EALNOS MMA/JNA wagons at the docks!

Our 4mm/OO EALNOS wagons are due to be unloaded in the middle of next week (week beginning 2 September) so we’ve sent out all the balance invoices for customers who paid a deposit. If you paid a deposit and haven’t received an email with your balance invoice then please login to your account and check if the balance invoice has been generated – if you are missing any invoice please drop us an email.

If you paid in full please make sure that your address is up to date as we will check your shipping address on your order against the current one on your account details.

If you paid a deposit then you will receive balance invoices as necessary – please note that you will receive one balance invoice per order line. Sorry that is how the deposit software works on our website and there is nothing that we can do to change that – the alternative is only taking full payments.

Orders will be processed in date order of receipt and will be sent out by Trains4U on our behalf – this should enable the wagons to be with you much quicker than if Ben and I had to pack them ourselves.

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