Class 320 and class 321


The Class 320 and Class 321 EMU project has reached the minimum level of interest and will go ahead.  Look out for updates on our news pages.  We have opened orders for the 320/321 with a deposit option.

At the end of January 2017 we will be rationalising some of the liveries on offer to reduce the options to the liveries most likely to be produced.

Introduced between 1989 and 1990, the 4-car Class 321 units operate on fast suburban services in Northern England and on WCML, ECML and GE services from London. The 3-car Class 320s are to virtually the same design and are in service in Scotland.

The Class 320 and 321 family is arguably the archetypal Mk3 based multiple unit. Examples have seen service in large areas of England and Scotland and in numerous liveries. We are also considering the similar 2-car Class 456, however this would require a little additional tooling to make an accurate model.

Scotland’s Class 320 units have standard class seating only. They have carried Strathclyde original orange/black, Stratchlyde carmine and cream and Scotrail colours.

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery by Tom Smith

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery by Tom Smith

Introduced initially in Network South East colours, the Class 321 units have carried numerous liveries including Silverlink, Great Eastern, London Midland, Northern and Abellio. Some are being transferred to Scotrail in late 2015.

According to interest already expressed we know we will be producing the Class 321 in London Midland, Network South East and First colours, and the Class 320 in Scotrail “Saltire” colours.  However as ordering progresses and customers come on board I am hoping that some of the other liveries will push forward as more and more customers order them.

Producing this model will also make certain areas – such as the Great Eastern Lines or suburban lines out of Glasgow – a realistic proposition for N Gauge modellers for the first time.

320-321 route map

The model will be produced by Rapido. Our model would feature working lights, close coupling, detailed interior, realistic pantograph and be available with optional DCC Sound and produced with the co-operation of Eversholt Rail, who own the units.

The discount prices will be available until the end of June, then the models will still be available to order but at the higher price.  The aim is to encourage our supporters to back the project sooner rather than later so we can get on with it more quickly!

For the Class 320 three-car units the Early Bird price is £165 (DC) and £260 (DCC Sound)

From July 1st the standard price will be £180 (DC) and £275 (DCC Sound)

For the Class 321 four-car units the Early Bird price is: £190 (DC) and £285 (DCC Sound)

From July 1st the standard price will be £205 (DC) and £300 (DCC Sound)

If you have expressed an interest in this model please place your order early.  This will not only earn you the special “earlybird” price but also enable us to proceed more rapidly to CAD, through tooling and into production.


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