How does the deposit system work?

For some projects we offer the option of paying a deposit (normally 50%) and a balance.  When this is an option you will be charged 50% deposit (plus the cost of P&P) at the time of ordering with the remaining balance invoiced to you when the models are complete and on their way to the UK. Please note that if you order multiple line items you will receive a separate balance invoice for each line of your original order – we’re sorry about that but there is nothing we can do about the software (our only alternative would be to only take full payments).

The one exception is the system used for our N gauge Class 92 which breaks the payments into 3 amounts (a small deposit and then two equal amounts).  The system for the 92 deposits triggers invoices depending on when you placed your original order at set intervals – we will manually activate some of the invoices before the models arrive to ensure that you receive all the invoices in time.

We greatly appreciate prompt payment as it saves us admin (we do this in our spare time!) and means we can get your order out to you when the models arrive as quickly as possible without having to chase you!