How it works

Our 4D programme for the models you want…

1 – DECLARE Take a look at what we are proposing. If there’s anything you like then declare your interest – NO MONEY IS TAKEN.

2 – DEPOSIT Revisit our site and watch the declarations grow. When the level of interest reaches the target level then we will ask for a 50% deposit and confirm your order and begin production of the model.  Once we reach the total required NO MORE ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN, so don’t miss out!

3 – DEVELOPMENT As a backer you will receive updates on development, livery selection etc. Your involvement and feedback can make it a better model!

4  – DELIVERY Once development is complete and samples are cleared for production we will collect any balance due and when your model is complete it will be delivered to you by secure courier.


What if lots of models hit their targets at once?

We think this is fairly unlikely as we will have a relatively limited number of items listed at any one time. However, if it does a declaration of interest is no commitment to buy.

Are you damaging the trade?

We don’t think so. We have lots of admiration and respect for model manufacturers and retailers but we understand there are some products that are just too “niche” to be brought to market in the usual way.

What security do I have?

We will only produce models with respected manufacturers, and our dealings will always be loaded for the majority of the funding to be held until full production is underway.

Why bother with this website?  Why not just use Kickstarter again?
For our launch model, the Pendolino, Kickstarter was a great way of raising awareness of the possibilities of crowd funding.  However, having used it we do not feel it’s the best solution for the model railway market.  The strict time limit (maximum 60 days) and all-or-nothing nature of the funding are not ideal.  With Revolution Trains we’re still crowd-funding niche products, but we set the time limits and can allow longer for potential backers to learn about a particular project, or make up their minds, and we can also get started when we have most of the funding in place on the basis that once we start showing samples the remaining 10% of orders will almost certainly come in; and if they don’t then we will have set our target such that our reserves cover the shortfall.

How long do I have to decide whether or not to pledge?

All potential projects will be given at least 3 months to reach the goal.  If after that time a particular item is still unfunded we will give notice that it will close after a further short period, to give waverers a chance to join.  If the project is very close it may earn an extension, otherwise it will be replaced by another offering.

Isn’t this just glorified market research?

Up to a point, yes. Revolution Trains offers a “one-stop-shop” for modellers to come together to make niche or specialist models happen.  By ascertaining demand first, and adopting a subscription model, we can press ahead with projects that manufacturers consider too risky, or unlikely to yield adequate sales.