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Hold-all the horses – it’s a 3-2-1 countdown for Revolution!

With the majority of our OO gauge IWA holdall vans and timber carriers sent out to customers we thought it would be helpful to provide a quick update of what we’ve got coming up.

OO gauge: we’d hoped that our OO/4mm Ecofret FWA freightliner 40′ flats and IPA car carriers would be on the high seas unfortunately it looks as one of both of these models won’t quite be complete before Chinese New Year (CNY) with the result that they will both be delayed by a couple of months. We’re waiting for final confirmation from the factory producing these models in case we can get one of the models out before the CNY holidays.

Revolution Trains IWA holdall vans in OO/4mm – timber carrier conversions also available.

Our OO/4mm IWAs have been sent out over the last 2 weeks to approx 95% of our customers – there’s a small batch of UK and international orders to send out (plus a few orders that we’re waiting for balance payments on).

N gauge: following swiftly on the heels of our OO IWA models are the N gauge models which should be with us over the next week. We’re starting to send out balance invoices and we will keep our Projects overview page up to date with progress on sending out balance invoices and then the models.

Then to cap off the 3-2-1 of arrivals in the UK will be the long-awaited class 320s and 321s. To get the models to customers as quickly as possible they are being airfreighted in two batches. The first batch should arrive in the next week or so (subject to customs clearance) and will contain:

  • Class 320s: ScotRail Saltire; undecorated white with yellow ends; Strathclyde Carmine & Cream (exclusive for AMRSS and on sale at Model Rail Scotland)
  • Class 321s: London Midland; undecorated white with yellow ends

The second batch will leave around the end of January and will contain:

  • Class 320s: Strathclyde Orange
  • Class 321s: NSE; Silverlink

Balance invoices for 320s and 321s will also start to be generated over the next week and again you will be able to follow progress on our Projects page.

If you have a balance to pay on IWAs or 320s/321s we’d be grateful if you could pay your balance as quickly as possible so that we can get the models to you! As usual we will combine orders where it makes sense to (we won’t be able to combine IWA and 320/321 orders) and orders will be sent out in order of when the orders were placed. As usual the deposit software generates a new balance invoice for each order line and we can’t combine orders, however if you prefer to pay by BACS/bank transfer then please feel free to total up your balance invoices and make a single payment.

If you have updated your delivery address after today (19 January 2022) please drop us a note to let us know that we will need to check/update your shipping address as we may have generated address labels from this date.

We completely understand that everyone wants their models as quickly as possible but we’d be really grateful if customers didn’t email or message us until we’ve said that all orders have been despatched (or you’ve had tracking details for your order and it hasn’t arrived within 7-14 days (please allow longer for international orders!)). We always do our best to send out models as quickly as possible and having to reply to queries about orders that haven’t been despatched yet only slows things down for everyone. Thanks for the understanding!

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Need a little PEP-ping up for 2022?

We’ve said for a long time that we didn’t want to put a further EMU on sale until we’d delivered our Class 320s and 321s (much delayed due to a change of factory and then Covid). With the first batch of 320s/321s due to leave China at any point now and the first EP sample of our 313/314 sneaking into the UK recently we thought now was a good time to open the order book for the 313s and 314s.

Class 313 EP sample

The EP sample doesn’t show all the tooling differences in terms of lights and with or without NRN roof pods but gives a good flavour of the units!

DMSO EP sample

The model features: working, directional lights (with different appropriate styles for each version – original or revised) with some user switchable lighting functions; a low profile drive unit (in centre car); kinematic close coupling with electrical connections between cars; detailed interior; realistic pantograph and a DCC decoder socket (Next 18).

DMSO underframe details

The 313s and 314s are all on sale from the N gauge pre-order section of our Shop in a variety of liveries as previously announced (313s: blue/grey; NSE; Silverlink/London Overground; First Capital Connect/Great Northern; Southern. 314s: Strathclyde orange; ScotRail Saltire).

Want to get an early-bird discount? Place your order by 13 March 2022!

If you want to take advantage of our early-bird discount please place your order by 13 March 2022!

If the version that you want isn’t available yet then we hope to announce some retailer exclusives shortly – you’ve probably spotted that the Network Rail yellow, “modern” Southern Blue/Grey and T7 translator vehicle sets are not in this announcement!

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A new face for the new year

Revolution Trains is delighted to announce that well-known railway modeller Mike Buick is joining as a third full-time member of the team from the beginning of 2022.

Mikel is a keen railway modeller in all scales and his layout Oak Road, which depicts a stretch of the Great Western Berks and Hants line in 4mm scale, has been widely admired on the exhibition circuit since debuting in 2017.

Oak Road 00 layout by Michael Buick. Michael has a passion for HSTs! Photo courtesy Richard Watson/Hornby Magazine.

As well as being a popular attraction the layout also raises money for the charity Meningitis Now. Having survived meningococcal meningitis at the age of 20, Mike is dedicated to supporting research into the disease.

Mike Buick with a replica of the nameplate from HST power car 43041.
The layout depicts a rural west country station with adjacent virtual quarry. Note Michael’s beautifully weathered Revolution Trains JNA box wagons in VTG/Mendip Rail livery. Photo courtesy Richard Watson/Hornby Magazine.

“I have been interested in railways for as long as I could talk,” says Mike.  “Joining Revolution Trains is a fantastic opportunity and I am looking forward to bringing my passion, CAD design skills and eye for detail to the job.”

Did we mention Mike loves HSTs? Photo courtesy Richard Watson/Hornby Magazine.

“I used to go train spotting as a kid and had both N Gauge and OO Gauge Trainsets until I found cars motorcycles and women,” continues Mike.

“After a brief dabble back in to N Gauge around 1999 I didn’t really start playing with model railways again until 2010 and eventually after a few years at Fareham & District MRC, I started building Oak Road in 2016. It’s also no secret that I have a passion for HSTs, both model form and 1:1 scale.”

Oak Road even includes a 3D printed representation of Michael on the platform, photographing the trains. Photo courtesy Richard Watson/Hornby Magazine.

Mike’s role at Revolution will be to provide greater capacity for project design – so we can develop more new models – and to improve our customer service.

“With more and more projects under development it was becoming clear we needed to recruit someone to help Revolution grow,” explains Revolution co-director Mike Hale. 

“We are confident Mike’s enthusiasm and skill are what we need as we move forward with our plans.”

He’ll be the third permanent member of the team, joining company founders Ben Ando and Mike Hale, and will also represent Revolution at exhibitions alongside long-time helpers Paul Churchill and Gareth Atkinson, who have full-time jobs outside the hobby.

Revolution on the road. Look for a new face at our next exhibition!

“Mike will be a familiar face to many in the hobby,” said Revolution co-director Ben Ando, “and we are confident he’ll be a good fit in our small but dynamic team.”

During a varied career Mike has previously worked in property and has his own recruitment company.  Among his other interests he lists bass guitar, music production and admits to having been a keen BMX cyclist – until injury forced retirement!

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Revolution Round-Up 2021

It’s the time of year again when, fingers laced over distended stomachs following an over-indulgent Christmas, we look back and take stock of the year that has passed.

Few will remember 2021 as a great year, however despite difficulties in the UK and China we have managed to progress numerous projects, with more exciting news to come.

Revolution Class 92 92003 ‘Beethoven’ with a train of IPA car carriers in original STVA livery. An IZA Cargowaggon twin can be seen lurking behind. Photo courtesy S. Allen.

The year began with us picking and packing hundreds of our eagerly awaited Class 92 locomotives after the consignment arrived just ahead of Christmas. The locomotives were available in RfD, EWS, DB, GBRf and Caledonian Sleeper liveries, with Kernow receiving their exclusive Stobart versions.

One reviewer described the models as ‘the best N gauge locomotive yet produced’ and the reactions of those receiving them on social media were similarly positive.

Other models delivered this year were the Sonic Models GWR 56xx 0-6-2 tank locomotives, PCV Cemflos manufactured for us by Accurascale and the FWA ‘Ecofret’ container flats, all in N gauge, and our first 0 gauge project – an exclusive Heljan 37405 in DRS Compass livery.

Last week – just before Christmas – we received the IWA Sfins-2 vans and Rfnoos timber carriers in 00 and these are being dispatched now.

The N gauge versions are expected to be leaving the factory very soon, but obviously won’t make it before the end of the year.

We had hoped for more models to be delivered over the last 12 months, but the reality of learning to live with the ever-present threat of a pandemic hindered this.

All our models are produced with a combination of processes but the most labour intensive is the fitting of the many dozens of tiny details that bring the models to life. This is all done by hand, on a production line. But if workers have to be socially distanced then the number on any given line can be severely reduced. In practice, if a production line has half the workers it would normally have, then that process will take twice as long. In addition the skilled workers – the production line managers, tampo print masters or CAD designers – may be off sick themselves or isolating.

Add into this the well-documented problems with international logistics and power problems that have seen some factories limited to two- or three-day a week production and it rapidly becomes clear how production that would normally take three months could take twice that or longer.

Models that we had hoped to deliver in 2021 but will now come in 2022 include the Class 320 and 321 units in N, aforementioned IWA vans and timber carriers in both scales and 00 FWA Ecofrets and IPA car carriers. Fortunately, all the indications are that all these models will arrive in Q1 2022.

The PFA container flats and second run of Class 390 Pendolino models are also in development and should be delivered in 2022.

Development on previously announced models has continued; again perhaps slightly slower than we would have liked but for very obvious reasons. These include the MMA/JNA box wagons in N, SR Manager’s saloon Caroline in 00, Mk5 coaches in Caledonian Sleeper and Trans Pennine Express variants and Class 128 diesel parcels car. EP samples of the Class 313/314 PEP units are expected in the next fortnight; some sample mouldings have already been received.

New models announced in 2021 included our Class 59 diesel in N – ideal to go with our HOA hoppers or JNA box wagons, Class 18 diesel hybrid shunter in 00, 1938 tube stock and 1928 ‘K-type’ Pullman coaches in N and Cartic-4 car carriers and BR Borail/YLA/YQA flat wagons in both scales. All these are on progressing as planned, and at various stages of development.

An exciting development has been the emergence of new retailer relationships; as well as the Drax hoppers commissioned by Rails of Sheffield, and scheduled for delivery in 2022, we are producing an caustic soda TUA tank wagon in 00 gauge for Rainbow Railways. We expect to have news of more commissions in Q1 2022.

We have continued our Facebook Live events as exhibitions we would normally attend such as Model Rail Scotland and DEMU Showcase were cancelled, however we were delighted to attend The International N Gauge Show (TINGS) and The Great Electric Train Show later in the year.

Would you buy a model train from these men?

The Great Electric Train Show also saw Revolution’s KUA nuclear flask carriers receive Hornby Magazine’s N gauge rolling stock Model of the Year award; in February Revolution had been named N gauge Manufacturer of the Year by the readers of Model Rail magazine, and our KUA nuclear flask wagons voters the best N gauge wagon of 2020.

L-R: Ben Ando, Mike Wild (Honrby Magazine Editor), Mike Hale.

Readers of Model Rail may be interested to know Revolution’s Ben Ando will be starting a regular column in Model Rail in the New Year discussing aspects of modelling from the point of view of both an enthusiast and a manufacturer.

Looking ahead to 2022 we are obviously very hopeful that the problems of the pandemic begin to recede as the virus mutates into less virulent strains and the global vaccination programme takes hold. As ever, we tend to time new announcements with the delivery of models; once the Class 320/321 models are delivered we are expecting to offer at least two new mulitple units in N gauge, while we also expect to have exciting news about new wagons in both scales.

And last of all, Revolution is growing – as well as new models and shows, we will be unveiling a new addition to the team in early 2022. Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters!!

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Revolution Class 59 takes shape…

Revolution Trains has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP1) sample of our forthcoming Class 59 diesel in N gauge.

The EP is designed to check the fit of parts, their appearance and the basic performance of the drivetrain, and overall we consider this to be an excellent start, though of course there are areas that will be improved before the next stage of livery sampling.

Specific areas we have identified for improvement are the wheels, the fit of some of the etches (the roof grille was damaged in transit as the packaging that will secure and protect production models is not available yet) and there are some minor blemishes on the body tooling, though this is not unusual as the metal moulds have not yet received a final ‘finishing’ polish.

Like the real thing, the centre cover is easily removed to facilitate access to the Next-18 DCC socket and the light switches that allow DC users to control the tail lights and cab interior lights.

The eagle-eyed will have spotted that this EP is something of a Frankenstein locomotive – combining early pattern Class 59/0 bogies, with Class 59/1 bodyshell and Class 59/2 centre cover. It is not unusual for EP samples to combine parts in this way; naturally details will be combined correctly for specific locomotives at the production stage.

All models supplied with factory fitted sound speaker located in the fuel tank.

Nevertheless, in general we are delighted with the overall look and shape of the model which we feel has captured the character of these powerful and distinctive locomotives. The next step is to finalise the livery diagrams so that decorated samples can be prepared.

Eight liveries (with two running numbers for each) are being offered by Revolution Trains at our low pre-order price of £124.95 (£219.95 with DCC sound fitted).

CLASS 59/0

59001 Yeoman Endeavour in original condition with bell. Foster Yeoman livery. Also available: 59002 Yeoman Enterprise.
59004 Paul A Hammond with updated bogies, yaw dampers, roof pods and exhaust. Revised Foster Yeoman livery. Also available: 59005 Kenneth J Painter, with different roof pod arrangement.
59005 Kenneth J Painter in present condition. Aggregate Industries livery. Also available: 59001 Yeoman Endeavour.

CLASS 59/0

59102 Village of Chantry . ARC Southern livery. Also available: 59104 Village of Great Elm.
59101 Village of Whatley. Hanson livery. Also available: 59103 Village of Mells.

Class 59/2

59203 Vale of Pickering. Model features paired door handles, cosmetic buckeye coupler and correct roof pods. Also available: 59204 Vale of Glamorgan.
59202 Alan Meddows Taylor. DB red livery. Also available: 59201.
59203. Freightliner G&W livery. Also available: 59206 John F Yeoman.

In addition, Class 59/2 locomotives in original National Power livery can be ordered exclusively from Rainbow Railways, and unique locomotive 59003 in two versions of GBRf’s colours can be ordered from Rails of Sheffield.

We are anticipating delivery of the models in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023, though at the present time delivery schedules are harder to estimate due to problems with Covid and worldwide logistics chains.

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Caroline – a painted lady…

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of two versions of the SR General Manager’s saloon 975025 “Caroline” in 00.

Caroline in original blue grey with indicator box and jumpers, and in present day Network Rail green.

The models are currently being assessed and feedback will be sent to the factory in due course, ahead of the models going into production next year.

Caroline in present day livery with revised lights. Nameplates will be added for production.
Network Rail version with newly fitted toilet retention tank visible in the centre at the far end

Among the corrections to be made before production begins are frosting the glass in the toilet compartment window and specifying that the underframe on the blue-grey version is dark brown, not black.

Caroline can still be ordered at the pre-production price of £149.

The N Gauge version is in tooling and all versions can be reserved at the pre-production price of £130.

975025 in original BR form with SR jumper cables and indicator blind
Network Southeast era 975025 with high-intensity headlight added
Present day Caroline with nameplate, jumpers removed and revised light clusters

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Revolution shunts into Class 18 hybrid…

Revolution is offering the all-new Class 18 battery/diesel hybrid shunting locomotive as its next model aimed at 00 gauge, 4mm scale modellers.

Class 18 (CBD90) at the Chasewater Railway

The new locomotives have been developed by Clayton Equipment Ltd as a zero-emissions replacement for the ageing Class 08 fleet, and are the largest locomotives to be built in the UK for nearly two decades. Their TOPS class 18 designation follows on directly from the last mainline locomotive to be built by Clayton, the Class 17 in the 1960s.

The locomotives are being built by Clayton at their plant in Burton upon Trent

Designated CBD-90 by Clayton – for Clayton Battery Diesel – 90t – five are in use with Tata Steel at locations including Margam and Llanwern, two are in service at Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria, however the largest customer so far is Beacon Rail Leasing Ltd who have ordered 15 – with options on more – to service railway yards and industrial sites across Britain.

Tata Steel CBD90 no. 933 at Margam Knuckle yard. Photo courtesy Arran Aird.
Tata Steel CBD90 at Margam. Photo courtesy Clayton Equipment Ltd.

The locomotives can move more than 2000t and can be recharged via three-phase mains for zero-emissions operation; should a suitable power supply not be on hand the locomotives have a small diesel engine for on-board charging.

18001 coupled to HAA wagons during demonstrations

Revolution Trains first became aware of this project during discussions with Beacon Rail some three years ago and have been awarded an exclusive licence to develop their models. We were delighted to attend a recent event organised by Beacon Rail at the Chasewater Railway in Staffordshire to demonstrate 18001 to prospective users from the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The bright, open cab offers a much improved crew environment over the cramped Class 08

We also took the oppportunity to record the locomotive sounds as we will be offering DCC Sound options.

CBD90 cab fabrication

With the full support of Clayton we also visited their plant while 18001 was being built for further research, and have been furnished with detailed diagrams and CAD to ensure the models will be as accurate as possible.

18001 under construction earlier this year.

The prototypes are modular and there are some variations in configuration; Revolution’s models will reflect these and feature our usual detail refinements including separate detail parts and photo-etched components where appropriate. DCC Sound options will be offered, and we are aiming to replicate the lighting arrangements, including the coloured shunting beacons, as accurately as possible.

The models will also be designed for simple conversion to P4/EM standards.

Initially these versions will be offered, however should other liveries appear these will be added subject to agreement with the operator.

Beacon 18001
Tata Steel

Rails of Sheffield will be the exclusive retailer for these models, and they will be available to order in due course. The models are expected to be ready to ship late next year or early 2023.

CAD work is already underway and images will be published soon. An N gauge version will follow should this model prove popular.

Revolution Trains would like to thank Beacon Rail Leasing Ltd, Clayton Equipment Ltd and Tata Steel for their assistance in producing this model.

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Caroline goes green for a Rainbow!

We are delighted to announce that Rainbow Railways have commissioned our 4mm/OO model of Caroline 975025 in “viridian” green. Caroline 975025 is the former SR General Manager’s inspection saloon.

Network Rail acquired 975025 “Caroline” from FM Rail in 2008 and refurbished parts of the interior along with changes to the cab ends with the removal of the SR 27-way jumper cables and headcode boxes plus the addition of new “WIPAC”- style head and tail lights. The saloon was repainted at the same time into “viridian” green – the rumour is that a Derby apprentice was sent to the local paint shop to match as closely as possible to SR Green with the result that the saloon ended up in this lighter green. Caroline 975025 stayed in this lighter green until 2015 when it was repainted into SR green.

This exclusive version of Caroline will feature all the tooling changes to reflect the changes made to the real coach as well as the standard features for our other 3 versions of Caroline 975025. Among the features are a highly detailed interior, working footstep lights as well as directional and switchable front and rear lighting, interior saloon, kitchen and corridor lighting with DCC socket for lighting control, sprung buffers, kinematic couplers, era-specific driver’s desk and separately fitted chairs.

The “viridian” green model of Caroline is exclusive to Rainbow Railways and all orders should be placed directly with Rainbow Railways.

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Class 92 repairs service

Customers are asked to note that due to a house move the Class 92 repairs service is temporarily suspended until January 2022.

Customers encountering any problems with their models can still let us know of any problems by emailing, and we will do our best to assist remotely, however models should not be returned for repair without authorisation.

Revolution Trains would like to thank customers for their patience, and rest assured that the service will resume as soon as possible.

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Double Deadline for Double 0!

Another Revolution Trains double deadline is coming up… this time for two 00 gauge wagon projects.

Earlybird pricing for the 4mm HOA hopper and BR Borail, YLA Mullet, YQA Parr and YQA Super Tench models ends at midnight this Saturday November 13th.

Image showing EP1 sample of 00 HOA body in the factory

EP1 samples of both the HOA and the Borail/Mullet/Parr family of engineer’s wagons are expected soon and images will be posted here once they are received.

BR Borail EB CAD
YLA ‘Mullet’
YQA ‘Parr’ CAD
YQA ‘Super Tench’

All these products will still be available to purchase after the deadline, but at the slightly higher ‘standard’ pre-order price.

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Revolution sleepers rise… and shine!

As visitors to the Great Electric Trains show recently in MIlton Keynes will know, Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of all four variants of Mk5 Caledonian Sleepers being offered.

Mk5 sleepers on display at the Great Electric Train Show recently

The vehicles have now been assessed and, barring some very minor notes and comments, are approved for production. The order book for these models will remain open until the Trans Pennine Mk5a vehicles have also been signed off.

Caledonian Sleeper Standard Sleeper (front) and Seated coach (rear)

The Models

The Caledonian Sleeper fleet comprises four different vehicles: Seated, Club, Accessible PRM Sleeper and Standard Sleeper.

Mk5 Seated

Seated cars numbered 150XX have lowered windows to align with the seats that have a mix of blue and red-brown upholstery. These have been replicated on the fully painted interior. The doors carry various small information signs while the matrix displays show the coach designation which is either Coach A or H on trains leaving London.

Mk5 Club Car

Club cars (151XX) can be quickly recognised by the distinctive Wifi dome set into the roof at the staff end. Again, the interiors of this are painted with the bar at one end and a combination of bench seats and individual ‘bar stools’ along one side while the various passenger information symbols can be seen on the doors. The Club Cars do not have a designation, but carry a plate and cutlery symbol in the matrix display.

Accessible PRM Sleeper – compartment side
Accessible PRM Sleeper – corridor side

There are usually three Accessible PRM (Person of Restricted Mobility) Sleeper cars (152XX) in each 16 coach train leaving London (as can be seen in the formation diagrams below) designated B, P, G or J depending on the service. These have larger compartments at either end which are suitable for wheelchair users, as can be seen from the spacing of the windows on the compartment side.

Standard Sleeper – compartment side
Standard Sleeper – corridor side

The Standard Sleepers (153XX) are, not surprisingly, the most numerous of the various types in the fleet, with 9 in the formations; designated C, D, E, F, G, L, M, N, K in Lowlander trains and C, D, E, F, K, L , M, N, P in the Highlanders. Again the cars feature painted interiors; on the corridor side the grey doors can be seen contrasting against the ‘wood’ corridor panelling.


Each train leaving or arriving in London comprises 16 vehicles, which split en route depending on the service.

The ‘Lowlander’ serves Glasgow and Edinburgh, splitting into two 8-car halves at Carstairs with Class 92 haulage throughout, while the ‘Highlander’ splits at Edinburgh into three portions for Fort William, Aberdeen and Inverness. The make-up of these varies seasonally, and traction forward over non-electrified routes is usually provided by Class 73/9 locomotives.

However, over the last 18 months or so the pandemic has resulted in short formations of as few as 8 coaches being used from time to time.

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Revolution GETS award!

Revolution Trains attended our second major show of 2021 at the weekend – the Hornby Magazine Great Electric Train Show at the MK stadium in Milton Keynes.

The show felt as busy as ever – especially on the Saturday – and it was great to catch up with friends old and new.

There seemed to be considerable pent up interest in models that have been developed over the last 18 months or so but have not been shown due to Covid.

Highlights of the Revolution cabinet included the first test mouldings of our forthcoming Class 59 locomotive, decorated samples of our Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 coaches plus EP1 samples of our Class 128 diesel parcels units and Borail, Mullet, Parr and Super Tench flat wagons.

The glass shard in the back of the cabinet is the trophy awarded to us by Hornby Magazine after its readers voted Revolution’s KUA nuclear flask carriers N Gauge Rolling Stock Model of the year.

Hornby Magazine editor Mike Wild (centre) with Revolution’s Ben Ando and Mike Hale.

We’d also like to thank Paul (left) and Gareth (far right) for all their help on our stand over the weekend.

That is it for 2021 – Revolution will be back on the road in February next year at Model Rail Scotland and then in March at the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace. See you then!

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Cartic-4mm from Revolution…

Revolution Trains is offering the iconic Cartic-4 articulated car carrier in OO-gauge/4mm scale, to accompany the previously announced in N-gauge model.

The models will be offered in original form with top rails in Motorail, MAT and Silcock & Collings liveries, in MAT and STVA liveries with mesh side screens and in Silcock & Collings versions with side screens and side screens with roofs.

CAD is underway, and will be based on the research carried out for the N gauge model; CAD for the smaller version is now complete and the model is in tooling.

Revolution will be opening the pre-order book for the 00 version and N gauge versions very soon.

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Get to GETS with Revolution!

Revolution Trains is delighted to confirm we will be on Stand 18 at this weekend’s Great Electric Train Show in Milton Keynes.

With the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition cancelled Revolution took the decision to attend GETS which is st to be 2021’s largest model railway exhibition. For more information about the show and to pre-order tickets click here.

We will have several new items on show, and we will also be repeating the show bundle discounts which proved popular at The International N-Gauge Show earlier this month, as a thank-you to all who are getting back onto the exhibition circuit.

Highlight of our display will include the EP1 samples of our Class 128 parcels units, decorated samples of our Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper coaches and EP1 samples of our forthcoming BR Borail/Mullet/Parr/Super Tench flat wagons in N.

Class 128 EP sample
Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper decorated samples

In addition we will have test shots from our N-gauge Class 59 locomortives. These can be pre-ordered at the Early Bird price of £114.95 with free postage until MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY.

This will be our first non-scale specific show since Model Rail Scotland in 2020, and for 00 enthusiasts we will also have samples of lots of other models that have been developed and put into production since then including our 00 IPA car carriers, FWA ‘Ecofret’ container flats and IWA vans and timber carriers. Plus we will be announcing a new 00 model at the show, and for those who can’t make the show it will also be unveiled here on our website at 0930 on Saturday.

Our popular show bundle discounts allow customers to combine various Revolution models for discounts of 5-10% and include our small remaining stocks of Class 92 locomotives, IPA car carriers, KFA container flats, Cemflo cement wagons and Sonic Models VEA vans. We are also including Revolution/Crail containers in this deal. Please note that stocks are limited, and some liveries are already gone.

Revolution Class 92 + IPA car twins x2, Class 92 + IPA quad set or or Class 92 + KFA triple pack are among the bundle deals available

The show opens at 10am on Saturday (0930 for advanced ticket holders) – see you there!

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Revolution Class 59 – tooling completed

Revolution’s upcoming Class 59 diesel locomotive model in N is a step closer with our manufacturing partners in China advising us that tooling is complete and sending us some images of the first test mouldings.

59/0 bodyshells, in original form without roof radio pods, fuel tanks and pick-ups

The images also show the lift-off centre body panel to allow straightforward installation of a Next-18 DCC decoder and control of switchable lighting functions, and the fuel tanks with speaker recesses. Speakers will be factory-fitted to every model so upgrading to sound is simple.

The pin-point axle power pick-up can also be seen, with the ‘floating’ centre axle designed to maintain optimum contact even on uneven track sections.

EP samples are likely to follow shortly to allow us to inspect all the components for accuracy, crispness and fit, and to begin testing the chassis.

We would like to thank everyone who has already pre-ordered, enabling us to reach this point in the model’s production so quickly.

All Revolution Class 59 versions can still be reserved at our low Early-Bird price of just £114.95 with free postage until September 30th, after which the price increases to our standard pre-order price of £125. Models are expected to be available from partner retailers after production is complete, but these will be at the full RRP, which is likely to be around £150.

In the coming weeks we are expecting to receive EP1 running samples for testing and if possible we will have them on display on our stand at the Great Electric Trains Show at Milton Keynes on October 2nd and 3rd.

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Revolution – back on the road!

Revolution Trains would like to say a big ‘thank-you’ to the organisers and all who attended the International N Gauge Show this last weekend at the Warwickshire Event Centre.

It was great to get a chance to meet up again with our customers and supporters after such a long break, show off our latest new items, make a couple of new announcements, chat about our forthcoming Class 59 and other planned models and give away lots of catalogues.

Second time out for Revolution’s new stand and new shirts. Shorts and trainers model’s own.

It was only the second time we’d attended with our new, larger display stand. Its first, and only, showing beforehand was at Model Rail Scotland in Glasgow in February 2020 – so we were a little slow remembering how to set it up!

The Revolution stars of the show were the first EP samples of our forthcoming Class 128 diesel parcels unit. Three were on display, including WR versions with and without gangways and LMR version with centre headcode boxes, however we are tooling other variants. You can pre-order a Class 128 in BR green, BR blue or Royal Mail red here.

WR Class 128 with gangways and headcode boxes. Photo courtesy TomE/N Gauge News
LMR Class 128 with centre headcodes. Photo courtesy TomE/N Gauge News

We had also recently received part-painted samples of our Mk5 coaches in TPE livery. Please note these are not full decorated samples, but a test print for the factory to check we are happy with the quality of the printing of the tricky bodyside ‘fades.’ Like the Class 128s these samples only arrived the day before the show and we will be sending feedback and corrections in due course.

TPE M5 Driving Trailer (coach A) and Open First (coach E) print samples. Photo courtesy TomE/N Gauge News

Also on display were similar test prints for the forthcoming Drax Power IIA-D biomass hoppers being retailed exclusively by Rails of Sheffield.

Drax biomass hopper ‘Renewable Pioneers.’ Photo courtesy TomE/N Gauge News

We have also received these images of the Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper decorated samples. Though too late for the show, they are en route and should be here shortly. Mk5 coach packs in TPE and Caledonian Sleeper livery can be pre-ordered here.

From front: Club Car, Seated Car, Standard Sleeper, Accessible sleeper

Our two new offerings – the 1938 tube stock and K-type all-steel Pullman coaches – seemed to go down very well!

Draft CAD of 1938 stock tube train
The Bournemouth Belle with K-type steel bodied Pullmans in the consist. Photo courtesy Ben Brooksbanks/Creative Commons

All the new announcements, and the latest on our existing plans, are listed in our new mini-catalogue.

If you were unable to attend the show and missed out on a catalogue we’ll be including them with all new orders or you can download a copy below.

Our Revolution discounted bundles of a Class 92 locomotive with car carriers or container flats seemed popular and we will be repeating this with the (shrinking) amount of remaining stock at our next exhibition.

92032 + STVA flat twin and flat twin with stakes – one of numerous discouted bundle deals available

Finally, on a personal level, it is always rewarding to see our models in use on layouts and, hopefully, giving enjoyment to both operators and viewers.

Revolution IZA Cargowaggon twins on ‘Millfield Yard’ by Pauline McKenna.

Meldon West, pictured below, was another beautiful layout representing a small west country quarry during the 1990s late BR/Sectorisation era. An ideal setting for a Revolution Class 59…?

Our next show will be Hornby Magazine’s Great Electric Trainshow at Milton Keynes next at the start of October and we will post details of our stand number etc when we have them. See you there!

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All steel K-type Pullmans in N!

Revolution is delighted to reveal its next range of N gauge coaches will be the much requested all steel ‘K-type’ Pullman coaches. The K-type Pullmans were the first all steel construction Pullmans in the UK.

Parlour First “Zena” in the VSOE set at Bristol Temple Meads in April 2012. Photo courtesy of Hugh Llewelyn, Creative Commons CC BY-SA2.0 licence

Metropolitan Cammell built 29 Pullman cars of 5 different body types: Kitchen 1sts and 3rds, Parlour 1sts and 3rds and Parlour Brake 3rds – we will offer all 5 body types in train packs to allow prototypical formations to be assembled.

A further 4 cars (81-84) were built in 1931 for the Bournemouth Belle – we will include these if feasible from the tooling.

Bournemouth Belle with a mix of styles of Pullman cars. Photo courtesy of Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons licence

Some of the K-types were used by the GWR on Ocean-Liner and Torquay Pullman services from 1929, but perhaps the more famous use was by the LNER and then BR in services such as the Queen of Scots, Tees-Tyne Pullman, Yorkshire Pullman and Master Cutler. By the mid-late 1960s some of the K-types were being used with other Pullman types (particularly the brakes) but unfortunately some were disposed of for scrap. A few of the K-types continue to see service in the Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) and a number survive to this day in preservation.

Queen of Scots Pullman train in 1955. Photo courtesy of Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons licence

Our model will feature the same high levels of detail as our Mark 5 coaches and include interior lighting and working table lamps. We expect the order book for the K-type Pullmans to open late Q4 2021 – Q1 2022.

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Going underground! 1938 stock in N gauge.

Revolution Trains is delighted to introduce the first RTR underground trains available in N gauge with our forthcoming model of the iconic and distinctive 1938 stock.

1938 driving car – draft CAD

Over 1100 cars of 1938 stock were built with additional cars built/converted during the 1950s to supplement the original batch. The 38 stock was primarily designed for “deep” tube lines on the Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly and Central lines though 38 stock was also used on the East London sub-surface line during the 1970s. Despite being deep tube stock the 1938 stock regularly ran above ground particularly at the northern ends of the Northern and Bakerloo lines alongside sub-surface and mainline stock. The final 1938 stock was withdrawn from service by London Underground in 1988 following 50 years of service with a 4 car set preserved by London Underground.

1938 stock running on the Bakerloo line at Harlesden. Photo courtesy of SP Smiler, WikiCommons

Despite the long service on LU lines in 1988 10 pairs of 38 stock were sold to BR for future use on the Isle of Wight. This saw the 1938 stock slightly modified for use on the IoW where they saw a remarkable further 30+ years of service with the final sets withdrawn in January 2021.

483001 at Ryde St John’s Road shortly after introduction in 1989. Photo courtesy of Keith Edkins and reused under a Creative Commons licence

We plan to offer sets in original LT red, Network SouthEast and Island liveries.

483 on Ryde Pier Head, 2020

Our model is undergoing final CAD corrections and once those are complete we will open the order book (expected to be late Q4 2021). Our model will feature highly detailed bodyshells, separate flush-glazing, moulded interiors with
working head, tail and saloon lighting.

We were very grateful to be given access to Ryde depot before these venerable units went out of service.

Revolution Trains would like to thank South Western Railway and TfL for their assistance and support.

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Revolution says: come to the party!

There are just days to go until the first major exhibition Revolution has been able to attend since February 2020.

The International N Gauge Show (TINGS) is ON this coming weekend September 11th and 12th – and Revolution is doing its bit to welcome everyone back with a new FREE mini-catalogue, lots of new samples on show, some show-only discounted special offers and the unveiling of two all-new models.

Grab a Revolution mini-catalogue – one of the two all-new models is on the front so we’ve had to hide it!

The two models being unveiled at TINGS are both N gauge, not surprisingly, and for one the CAD is complete and the order book will be opening very soon, while the other is a project that will begin in earnest in Q4 2021. If you can’t attend the show the new models will be unveiled on our website here shortly after 10am on Saturday.

It will be the first time we have attended TINGS with the new, larger stand that was first unveiled at Model Rail Scotland last year (if we can remember how to put it up!) and we will be happy to talk about our new announcements and answer any questions on existing projects. While we have been delighted and surprised with the numbers joining us for our Facebook Lives, we also know nothing quite beats face-to-face interaction to get the latest news and answers to your questions!

We expect to have a variety of samples on show (though some are still en route as I write this!) including Mk5 coaches, Class 128 parcels units, IIA-D biomass hoppers, PFA container flats, IWA vans and timber carriers, MMA/JNA box wagons and possibly some preliminary mouldings for the all-new Class 59.

Show-only Bundle Deals

In order to do our bit to support the return of live exhibitions Revolution is offering some great ‘show special’ bundles with discounted prices on several model combinations, all based on prototypical formations.

There are small numbers of Class 92 locomotives availalble in RfD, EWS, DB and GBRf liveries and any of these can be combined with either two IPA car carrier twins or one IPA covered car carrier quad or a KFA container flat triple for a 5% discount on the total price.

While stocks remain you can combine any 92 with any wagon liveries. The drawings below are suggestions based on observations of the real thing, but any combination that meets the requirements qualifies for the discount. And if you wish to buy additional wagons we will include them in the discounted total too!

91001 + IPA twin with stakes STVA grey + IPA twin flat STVA grey
92032 + IPA twin flat STVA red + IPA twin with stakes STVA red
92003 + IPA covered quad STVA grey
92032 + covered quad STVA red
92036 + KFA triple pack (each wagon has different numbers)
92009 + KFA triple pack + 20′, 30′ and 40′ containers – see below for our great offer on containers!

In addition to the 92 bundles we will be offering discounts on PCV ‘Cemflo’ wagons and containers.

Purchases of three or more Cemflo triple packs (ie 9 or more wagons) will qualify for a 5% discount. This offer applies to both Blue Circle and TOPS versions, while stocks last, and in each triple pack all the wagons are differently numbered, making a total of 21 differently numbered wagons across the seven available packs.

PCV ‘Cemflo’ TOPS livery (left) and Blue Circle livery.

For our containers, produced in association with C-Rail, we are offering a 5% discount on purchases of 5-9 models, and a 10% discount on purchases of 10 or more. This covers all containers still in stock, from the extremely limited number of tank containers, to the 30′ bulk containers, 40′ hi-cube reefers and most recent 40′ dry box containers in Tex and Hyundai colours.

You’ll find Revolution Trains on the right as you enter the hall, on the first aisle between Cheltenham Model Centre and Rails of Sheffield.

But if you can’t make it to TINGS don’t despair: with Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC cancelled this year Revolution Trains has taken the decision to attend the Great Electric Train Show at Milton Keynes on October 2nd and 3rd – we will post more details about this show nearer the time.

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Rainbow caustic soda tanks dazzle…

Revolution Trains has received EP1 samples of the 00 gauge, 1:76 scale TUA caustic soda tanks it’s producing for Rainbow Railways.

The models feature sprung buffers, NEM couplers, photo-etched catwalks and numerous separately fitted detail parts.

Catwalks are photo etched and two variants of the manlid are being produced

The samples have been checked for running and fit of parts and some very minor amendments are being made. In additionl fine details (such as rivets) will now be added to the moulds.

28 of these wagons were built by Standard Wagon in 1977 for Tiger Rail Leasing (TRL) and used for caustic soda traffic from ICI’s Mond Division works in Cheshire.

The wagons were used largely in Speedlink services to customers across Britain, with destinations including Corkickle, Haverton Hill, Dalry, Grangemouth, Purfleet, Seal Sands and Wigton.

TRL 70726 at Stoke. Photo courtesy Paul Bartlett.

Later they were debranded, and some were transferred to ATO, receiving their red letter logo.

TRL 70717 at Immingham. Photo courtesy Paul Bartlett.

In 1988 Tiger Rail repurposed 12 wagons for carrying china clay slurry for ECC and repainted into their mid blue livery.

TRL 70711. Photo courtesy Huw Millington.

The next step is for decorated samples to be prepared, and once these are approved the models will go into production.

The models are priced at £35 each and only available from Rainbow Railways. Reserve yours here.