4 PEP units and IWA vans/timber carriers has proceeded largely unaffected, as this can be carried out at home.

In production at the moment are the Class 92 electric locomotives and IPA car carriers; this was delayed by the lockdown in China at the start of the year but is now fully resumed and we are expecting the models shortly.

Revolution Class 92 and IPA car transporters – coming to your layout?

For obvious reasons, our plans to research and develop new models have been disrupted as we have been able to travel to conduct research trips, meet with TOCs and so on.

However, while our programme has been delayed slightly, we will have some exciting new projects in both N and 00 to announce very soon.

We had intended to announce these at the DEMU Showcase exhibition, which we attend every year, but as this is no longer possible they will be unveiled in our third Facebook Live, coming soon.

The two we have hosted so far have proved very popular with well over 3000 views so far!

Strathclyde PTE Class 320 sample shell unveiled during Facebook Live

For those ordering models we have in stock, postal services have also been disrupted and this is likely to continue for some time.

If you are expecting a delivery, please don’t panic if your model seems to be taking a long time.

All our models are tracked, so if after 14 days you have not received your items then please contact us and we will investigate.

Our understanding is that the delays are caused by a combination of reduced post office opening times and of social distancing in warehouses meaning there are fewer people to sort parcels.

Pendolino voted Model of the Decade!

The Revolution/Rapido Trains Virgin Class 390 “Pendolino” has been voted N-gauge Model of the Decade by Model Rail.

Naturally we are thrilled with this result, and would also like to commend the runner-up models in the category; the Hornby-Arnold Brighton Belle and Graham Farish by Bachmann Midland Pullman. To win against such superb competition is an honour indeed.

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for the model, everyone who stepped up and joined our original crowdfunded campaign to produce the model, and of course our partners at Rapido Trains in Canada, without whom it would never have seen the light of day.

The voting ‘ceremony’ can be viewed here.

For those who missed out first time round, we are finalising plans for a second run of models. These will include versions in original Virgin livery, Virgin “Flowing Silk” livery and, pending agreement, Avanti “Coalescent” livery.

”Flowing Silk” test print. Note this is not a completed deco sample.

As ever, these models will be produced to order and numbers are limited. The order book is expected to open soon.