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Cargowaggon countdown…

The deadline for ordering our IZA Cargowaggons in N is Friday May 11th.

Once the deadline has passed we will close the order book and the models will go into production, with delivery expected in July-August.

As ever, we will only produce models to order, so if you’re interested please don’t miss out. With our TEA tankers, and even more with our recently arrived Pendolino models, we have had many emails from those who forgot the deadline so we strongly recommend ordering now!

A break for TEA…

We recently received from Rapido Trains of Canada painted samples of the 00 TEA tanker barrels for final colour approval, so we took a short break from packing Pendolinos to look them over.

Cross checked with the well-received N gauge models already produced (and voted RM Web and Model Rail models of the year) we feel that once again Rapido have nailed the colours, and the finesse and quality of the mouldings is self evident.

These models are now in the final painting stages, and when we receive further notifications or any images we will share them.

If you missed out several retailers are taking supplies – see the retailers list page for more details.


Pendolino postings…and the tale of the missing screws!

We’ve sent out approximately 35-40% of the Pendolino orders to date (16 April 2018), so please do not worry if you have not received your order yet. We are working through them as quickly as we can but we probably have another 2 or 3 weekends worth of packing and sending out yet (we are 2 people with full time jobs!). We’re understandably getting quite a few follow up emails – so we’ve tried to be proactive in answering the most common questions:

Addresses: please make sure that the delivery address in your account is correct.  When we are ready to despatch your order we will update the delivery address to the one saved on your account.

Order completion emails: we are slowly working through Pendolino orders (tidying up our database as we go).  We are trying to mark as complete any order – please note that where you have multiple orders for the same Pendolino set (eg deposit, balance and any extras such as postage, sound, light bars etc) that you will receive an Order Complete email for each order – your order will only have been despatched once all the relevant orders relating to a set have been marked as complete.

P&P refunds for collections: now that the York show is over we will process refunds for P&P where appropriate – you should get £10/set over the next week.

Spares and repairs: if you spot a missing or broken part, or you have a problem with your Pendolino then please contact us using the details in the instruction manual – that helps us make sure that we get your email.  There will almost certainly be a delay while we send out all the Pendolino sets but we promise we will respond when we can!

DC controllers: the manual says that if you have an old DC controller please check with us first.  The best advice we can give is check the voltage output of the track supply – if it is less than 15V you should be fine! We haven’t tested the Pendolino with every possible controller out there but we have noticed that some controllers sold as suitable for N output more than 15V at maximum speed so please check!

DCC sound decoders: the DCC sound fitted sets should have stickers on warning you not to run your DCC sound decoder-fitted Pendolinos on controllers outputting more than 15V, if you do you may well blow the sound decoder!

Finally as the post title alludes to – we noticed that the light bars are missing the required screws to fit them.  Rapido’s factory realised that they still had a big bag of screws sat on the workbench, so they are sending them over to us.  We will send them out to customers who have already received their light bars and are currently wondering how to fit them – you don’t need to contact us!

In praise of the Pendolino!

Thanks to everyone who has contacted Revolution Trains to tell us how thrilled they are with their Pendolinos.

Rapido have done a truly amazing job with this model and we are incredibly grateful for the commitment, hard work, attention to detail and skill they have brought to this amazing project.

390104 Alstom Pendolino on Law Junction by the East Neuk MRC.

These are just some of the comments we have received since we started sending models out:

Just picked up my Pendolino from the Royal Mail. A surprisingly emotional moment – … the first crowd funded train and what a train at that. You chaps should be utterly proud of your vision, your bravery and of what you have built and achieved – Bob B.

I received my Pendolinos today and they are fantastic. Thank you and the Rapido team so much for your passion, commitment to detail for making this a reality – Rowland L.

Many thanks for sending the Pendolino – it was worth the wait. All credit for working this project through to completion – Mark K.

My Pendo arrived today, and wow, what an incredible model – Matt C.

This weekend we are at the York Model Railway show at York Racecourse.  Come and find us on stand 104 on the second mezzanine level.

We have brought some Pendolinos to the York show for our customers to collect but to avoid disappointment please note that for reasons of space (or lack of it!) we were only able to bring models requested before the midnight cut off point last Sunday March 25th.

If you emailed us after that, I am sorry but we don’t have your Pendolino.

If you are collecting you’ll see we’ve created space at the right of our stand so you can get your model without stopping others seeing our new Class 92 locomotive, Cargowaggon twin vans and KFA flats.

Revolution Trains Stand 104, second mezzanine level.

So far we have managed to post out around a quarter of the models ordered.  We are trying to do it in order, with those who paid in full receiving their models first as administratively that is easier for us.

If you haven’t yet received your model we’re sorry!

We do understand the waiting is almost unbearable but we promise are doing our best to get through the orders as quickly as possible!



Revolution Trains will be at the York show this Easter Weekend again, and we are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.


We will be on stand 104 across from our friends Rapido Trains (stand 99) in our usual spot on the second mezzanine floor of the attractive and airy grandstand building overlooking York’s famous racecourse.


As ever we will be showing samples of forthcoming models including painted samples of the Cargowaggon twin vans and KFA container flats.  These are likely to be going into production soon.  If you are interested in either (or both!) of these we recommend ordering now to avoid missing the deadline!


If you’d like to p-p-pick up your pre-ordered Pendolino at York – and save on the postage* – then please email to let us know by midnight on Sunday March 25th and we will endeavour to bring it along.

Please note this offer is for pre-order customers only; we will not have any models to buy on the stand.  To collect your models, you must also have completed payment as we will not have any way of processing money at the show.

* Postage reimbursements will be arranged electronically after collection.  We won’t be able to refund your postage in cash at the show – sorry!

Pendolino profusion!

They’re here!

The Revolution Class 390 Pendolino models manufactured by Rapido Trains of Canada have arrived.

After three years of development – and the occasional hiccup along the way – Britain’s first fully crowdfunded complete model train is a reality.

The first job was simply to take the cartons off the pallet and group them into sets.  There are four different 9-car versions – in both DC and DCC Sound, seven different 11-car versions (including the bonus City of Birmingham sets) plus lightbars, 5-car sets and add-on coach twin sets.

The image below shows the first pallet being unloaded.  The other still-sealed pallets can be seen in the background!

After several hours work the all the pallets were unwrapped and the cartons sorted into some kind of order.


Later this week when time allows we will being a short programme of testing a selection of the models plucked at random from the consignment.

We are expecting to begin sending models out this weekend, or very soon after, but given the sheer number it will take us at least 2-3 weekends to get every last model shipped.  We will try to do it in order of purchase, so those who stepped up at the start receive their models first.  After all, they have waited the longest!

We have had several emails from this wishing to collect their models at York – please let us know if you would like to do this too.

We would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute and say thanks to Jason, Gareth, Bill, Dan, Tomas, Janet and everyone at Rapido who actually did the heavy lifting with this project (let’s not forget – it IS a Rapido model!) and have been with us all every step of the way negotiating issues and solving problems with ingenuity, skill and great good humour.

And, of course, once again, a huge thank-you to everyone who stepped forward and helped us make this incredible project a reality.  Is this a game-changer?  You bet!


Sturgeon declares Revolution in Scotland!

We are pleased to announce a new project – the Sturgeon engineers wagon – our second model for transition era N gauge modellers.  Over 900 Sturgeons were built from 1952 to 1960 by Head Wrightson and BR.

Class ‘5’ heading towards Litherland in August ’67.

Sturgeons were based on an earlier LNER design adapted for BR’s engineering department as bogie rail, sleeper and ballast carriers.  Most had 7 dropside doors but these and the ends were removable and many wagons had them taken off to carry 60′ track panels.  In later years some were fitted with airbrakes and recoded “Tench”.  These versatile and rugged wagons lasted in mainline service until 2003, with some in use within depots beyond 2010.

Sturgeon at Coatbridge, Tom Smith

Revolution Trains is keen to support the transition era modeller following the success of our Class B tankers which are due in the UK shortly, and the Sturgeon is an attractive and distinctive wagon which ran across the UK for over 50 years.

In service Sturgeons would be seen in all manner of departmental trains alongside Salmon track carriers and Dogfish, Sealion, Seacow or Grampus ballast wagons.  Some were even fitted with cranes.

40194 Preston 1984 – Roger Sutcliffe

Our model of the Sturgeon will be from the Sturgeon A batch which made up the most common variants of Sturgeon, many of which were later converted into air-braked “Tench” wagons.  We are delighted to be able to offer versions with and without the side doors.

Sturgeon A, black with dropside doors, single and triple packs. Era 4, 5, 6, 7

Sturgeon A, black with dropside doors, single and triple packs. Era 4, 5, 6, 7

Sturgeon A, black with no doors and removable ends, single and triple packs. Era 4, 5, 6, 7

Sturgeon A, black with no doors and removable ends, single and triple packs. Era 4, 5, 6, 7

Sturgeon A, Indian/Gulf Red with no doors and removable ends, single pack. Era 5, 6

Sturgeon A, Indian/Gulf Red with no doors and removable ends, single pack. Era 5, 6

Sturgeon A, Engineers Olive Green with side doors, single and triple pack. Era 6, 7, 8

Sturgeon A, Engineers Olive Green with dropside doors, single and triple pack. Era 6, 7, 8

YBP Sturgeon, departmental yellow with no doors and removable ends, single pack. Era 7, 8, 9

YBP Sturgeon, departmental yellow with no doors and removable ends, single pack. Era 7, 8, 9

YPA Tench, departmental Civil Engineers "Dutch" grey/yellow with side doors, single and triple pack. Era 7, 8, 9

YPA Tench, departmental Civil Engineers “Dutch” grey/yellow with side doors, single and triple pack. Era 7, 8, 9

The models will feature NEM couplers, a diecast chassis unit to add weight and our usual high levels of detail and finish.  Our model will be available in a variety of liveries: black, Indian red, olive green, departmental yellow and “Dutch” grey/yellow.  Variants with and without side doors will be available along with a variety of single and triple packs.

As ever our models will only go into production if we receive sufficient orders and the models will be produced to pre-orders with our early backers receiving the lowest price.  We are finalising the model research and expect the model to cost in the region of £28-£30 per model.

First Class B tanks MOBIL-ized!

Revolution has received the first batch of its Class B tankers in the attractive red colours of Mobil Charrington.

These models were sent by the factory just before it closed down for the Chinese New Year; the remainder (Esso, Unbranded, Regent, Texaco, United Molasses) are expected in the next few weeks.

The models are packaged in a similar style to our multi-award winning TEA tankers, Britain’s first crowdfunded model.

All are secured in protective vac-formed cradles inside clear plastic stackable boxes in Revolution’s distinctive branded single or triple glossy card sleeves.

Revolution Trains will be at Model Rail Scotland this weekend (February 23-25) and if you have ordered these models you can collect them at the show, and we will refund P&P.

You can find Revolution on stand B47, as shown on the map:

Please note that these models are available to pre-order customers ONLY, however our partner retailers who may have some in stock can be found here.

Also on show at Glasgow will be the second test sample of the Class 92, with tooling tightened up and more balanced mechanism, factory painted samples of our Cargowaggon twin vans, hand-painted samples of our KFA container flats and all versions of the Class B tanker.

And with the Class B tankers now arriving we will keep our promise to offer another model for transition era modellers – this will be unveiled at the show on Friday morning, and here on our website.

Class B 35T tanks deliveries – the good, the bad and the balances!

The good news is that the first batch of our forthcoming Class B tanks is due to leave the factory in the next few days, unfortunately this batch will only be the attractive Mobil Charringtons Class B tanks and the bad news is that the remaining liveries narrowly missed completion before the factory scales down for Chinese New Year (16 February).  The main batch will follow in March – April (we’re waiting for final confirmation from the factory).

Class B Mobil Charrington tanks

Pre-production sample of the Mobil Charringtons Class B tank

We have decided to airfreight in the first batch of Class B tanks and subject to them arriving and clearing customs in time then they will be available for collection from Model Rail Scotland in Glasgow on 23-25 February.

The split delivery gives us a few challenges in terms of delivery:

  • if you wish to collect from Glasgow then no action is necessary (you don’t need to tell us and we will refund any P&P charges after you have collected them)
  • if you placed an order only for the Mobil Charringtons livery then no action is necessary – we will send them out once we are back from Model Rail Scotland
  • if you placed an order for a mixture of Class B liveries then you can:
    • either wait for the main batch to be delivered and we will send them all out together – no action necessary
    • or if you are desperate to get them as they arrive we can send them out after Model Rail Scotland but we will have to charge you a small additional P&P fee (as we will have to send two parcels – first and main batches) – if you would like us to do this then please get in contact with us after we have confirmed on our website that they have arrived

If you paid in full no action is required, but if you paid a deposit then we will generate invoices for the balance payments which are due now – please check your account if you do not receive an email. The balance payments will generate a new invoice (with a new invoice number) for each line of your deposit invoice and unfortunately not a combined invoice – this is a pain for you and us but outside our control.  Please note: on testing the balance payments invoices we noticed an error with the software – this has been notified to the software developers but at the present time we are unable to send out invoices for balances.  Customers collecting at MR Scotland will be able to pay any balance at the show, we will then make a decision after MR Scotland about how to proceed for other balances.

Cargowaggons in colour – naturellement!

Revolution Trains has received painted samples of two versions of our forthcoming IZA Cargowaggon twins in N.

These are original Cargowaggon:

And Perrier:

The ends include separately fitted locking bars and strengthening ribs, to allow daylight to show through the distinctive holes in the A-frame, along with fine wire handrails and photo-etched corner footsteps.

These samples also have a tail lamp fitted, though it should be white, not black:

Now we are comparing them to our livery diagrams and photographs to spot any discrepancies or errors before approving them for production.

They will also be test-run to ensure the coupler mechanisms work as they should and that performance is acceptable.

Please note that the wheels are the correct size and profile but will be chemically blackened on the production models.

Although there are a couple of very small niggles (such as the black tail lamp) we anticipate that these models will be ready for production once Chinese New Year is over, and we anticipate closing the order book within the next 2 months.

If you are interested in these fine models please order soon so as not to miss the order deadline.

Pendolino plus!

The response to our surprise announcement of the additional Pendolino sets – 390132 City of Birmingham – has been fantastic (it was a surprise to us as well when Rapido told us!). Over half have sold since I sent out the email early this morning.

390132 City of Birmingham driving car

390132 City of Birmingham driving car

Apologies to anyone struggling to place an order – we know that there is an issue with the Bad Gateway error, but ultimately it requires us to rebuild the site on a better host – the server has been struggling to cope with the traffic.

As noted elsewhere and on our website – we expect to have a very limited number of spare sets of the “normal” ie previously announced names/numbers/liveries though they won’t go on sale until we have sent out all the existing orders and we know exactly what we have left. It is highly unlikely that we will have many or any 5 car sets (or 2 car extension sets) as these were the least popular by far.

If you didn’t see our newsletter it is reproduced below:

With the Pendolinos having shipped from the factory* we would like to let you in on a secret – Rapido have produced a small number of spare sets. We know that some of you already know that there will be some spare standard releases, but what you don’t know is that Rapido have also produced a small number as the 11-car 390132 “City of Birmingham” in the revised Virgin livery with plain grey doors.  This particular prototype received the plain doors towards the end of 2016.

This model will be available in either DC (£365) or DCC-sound (£460) and is being offered first via newsletter to existing Revolution customers.

Anyone who has also ordered a Revolution Trains Class 92, Pendolino or Class 320/321 will receive an £10 discount, and this discount will be applied to any customer ordering a Class 390 as well as a 92 or 320/321 at the same time.  Please mention in the order notes if you have already purchased a Class 92, Class 320/321 or Pendolino – the discount will take the form of a £10 refund once we’ve checked your previous order.

Pendolino packaging

Pendolino packaging – just before they left the factory

* we will post the tracking details as soon as we have them on our website!

If anyone would like the link here it is:

Pendolino deliveries and the latest news from Rapido

Standard and Alstom Pendolinos pass on Wyre Forest MRC’s “Kinlet Wharf” at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition. Photo courtesy Rapido Trains.

The first update of 2018 sees the arrival of the latest Rapido Trains newsletter.  It has plenty of updates on projects we are working on together – if you scroll past the CAD images of the 00 bus model…!

Rapido Newsletter

Headline news is that the Class 390 Pendolino models will be leaving the factory on January 17th, meaning they should be here by the end of February.  This is a little later than hoped but it’s good to have a firm schedule.

At this time we cannot be sure that customers will be able to collect their Pendolinos at Model Rail Scotland – but here’s hoping!

The newsletter also contains information about the other projects we have in development with our friends in Canada including the 00 TEA tankers, N KFA and N Class 92 electric.

Revolution Round Up – 2017

Photo courtesy Tom Smith

After the highs of 2016 – when we delivered Britain’s first crowd-funded model – 2017 was always going to be a year of consolidation and steady progress with a focus on continuing or completing the development and delivery of pre-announced models.

That said, we have delivered another new model this year, and found time to offer two new models.

2017 began with the incredible news that our TEA tankers had been voted Model of the Year in the British Railway Modelling/RM Web annual poll. Amazingly, Revolution Trains was also voted runner-up in the Manufacturer of the Year category.

Our first show of the year was Model Rail Scotland at the SECC in Glasgow at the end of February.

Here we were able to confirm that after a slow start, and amid some doubts that it would ever generate enough interest, our first model aimed at the transition era – the Class B tanker – had finally reached the minimum level required for us to put it into tooling.

Once this was done progress was swift, with unpainted samples received just eight weeks later – in time for the DEMU showcase exhibition. By the time we closed the order book we were delighted with the number of orders and these models are now in production and expected early in the New Year.


The ever-popular York show over the Easter weekend gave us a great opportunity to meet supporters and potential customers and we were positioned next door to our friends from Rapido Trains of Canada.  They had  the latest news on the 00 version of our TEA tankers – which are now in production – and the Pendolino, Class 92 and KFA container flats.

Pendolino production started in early summer. Completing these models was a huge task requiring the manufacture of more than 10,000 individual vehicles of 6 different types – and not helped by factors outside Rapido’s control including fine dust from a neighbouring ceramics plant contaminating the paintshop, however they are now understood to be en route from China.

The Class 92 has progressed well, with a first working sample emerging in June – just seven months after we announced the model – and a successful trip to Polmadie with Legomanbiffo to record the exclusive sounds for the model courtesy of Serco, GBRf and Caledonian Sleeper.

For the Warley show in November we handpainted one of these first samples into the attractive Caledonian Sleeper livery.  This was useful as it both shows how attractive the finished models will be, and also highlighted some areas where fit or moulding needed to be fractionally tightened.

Revolution 92018 in Caledonian Sleeper livery. Photo courtesy Rail Express.

Second samples were received by Rapido just before Christmas with suitable improvements and we are looking forward to assessing these ourselves.

In June we attended the DEMU showcase exhibition where we announced our first new model of the year – the IZA Cargowaggon twin van.


The response to this delighted us and we were able to get the CAD drawings signed off, and tooling completed, in just five months, meaning we had the first moulded samples of this model in time for the Warley National Railway show at the NEC in November.

Painted samples – and a set with the working tail light – are expected next month, with the order book likely to close in early Spring.

We also decided to offer the APT-E as an N gauge model – based on the success of Rapido’s model of this iconic train, though while the response has been encouraging so far we are under no illusions that this model is likely to take some time for word to spread and to generate the levels of interest needed to start production.

In September we were at The International N gauge show (TINGS) again, for the third year, where we had our 40′ hi-cube containers – produced in conjunction with C-Rail – on show.

We also had for sale Dapol’s models of 66419 “Patriot” in its attractive powerhaul livery on behalf of Project Railway Honour, raising funds for the ABF – The Soldier’s Charity. Limited numbers of these models are still available.

Looking forward to 2018, we are anticipating the delivery of three different models – the Pendolino, Class B tankers and 00 TEA tankers – in the first half of the year.

As models are delivered we do have ready new projects to offer, with the first of these likely to be unveiled at Model Rail Scotland at the SECC at the end of February.

At the end of March we will make a final decision on whether to proceed with our Class 320/321 project. We have seen an upturn in orders in recent weeks, but once again would appeal to those who expressed an interest, but who have not yet ordered, to get behind this project.

The CADs are now completed but without sufficient orders we are simply unable to commit to tooling.  This would be a shame as while such units may lack the glamour of the Pendolino they are the unsung heroes of the modern railway and, for those wishing to model a complete system, are just as important.

By the summer we are expecting the Class 92s to be in production, and by Autumn we are hoping the HOA hopper will have reached the sampling stage.

3D prints based on the approved CAD have been made for approval, now the model is awaiting its turn in the production schedule.

If you’d like to come and talk to us about existing projects – or give us your suggestions for new ones – then as well as Model Rail Scotland we will have stands at York, DEMU Showcase, TINGS and Warley again so please come and say hello!

Once again, we would like to say a huge thanks you to everyone who’s supported us, ordered from us, come to chat to us or engaged with us online.  None of this could happen without everyone being a part of it.

Here’s to a great 2018!

Tanks on parade…

For the last update for 2017 (apart from our round-up of the year later) we  have just received some images showing production of the Class B tankers now well underway.

Rows of moulded tank barrels


Unpainted barrel ends


Barrels sprayed black, and ready for tampo printing and assembly.


Black painted chassis – the copper brown barrel supports reveal that these will be United Molasses models.

We expect these models to be ready for shipping just before Chinese New Year in February in all liveries – Esso, Mobil/Charrington, unbranded, Regent, Texaco and United Molasses.

Anyone who missed out on ordering from us can still obtain these models from our retail partners C&M of Carlisle, Collett’s Models, East Somerset Models, Kernow, Rails of Sheffield, Trains4U, Plus Daughters and Osborn’s.


Season’s Greetings from Revolution

Revolution Trains would like to wish all our friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable 2018.

We’ve received an early Xmas present from Santa Rapido in Canada – this image showing the latest samples of our forthcoming Class 92 model.

These models show several refinements over the first samples received a few months ago, with a finer fit to many of the parts, more crispness in the mouldings and a tightened up drivetrain improving smoothness and power.

Having just arrived in Canada, these models will be thoroughly tested before being sent to us for assessment.

Once that’s done, and the fit and performance of the models is approved, we will check liveries and be ready to close the order book and begin production.

Our IZA Cargowaggon twin vans  are the perfect models to run with your Class 92.

92036 “Bertolt Brecht” with a rake of IZAs carrying mineral water at Soulbury in 2013. Courtesy Andrew Chambers.

The IZA samples have now been thoroughly examined and approved, and livery diagrams finalised for all versions.  We are expecting to receive painted samples early in the New Year, as well as a set with our flashing tail lamp option.

We anticipate closing the order book and beginning production as soon as the factory reopens after Chinese New Year in mid-February, so please consider ordering soon if you haven’t already and want to take advantage of low crowdfunder prices.

As this project was only unveiled at the DEMU Showcase exhibition in June we feel progress so far has been remarkable and are very grateful to the team working on this model in China and those in the UK who have provided invaluable assistance!

Look out for our Revolution round-up next week when we will have more news of all our projects, and a look ahead to our plans for 2018.

Doubleplus Pendo

We have received a large number of emails from people who are hoping to buy a Pendolino, but who did not order before the deadline.

9-car Pendolino on Kinlet Wharf at Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC.

Rapido have informed us that they have manufactured some additonal models, and we will have these for sale, but our priority is delivering the models already ordered.

Once this is done we will catalogue the spare/extra models on our website and they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We can not take reservations so please do not email us asking to reserve a set – we will only have to disappoint you!

Since we anticipate demand for these models to be high we will send out an email alert to our subscribers when this happens.  If you are interested we suggest you register for our newsletter without obligation to ensure you receive this email alert, and give yourself the best chance of obtaining a model.

Pendolino deliveries

The packaging of the Pendolino is heavy and that means that the packaging needs to be sufficient – all of which makes P&P expensive.  We have yet to finalise which courier or Royal Mail will be used, but all deliveries will require a signature.

All delivery addresses for the Pendolinos will be checked against the current shipping/delivery address on your account – please ensure that it is up-to-date by the end of the year! If you need to change it then click on Shop > My Account. It will not automatically update your order but at least we know to manually change your address.

If you prefer to collect your Pendolino at Model Rail Scotland in Glasgow then please let us know before the Pendolinos arrive (exact date to be confirmed) and we will make the arrangements (and refund your post & packing charges).

Revolution Warley Washdown Part 2: Timetables, Twinsets and Mountain Movers

It was a busy show at Warley for Revolution, and for our main manufacturing partner Rapido Trains, who were showing off several new models both for themselves and other customers.

However, with the Pendolino poised for delivery, and other models set to follow in turn, Rapido did tell us that for the next 12 months at least they anticipate that they will have a Revolution Trains item in production at all times at one of their two factories.

The rough schedule for 2018 is the 00 TEA tankers (spring), N KFA (early summer), N 92 (late summer) and N HOA hopper (late autumn) though of course this is subject to change.  The Class 321 unit will follow on from the HOA if it reaches minimum order numbers.

IZA Cargowaggon twin van

Announced in June at the DEMU Showcase exhibition, the arrival of first tooled samples of the IZA Cargowaggon twin vans just five months later is something of a record for Revolution Trains.

This has come about because of the large number of orders we have already received – so thanks to everyone who has stepped forward to make this happen.

These models feature standard N gauge couplers on each end and a representation of the prototype’s screw coupling in the centre.  The use of kinematic coupler pockets means the vehicles can be authentically close coupled without bufferlock or derailments on trainset curves.

The prototypes have the brake gear split across the wagons and cannot be operated individually.  This was to take advantage of European grants available when they were manufactured in the mid 1980s.  Naturally the Revolution model depicts these differences, with both air tanks on one wagon, and the hanbrakes on the other:

The model also features protypical differences in the ends, with single dumb buffers on the inner faces, and the frames are separate parts to allow the distinctive circular cut outs to be present:

These mouldings will now be checked and assessed, and any minor amendments made, before livery samples are prepared.

Please note that these models are assembled or test purposes from mouldings only, an do not feature the fine wire handrails at the ends and the springing in the couplers, which will be self-centering on production models.

For those who handled them at Warley they will also be weighted, as with all our models, to NMRA standards.

We expect them to go into production February – March 2018, with the order book closing shortly beforehand.

HOA stone hopper

We had not expected to show any progress on these models at Warley, but Rapido surprised us by bringing two 3D prints produced from the recently approved CAD drawings.

These show both variants – the original EWS Construction type at the rear, with the body-mounted handbrakewheel and four strengthening plates on the sides, and the new built VTG versions with bogie mounted handbrakewheels and six plates.

Being 3D prints they are a little rough in parts, and lack the finesse and structural strength of plastic moulded parts (so some of the thinner components are slightly deformed) but they indicate to us that the design looks good, sits well and that the bogies and couplers being reused from our TEA tankers look right.

VTG new build version

EWS construction original type

These models are expected to go into production after the Class 92s scheduled for next summer.

We will be opening the order book shortly, and as ever would urge our supporters to order early as this generates the funding to complete the tooling and development work all the quicker.

KFA container flat

These models are undergoing final running tests in Canada and are ready to go into production in late February – March 2018.

Livery drawings are being worked on at the moment, but for these wagons the painting and lettering is far more straightforward than for the Pendolino or TEA tankers.

Class 320/321 EMU

CAD drawings of this model are now complete and if the orders had been satisfactory this model would now be in tooling.  However, orders have not matched the expressions of interest we received when we first proposed this model.  This is a pity as we are sure, given the quality of the models from Rapido so far and the CAD drawings they have sent us, that they’ll make a superb job of this train.

Class 321 DTCO

Class 320/321 DTSO

The model will have full interior detail and provision for the fitting of lightbars, along with numerous separate parts on the underframes of the trailer cars.

Class 321 DTCO interior

The power chassis mechanism is also hidden below window height, and this model will feature a Next 18 decoder meaning that sound options are more straightforward.

Class 320/321 PMSO interior showing chassis arrangement and decoder


For smoother running power will be collected from all wheels, as on our Pendolino, and all bogies, including those on the power car, will feature low drag axle-point pick ups.

Class 320/321 power bogie with outer mouldings removed to show pick-ups

We’d like to thank all those who’ve ordered extra sets in an effort to “help it over the line” but we really need to get the message to those who said they want one but haven’t yet ordered.

Revolution takes each model as a separate project, and we need to impress upon supporters that while we have enjoyed considerable success with “big ticket” models such as the Pendolino and Class 92, they should not assume that models will automatically happen.

We need people to step forward and order the models they want!

Suburban commuter EMUs may not have the cachet of the Pendolino, but they are an important part of the current scene and to model a complete railway we need the humdrum as well as the glamorous.

Also, the drivetrain, chassis and bogies from the 321 will lead us to a number of other useful models should it reach production.

We do understand that funds are sometimes limited, which is why we have introduced a staggered payment plan, and that some customers may be waiting for their Pendolinos before committing, so we are we will make a final decision on the 320 / 321 based on orders at 31 March 2018. If by then we have reached the minimum order numbers needed then we’ll go ahead; if not then we will reluctantly have to refund everyone who has put money into this model.

As a reminder here are the livery options and prices:

Please note current Northern livery is also still available to order.

Revolution Warley Washdown Part 1: Pendolinos and Polo Mints

It was great to see so many of our friends and supporters at the Warley National Model Railway exhibtion at the NEC last weekend.

This was our stand on Friday – before the show opened – and the only time it was quiet until the show ended on Sunday evening!

Revolution Pendolino

The big news is that our stunning Class 390 Pendolino model – made by our friends (and show neighbours) Rapido Trains of Canada – should be leaving the factory within the next 7-10 days.  Allowing 4-6 weeks for shipping, and some extra time for customs clearance, the models should be here by Jan/Feb.

Rapido did bring three models to the show – airfreighted to Canada a few days beforehand – and two were loaned to the layouts Kinlet Wharf and Horseley Fields.

Pendolino gliding through Kinlet Wharf…


…and hurrying through Horseley Fields. Apologies for shaky camera!

The third – in Alstom livery – spent the weekend on our display layout and can be seen whizzing behind the packaging which was also on  show and follows the style we created with the TEA tankers last year.

The 9- and 11-car versions will be in book-case style packs with two trays with opening lids surrounded by a card sheath.  The top tray contains shaped apertures for the two power cars, the two pantograph cars and the named car, with the remaining four or six cars in the lower tray.

The 5-car pack will simply comprise the top tray in a thinner card sheath.

For those who missed out Rapido have advised us that a small number of surplus models are available and these will be put up for sale via our website once we have an indication of liveries and numbers.

Class B tankers

The Class B tankers are now in production with our alternate factory and are sheduled to be  leaving the factory before Chinese New Year in February, with delivery to customers likely in March/April depending on shipping and customs times.

For those who missed out several retailers have taken an allocation – the list can be found elsewhere on our website.

00 tankers

These are also in production by Rapido now, and timings are likely to be similar as the Class B tankers. As with the Class B tankers, some of our partner retailers have pre-ordered an allocation so those who missed the deadline can still obtain models.

Class 92 locomotive

This model is also being produced by Rapido and we are expecting the next sample with finalised motor/drivetrain, PCB and lighting.  Once this is approved we will be ready to check liveries and close the order book ready for production.  It’s likely this will be in late Spring 2018.

For the show we  assembled one of the earlier samples Rapido had sent, and this was put on Kinlet Wharf with their superb – and appropriate – Caledonian Sleeper rake.

92018 carries slumbering passengers south as a narrow boat passes below the line on Kinlet Wharf

Please note this model was handpainted and is not factory-finished.  It also lacks some of the metal parts such as the cab door handrails and photo-etched pantograph heads.

In our next post we will update the latest news on our other projects, including first samples of our exciting new IZA Cargowaggon twin vans, the KFA container flat, HOA hopper wagons and Class 321 EMU.

Revolution at Warley

Once again Revolution Trains is attending the Warley National Model Railway exhibition at the NEC this coming weekend (November 25th and 26th) – arguably the #1 event in the modelling calendar.

Revolution have become Warley regulars over the last three years as we feel it’s a great opportunity for us to meet and listen to fellow enthusiasts, answer any questions, and thank those who have already supported us.

This year we will be debuting our new exhibition stand which should make us a little easier to see!

You can find us on stand B-029, next to our friends from Rapido Trains of Canada on stand B-028.


As the floor plan shows, stand B-029 is pretty much straight ahead and slightly to the right as you enter the exbibition, about half way down the hall.

There will be boxed Pendolinos to see (being brought over from Canada ahead of the main production batch) and while we are refraining from making any new announcements we will be showing significant progress on our existing projects.

If you are at the show, arguably the #1 event in the UK modelling calendar, then please come and say hello and we do our best to answer any questions about our existing projects and possibly our plans for 2018.

If you can’t make it then please come back here after the weekend as we will be posting photographs and updates on all our ongoing projects.



D-day for Class B tanks.

It’s deadline day for anyone who wants to order our Class B fuel tankers!

Class Bs – the full line up.

All versions can be ordered – in single and triple packs – until midnight tonight.

United Molasses triple packs feature two wagons with blue ends, and one with plain ends.

After that we will finalise the full order numbers for each livery and they will go into production.

We believe our Class B model is the most accurate in any scale.

Delivery is expected in the first quarter of the New Year.

Thanks again to all who supported us in this and have enabled us to produce our first “transition era” model.  This has given us the confidence to offer another transition era model in 2018.

If you get a "Bad Gateway" error when paying by card please check your account to see if the order has been processed (do not re-submit the card payment otherwise you might be charged twice!). Dismiss